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Best Practices from Digital Atlanta
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Best Practices from Digital Atlanta



A presentation on the best practices utilize from Digital Atlanta conference.

A presentation on the best practices utilize from Digital Atlanta conference.



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    Best Practices from Digital Atlanta Best Practices from Digital Atlanta Presentation Transcript

    • Best Practices From Digital Atlanta by Larry Lowe
    • Google+Use hangouts on air & it automatically recordsto YouTube—also easier to monitorParty mode for events allows you to post pics tothat event real timeAuthorship—tying blog posts to Google & pageranges => author rank setup by plugging sites you contribute to rich snippets testing tool
    • No One Cares About Your ContentWhat are you trying to say? Avoid bold and all caps—yelling, loud Avoid bold and all caps—yelling, loud What matters to your audience? Make easy conversation: greeting, find common ground, present appropriate circumstance, end. What are we offering? Who are you? The shorter time spent, the less likely the viewer will visit againShort sentences, avoid ellipses
    • Pinterest & Gamification Segment boards to target markets Leader boards Incentivizing team creation
    • No One Cares About Your Content Readers read 111 words or less—only 20% of text Listen more than talk Listen more than talk Facilitate growth10 second value proposition—tells length of conversation Feedback mechanism—seek to understand audience Understand your audience’s emotion more than yours Emotion leads to power & delight
    • No One Cares About Your ContentDon’t just expose problem but offer solutions Be a memorable pleasure Offer relevant options Web accessibility across multiple platforms Stop using “click here” Tell users what to expect if they click—meta tagDon’t use overly general terms
    • No One Cares About Your Content • Create opportunities for gut decisionsYour good, • Use contrast & action terms • Act like you have value GET • Make it easier for them— subtle surprises • Why it matters in 1-2BETTER! sentences • Test all assumptions you make about people • Some people will not like your personality…that’s ok! • All this helps SEO
    • Blogging • Place keywords in title and blog post • Blog topics that answer questions that customers commonly ask • More blogging is better- frequency drives results; recommended blogging at least 3 times per week • No time? Use guest bloggers, outsourcing, co-workers; online blogger marketplace: zerys.com • Host blogs on your domain as opposed to wordpress, separate domain, etc.; dupontwilkerson.com/blog v. dupontwilkersonblog.com
    • Blogging•Recommended number of words per post = 600+; leads tohigher engagement and better rankings on Google aspeople spend more time on your blog•Use both internal and external links in your posts;recommended 1-2 internal and external links per post•Have relevant Calls to Action- not just "buy now"; leadpeople to something a little less subtle like a brochure•Use 2-3 images per post and make sure they arerelevant- JPG preferred format, name file and alt testusing the same keyword that the blog post is targeting,use keywords in picture description, original photos arebest•Results take time—for an established website that hascontent, expect 4-7 months; new websites, results takeabout 12 months
    • Executive Branding 1. What are your goals? Write them down with action plan 2. What are your values? 3. What’s your passion? 4. What motivates you? 5. What are your strengths? 6. How would others describe you?
    • Executive Branding− Use cover for −Keyword in −Keywords in branding about section summary &− Keywords in −Leave 20 specialty sections about & bio characters −Customize− Add quotes that for RT headline add to your −Listorious.co −Recommendatio brand m for lists ns test personal− Keep it fun! −Add social branding & soft− Best time to post media icons skills bed time & to biz card −Use box.net Sundays −Embed −LinkedIn twitter feed answers to blog
    • Mobile ForecastCan use mobile to inspire &encourage commercial action versususing it as a commercial mediumIn advertising on opposing pages,Coke doesn’t facilitate they justmonitor it & allow for conversationpurposes
    • 3-5 year marketing strategy3-5 year marketing strategy 6 steps to reach goal 1. Cultivate vision 2. Work backwards on calendar 3. Snowball effect— moving audience from one product to the next 4. Hastag marketing— target your market in the future by using current relevant hashtags 5. Having things done in advance 6. Keep moving your clients to the next thing
    • 3-5 year marketing strategy Setup bench marks—what are the tiny steps? Know your minimum Benchmarks create as many as possible When blogging go after search traffic, those disloyal customersOptimize guest blogging & do to drive trafficbrainstormtools.com, google adwords more for advertising Ifttt Hashtag.org Hashtacker Twelvs
    • Links1. http://www.slideshare.net/Engauge/crisis-management-in-the-digital-world2. http://www.thecoca-colacompany.com/socialmedia/3. http://www.slideshare.net/stacywms/the-coming-together-of-search-social4. http://www.slideshare.net/vince.baskerville5. http://www.slideshare.net/linds313/apps-timeline-and-facepile-making-sense-of-f6. http://www.slideshare.net/juliacantor/influencer-marketing-6-steps-to-gaining-th7. http://www.write2market.com/pr-4-tech-companies8. http://www.vertmob.com/do-we-need-social-media-phd-professional-status/3271/9. http://www.greenmellenmedia.com/making-the-most-out-of-google/10. http://www.slideshare.net/kellyquattlebaum/digital-atlanta-executive- branding-with-social-media-social-media-trainer-kelly-quattlebaum- global-marcoms-1466081111. http://www.slideshare.net/cliffseal/no-one-cares-about-your-content-yet- digital-atlanta-2012-1467806812. http://www.slideshare.net/stacywms/the-coming-together-of-search-social