The Solar Future II - Leon Pulles


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The Solar Future II - Leon Pulles

  1. 1. Is downstream integratie de toekomst voor producenten van zonnepanelen? Leon Pulles Director Project Development
  2. 2. 1. Introduction Scheuten Solar
  3. 3. Key Figures Scheuten Solar  Company founded in 2000  Part of Scheuten Group  Head office & strategic activities located in Venlo, The Netherlands  Over 450 employees (2010)  Total capacity 200 MW (2010)  Volume increase of 15% over 2009  Sales offices worldwide  Project Development & Realization departments
  4. 4. Value chain Scheuten Solar Strategic Investor OEM OEM AE Polysilicon Cells  &   Project   Project   Silicon Ingots Modules Wafers Development Realiza>on Made in Venlo, Project development Project realization Germany & Taiwan
  5. 5. Global presence Central “in control” management structure Sales offices • Benelux • Germany • France • Spain • Italy • Greece Production facilities • USA • AE Polysilicon (USA) • Canada • Multisol® modules, Gelsenkirchen (Germany) • South-Korea • Multisol® modules, JV (Asia) • Emerging markets • BIPV modules Venlo (NL) • PVNext (Taiwan)
  6. 6. 2. Future Dutch PV industry
  7. 7. Potential Solar Energy = GREAT • The global PV market counted an additional increase in installed capacity of about 7.2 GW in 2009, reaching a total capacity of over 22 GW world-wide • In 2010, global installed PV capacity is expected to grow strong (13.6 GW) • In 2020 PV can account for 12% of the energy demand in Europe • Most EU countries more supportive to solar energy than NL  
  8. 8. Invest in ‘old’ energy…. or in ‘new’ energy? The success of renewable energy in Germany
  9. 9. PV plays an important role in the German energy portfolio The success of renewable energy in Germany
  10. 10. PV installations in the Netherlands Yearly installed in MW Countries 2009 2010 Germany 3000 3000-5000 Czech Republic 420 400-1000 Italy 582 800-1200 Spain 60 600-650 France 185 500-700 UK 5 100-150 Belgium 233 140-200 The Netherlands 6 10-20 World market 6400 8180-12715 European market 4600 6290-8615 Source: EPIA
  11. 11. PV companies in the Netherlands The key elements for being a successful solar company are: securing quality: NL has know-how and available electronics industry high-tech: NL has successful universities and research centers global distribution: NL is clever in logistics global business: NL has international trade experience creating added value: NL has financial and project know-how Scheuten Solar has embedded its know-how in production facilities, R&D, project development and realization in Venlo and Gelsenkirchen. It is not necessary to have everything behind the Dutch dikes.
  12. 12. Support for PV business in the Netherlands Question is not: Is there future for solar energy in NL? Question should be: Can NL afford to close its eyes regarding solar energy?  
  13. 13. 3. Project activities Scheuten Solar
  14. 14. Increasing focus on projects Why increase focus on projects? Why is Scheuten well positioned? • Value for high quality by creating • Scheuten Solar has over 10 years product for investment sector experience in Solar Systems • Creating interesting business • Solar expertise complemented by best proposition in downstream value chain practices petrochemical /energy sector • Control volume fluctuations in • Centralized control combined with local distribution markets presence • Guarantees direct from module manufacturer
  15. 15. Heuvelrug, Driebergen, The Netherlands Technology & Services Power output: 165 kWp (phase 2, extension 65 kWp, 2010) Number of modules: 660 Commissioning: 2009
  16. 16. Partner Logistics, Rijkevorsel, Belgium Project Realization Power output: 550 kWp Number of modules: 2,862 Commissioning: 2009
  17. 17. Italian project portfolio (21 MW)
  18. 18. Phased project development approach Six project phases and a gate structure enforces clear go / no go criteria: Feasibility Scoping Definition Realisation Operational Opportunity phase phase phase phase phase Gate 1 Gate 2 FID Scheuten Solar Pre-developer Project development Investor Bank Financing
  19. 19. Projects – Interface Management Scheuten Solar fulfils various tasks  Equity   Investor Shareholders        SPA Scheuten SHA Development Others Services (roads,  water) Engineering,  Procurement Construc6on  -­‐  Contrac6ng PPA U6lity Opera6on  &  Maintenance SPV  administra6on Contrac6ng Permits Authori6es Tax  Incen6ves        Grid Land   Grid  Owner Landowners Connec>on   Contract Loan            Agreement Insurance Feed-­‐in      /   Subsidy   U6lity  / Bank Insurance  Co. Authority
  20. 20. Developing and realizing roof projects Scheuten Solar service offering “Rent your Roof” Interesting proposal for large roof owners Full service solution: -Invest & Finance -Design & Realize -Operate & Maintain
  21. 21. Developing and realizing free-field projects Scheuten Solar quality approach Project bankability is the key element Full service solution: -Invest & Finance -Design & Realize -Operate & Maintain
  22. 22. Expectations for international PV Power Plant business Business characteristics • PV Power Plant business will further grow in free field and on large roof tops • PV Power Plant business will mature and players will be more professional • Partnerships (global, local) are crucial for further growth Economics • Debt (project) financing is challenging today, but is getting better available • Over long term investment cost will decrease • The business case will remain attractive on the long run
  23. 23. Support for PV business in the Netherlands Can NL afford to close its eyes regarding solar energy?  
  24. 24. Thank you for your attention! Contact details: Leon Pulles Director Project Development Scheuten Solar Phone: +31 611863268 Email: