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20 Years Marketing Plan- Dolce Vita- Live the Life you Love
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20 Years Marketing Plan- Dolce Vita- Live the Life you Love


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Published in: Health & Medicine, Business

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  • 1. SOL CAPALA AUGUST 2011 Dolce Vita 20 Years of Living the Life I Love Marketing Plan for sSolution
  • 2. To Live the Life I Love
    • Daily Resolutions
      • Vision/Mission
      • Roles
      • 12 Point Game Plan
      • Personal Success Measurements
    • End-in-Mind
      • Sunny Solution that Creates Amazing Positive
      • And Lasting Answers
  • 3. I live daily with my…
    • Personal vision/mission statement
    • Create a cocoon of human activities-conversation,
    • interaction, affection. Read books to find new ideas, visit and keep up with friends and family. Take more time eating, praying, loving and looking at nature. Living daily a life dedicated to integrity, commitment, challenge, and joy. Get meaning into my life by devoting myself to loving others, devoting myself to my community around me, and devote myself to creating something that gives me purpose and meaning.
  • 4. Winning in life means doing 5 roles daily
    • Awesome Sister
    • Great Friend
    • Devoted Catholic
    • Dedicated Public Servant
    • Magnificent sSolution
  • 5. Awesome Sister
  • 6. Great Friend
  • 7. Sunny Solution Cap-A-LA sSolution Capala
  • 8. The sun will shine on your tomorrows
    • Take up thy bed and walk  Pick yourself up and move on  Let bygones be bygones
    • Nothing can be done about yesterday  Everything can be changed about today.
  • 9. The sun will shine on your tomorrows
    • Don't get caught in the circle  Find the door and step out  Expand the experience of life Learn from your harsh realities  Show mercy and heal within  Give love and watch it flow.
  • 10. The sun will shine on your tomorrows
    • Good or bad  Be watchful of each step you make in life Your future depends on your next step  Without hesitation pray  Let faith lead you  Do what is right and just
  • 11. The sun will shine on your tomorrows
    • Don't settle for anything less Teach your children love and peace  They will have peace in their hearts  Life is not an experiment  The consequences of our actions are everlasting.
  • 12. The sun will shine on your tomorrows
    • Make memories without regret  Commit to love and understanding  Then God will light the candle of your soul Through the love of his beloved son Jesus  Faith will flow with victory
  • 13. The sun will shine on your tomorrows
    • Darkness will pass  And the sun will shine on your tomorrows.
  • 14. 12 Point Game Plan
    • 1. Define Business
      • I am sSolution.
    • 2. Assess Market. Capitalize on Strength.
      • My leadership skills, economic abilities and Chinese language competency.
    • 3. ID PTM- Discovering Real Me.
      • Excel in 5 roles as sister, friend, Catholic, Public Servant and sSolution.
    • 4. Launch Strategy, Find Niche.
      • Give solution to community, business and economic leaders
      • My solutions might be challenged.
  • 15. 12 Point Game Plan
    • 5. Weather PLC- Innovate Continuously
      • Improve my skills.
    • 6. Balance Mix- Build My Brand
      • Sound Solution
    • 7. Expand Reach- Create my Legacy
      • Online Blog of Sol Capala
    • 8. Campaign Ad- Reawaken Creativity
      • Create more blog sites and have more followers and sponsors
    • 9. Plan Distribution- Share Time and Energy
      • Live with my plans everyday.
  • 16. 12 Point Game Plan
    • 10. Achieve Sales- Reach Goals
      • Monitor my daily, weekly, monthly, yearly progress
    • 11. Analyze P and L- Keep score
      • Compare the actual vs. targets
    • 12. Seek Opportunities- Make Dreams Real
      • Never stop, always believe that the sun will shine on your tomorrows.
  • 17. Life’s Greatest Lessons by Stephen Covey
    • Habit 1: Be Proactive
    • Habit 2: Begin with the End in Mind
    • Habit 3: Put First Things First
    • Habit 4: Think Win-Win
    • Habit 5: Seek First to Understand, Then to be Understood
    • Habit 6: Synergize
    • Habit 7: Sharpen the Saw
  • 18. 10 Life’s Lessons inspired by Scarlett O’Hara
    • Put your best foot forward.
    • Unleash your creativity
    • Baby steps will take you everywhere.
    • Think fast.
    • Negotiate like a pro
    • Lose your big ‘BUT’
    • At work, you can have it all
    • Be a daydream believer
    • More than money
    • Effective procrastination
  • 19. The 20 year journey is worth everyday of it…
    • 25 years old
    • Single
    • Public Servant
    • Intermediate Mandarin Speaker.
    • Frustrated Economist
    • P50,000 loan
    • Living one day at a time. END IN MIND 45 years old Happily Married Board Member, Foundation Advance Mandarin Speaker. Full-fledged Economist Successful Investor Living the life to the fullest.
  • 20. Personal Success Measurements
    • Career level
    • Enough retirement fund
    • Eating habits and daily exercise
    • Time management
    • How many people do I make happy everyday.
  • 21. Milestone for Winning
    • I win if I will be able to make people happy.
    • I win if at the end of the day, I feel satisfied.
    • I win if I have a balanced life, enjoying nature and feel alive everyday.
  • 22. SOL CAPALA AUGUST 2011 Dolce Vita 20 Years of Living the Life I Love Marketing Plan for sSolution