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SoLoMo Thursday - Fallacies & Insights from Social Media Visualisations (28 June 2012)
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SoLoMo Thursday - Fallacies & Insights from Social Media Visualisations (28 June 2012)


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Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. Fallacies & Insights from Social Media Visualisations.28 June 2012 PAGE1
  • 2. SPEAKER : KELVIN28 June 2012 PAGE2
  • 3. What we can do in the next 30 mins o Get to know social media monitoring and analysis o Understand data visualisations o Leverage upon real time analysis to • Gather metadata from consumer usage to understand device type, usage locations, purposes, consumer preferences, customer habits • Understand how information spreads and chief influencers • Improve customer service with additional touch, possibly integrating social into a call centre28 June 2012 PAGE3
  • 4. What we can do in the next 30 mins o “Social” customer as the centre for • Customer service excellence • Understand needs and wants (while pricing it correctly) • Anticipating future trends28 June 2012 PAGE4
  • 5. What is Social Media Monitoring & Analysis? 24/7 real-time monitoring is discussed publicly on the… Social Media YOUR BRANDData Acquisition Data Structuring Data Verification Data Analysis Data CubingRSS Feeds Date / Time De-duplication Sentiment Detection FiltersAPIs Headline Time Stamp Influence Score Data IndexPurchased Sources Body Verification Media Type Detection Search DatabaseWeb Spiders Comments Spam Detection Market Segmentation Etc.Search Engines Etc. Etc. Language DetectionEtc. Etc. Consulting Research Research Dashboard Data Trending Reports Analysis Daily / Weekly / Discover Trends Cloud Based Buzz Trending Monthly Identify Influencers Almost Real- Sentiment Trending Brand Audits Uncover Issues / Crisis time Word Trending Crisis Reports Etc. 24/7 Available Spike Detection Etc. Top Sites Etc. Login with Username & Password Client Presentation and interpretation 28 June 2012 PAGE5
  • 6. Let’s get to the sexy part
  • 7. Exploring social media with three telcos on Twitter .com
  • 8. June 2012 PAGE23
  • 9. Topical, trends and online mediatype analysis o Used by senior management to trend shifts in key messages of their brand and the competition o Used by customer service and PR teams to identify most influential content sources o Early detection of potential crisis as keywords relating to issues increase o Used by marketing teams to identify top trending words used by the public around their brand28 June 2012 PAGE24
  • 10. Singapore General Elections 2011:National AgendaTry the demostration
  • 11. Singapore General Elections 2011:National AgendaTry the demostration
  • 12. Singapore General Elections 2011:National AgendaTry the demostration
  • 13. Singapore General Elections 2011:National AgendaTry the demostration
  • 14. The Straits Times, 4 November 201028 June 2012 PAGE29
  • 15. Real-time Crisis Monitoring:DBS Network Failure Spike forms as people realize ATMs and Internet Banking are down. 95% of the posts are from microblogs like Twitter and Later spike due to Plurk. amplification of news coverage in local media. 83% of the buzz around this crisis comes from Microblogs.
  • 16. Real-time Crisis Monitoring:DBS Network Failure DBS CEO apologizes on webpage, and story is covered on front page on both Straits Times and Business Times. Just when all the chatter had died down…
  • 17. Real-time Crisis Monitoring:DBS Network Failure DBS CEO’s apology mentions failure of IBM to keep the system up. Local and international jumped on this story. Few mentions of IBM when the system first went down. PAGE32
  • 18. Real-time Crisis Monitoring:DBS Network Failure Dramatic increase in negative mentions of IBM. At first not much blame was given to IBM. PAGE33
  • 19. Fallacieso Not everyone uses social media… yeto Difficulty of analyzing Asian languageso “Echo chamber” syndromeo Lack of clear laws in digital data usage 28 June 2012 PAGE34
  • 20. Why Monitor & Analyse The Social Media in Asia? Research by Trendstream1. Everyone, especially Asians, are getting online.2. One third (34% according to Forbes) of the world’s largest 2000 companies now based in Asia.3. Brands, governments, and even individuals get talked about (and criticized) online.4. The first place a crisis hits is the social media. 28 June 2012 PAGE35
  • 21. Fallacieso Not everyone uses social media… yeto Difficulty of analyzing Asian languageso “Echo chamber” syndromeo Lack of clear laws in digital data usage 28 June 2012 PAGE36
  • 22. Fallacies & Insightsfrom Social Media Visualisations Helpful –Kelvin Quee http://blog.jamiq.comHead, Business Development Drop me an email and I will send you materials shown here.+65 9177 3635 28 June 2012 PAGE37
  • 23. JamiQ BuzzExample Case StudyIn this example, we analyze the social media from thepoint of view of the airline brand AirAsia.DisclaimerThis is only an example based on publicly available data. Actualusage of JamiQ Buzz from this brand or any other client is keptstrictly private. 28 June 2012 PAGE38
  • 24. Brand Overview 1. As AirAsia’s social media manager, I1 want to see what’s been happening in the last 30 days globally. 2. The chart shows a 2 total of 24,381 Entries (unique posts). 3. Trending Words in multiple languages 3 seem to hint that people talking about “big sale” and “promotion to Bali”. Which is in line with our marketing efforts.28 June 2012 PAGE39
  • 25. Brand Overview 1. Interestingly, most of the posts are coming from Indonesia. 2. Amazingly the bulk of the chatter comes from Microblogs such as Twitter. Which also means most people are responding to our 1 Twitter accounts. 3. It is also good to know that the sources making the most 2 3 noise is AirAsia’s social media properties.28 June 2012 PAGE40
  • 26. Competition 1. Having created a Topic to track the competitor JetStar, we can turn it on to see how we stack up. 2 2. The chart shows clearly that JetStar does not get as much buzz as AirAsia does.128 June 2012 PAGE41
  • 27. Market Specific 1 1. While getting all the buzz is good, I now want to focus on Malaysia, our home market. 2. I think I’ve just spotted an issue brewing. People are talking about the Australian lawsuit. 228 June 2012 PAGE42
  • 28. Sentiment 1. Switching over to Sentiment charts to see where the problem could be. 2 2. There is a clear negative trend on 24 Jan! Could this be because of the Australian Lawsuit news?128 June 2012 PAGE43
  • 29. Actual Data 1. Clicking on the chart or on the trending1 word I get to see the 4 actual data with the filters set to exactly what I need. 2 2. True enough, lots of negative entries on blogs, Twitter, and other sites about the lawsuit. 3 3. Clicking the links in blue lets me see the actual post. 4. Now I need all this data to send to the PR team, so I down load it all to Excel.28 June 2012 PAGE44
  • 30. 1 Deep Dive 2 1. Now that I’m sure the lawsuit is a hot topic for Malaysia, let me be specific and search for every post that talks about the issue. 2. There seems to be another spike relating to this issue! (Response from AirAsia that it won’t affect sales) 3. I need this exact3 trending report to be sent to PR too. I download it to a Word Doc.28 June 2012 PAGE45
  • 31. Influencers 1. In order to solve this problem I need to1 know who the influencers are. So I look into the Top2 Sites and set the filters to Blogs in Malaysia talking about “lawsuit”. 2. I now have a list of the top bloggers in Malaysia talking about the issue.28 June 2012 PAGE46
  • 32. Spike Detection 1. Now that I’ve taken care of the lawsuit issue, let me see if I can spot any other trends with the Spike Detection. 2 2. There seems to be a spike on Feb 15. What could that be about?1
  • 33. From: JamiQ Email Alerts To: Me Date: 15 Feb 2012 Subject: [Spike Alert] AirAsia - JamiQ Spike Detection Dear Benjamin, 1. The email immediate No Entry Mentions Media Link tells you what the1 . Type number one issue is. 1 RT @Destawrs: Tiket ke bali sampe bulan oktober 67 Microblog2 Link It clusters similar lagi promo gila-gilaan banget x_X articles together so you know 2 RT @tnooz: Latest! Airline social seating? AirAsia 46 Microblog Link X goes antisocial with Empty Seat Option immediately what most people are saying. 3 almost all the big sale tickets at airasia are sold 34 Microblog Link out 2. All the links to the 4 Japan Airlines orders 10 new Boeing Dreamliners 21 News Link dashboard are 5 AirAsia and AirAsia X Launch Big Sale Promotion 13 News Link available so if you want to check them This could be a crisis or issue around AirAsia. Click here to view the conversations around this spike. out you can. View AirAsia | My Dashboard | My Account This email was automatically generated by JamiQ. 28 June 2012 PAGE48
  • 34. Spike Detection 1. While there’s a lot of on this day, it seems pretty normal where there’s chatter in the day and less when people are asleep. 1 2. The trends seem to point to our “hot promotions” and “big sale” with some chatter about our waiting room. 2 3. Mostly positive too,3 meaning this is a good day with nothing to worry about.
  • 35. Main Dashboard 1. As you can see, I have many Topics in my Dashboard, but even with 1 Topic, I have completely managed my brand’s social media monitoring.128 June 2012 PAGE50
  • 36. EarlyBulk Buying Deal o Buy SoLoMo Thursday Tickets @ 4 for $45.00. o Purchase at Reception. Cash Only. o Tickets are transferable.28 June 2012 PAGE51
  • 37. Next SoLoMo Thursday(26 July 2012)Topic: “Social Media Marketing for Events: Don’t Get Left Behind”Speaker: Benjamin Chiang28 June 2012 PAGE52
  • 38. Questions? Feel free to approach our colleagues Brought to you by: &28 June 2012 PAGE53