How to Upgrade: SolidNetwork Licensing Administrator


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Created by Solidtec Solutions in AUS:

How to upgrade your Solidnetwork Licensing Administrator for SolidWorks network licenses.

Created by Perry K (Solidtec)

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How to Upgrade: SolidNetwork Licensing Administrator

  1. 1. Open up the current SolidWorksSolidNetWork License AdministratorFirst off you want to transfer yourlicense off to be safe before weupgrade, make sure todo this when noone is needing to use SolidWorks asthey will not be able to gain a licenseduring this process.To Transfer or Activate the license youwill need to click the ‘Modify’ buttonand follow the on screen prompts
  2. 2. You can check what version of theSolidNetWork License Administrator isinstalled by clicking the ‘About’ here itwill tell you the version installed•Version: 20 = 2012•Version: 19 = 2011•Version: 18 = 2010Now that you have transferred offthe license from the Administratoryou can now close the program andlocate your installation files, thesemay be present on a CD/DVD, Locallyon your machine, or even from theSolidWorks Download.
  3. 3. Navigate to the installation files thatyou have, as previously said you mayhave these locally on your machine oron a CD/DVD or other source. Open the folder containing the installation data and scroll down to setup.exe and double click on it to run.
  4. 4. Once you start the installation it willinitiate, then throw the follow screenbelow,Here you want to select serverproducts> Upgrade SolidNetWorkLicense Manager(Administrator)Once that is selected continue next,
  5. 5. Once you have selected the serverproduct to upgrade, the installationmanager will perform a system check itwill then progress to the Summarysection,here you can verify the installationlocations and so forth, please continuenext to Install Now
  6. 6. Now that the installation hascompleted, the upgrade has been donefrom the previous version to thecurrent new version i.e. 2012To finish you just need to completesome of these boxes and click Finish,From here please proceed to open upthe SolidNetWork AdministratorProgram,
  7. 7. To verify that everything has updatedcorrectly now go to the About sectionwithin the SolidNetWork LicenseManager and click About as statedbefore the Version number shouldcorrespond to the upgraded version.To completely finish the upgrade, youwill now need to Activate your license,same as before by clicking Modify thenActivate license and follow theprompts.You are now complete and after yourupgrade you should be able to gain alicense on the new Software and theold Software,
  8. 8. If you have any further questions please feel free to contact or Alternatively you can also call 1800 824 883