Solar PV panels Sungen


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Sungen is a PV solar panel manufacture with HQ located in Hong Kong and with 2 Manufacturing facilities in mainland china. We specialize in a-Si thin film technology with over 120 mw production per year and ramping up to 200mw in 2011 using Anwell automated production equipment.. we also manufacture the traditional Mono and Poly crystalline modules. Having offices in Asia, Australia, Europe and USA. (Tel. 1 650 492 5202)

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Solar PV panels Sungen

  1. 1. where there’s sun, there’sScaling Manufacturing ofAdvanced PV Module Technology Marco T. Lopez A member of group (Photo: SGM-180D Mono C-Si)
  2. 2. where there’s sun, there’s SUNGEN International Ltd.  First tier crystalline and thin film module manufacturer  Formed by Anwell Technologies in 2007  Headquartered in Hong Kong, China  100MW annual production capacity, doubling year to year  Core strengths in automation, cost reduction and process control for PV module enhancementsCONFIDENTIAL
  3. 3. Anwell Leadership and Dynamic Growth there’s sun, there’s where 2000 Total Asset: ~US$100,000- Total Staff: 21 (including the founders) 2009 Total Asset: ~US$250,000,000- Total Staff: ~2500 IP Positions: 200+ Global Patents 2015 Target: 1GW efficient solar production at sustainable grid parity 2010 2007 IPO in SingaporeFounded with Business Matrix:100K Capital 2004 Equipment: Optical Disc, OLED, Solar 2000 Manufacturing: Optical Disc, Solar Panels
  4. 4. where there’s sun, there’s Anwell Group Structure ANTE (Singapore Stock Exchange) Innovative Core Competence + Vertical Integration Optical Disc Unit Solar Unit OLED UnitValue ChainUpper Mfg Equipment Mfg Equipment Mfg EquipmentMiddle Disc Production Module Production Panel ProductionDown Marketing/Sales/Dist. Marketing/Sales/Dist. Marketing/Sales/Dist.
  5. 5. SUNGEN Global Presence where there’s sun, there’s
  6. 6. Total Sales in Previous Six Months where there’s sun, there’s Total sales value: US $ 18,765,455
  7. 7. Anwell Precision Machine Technology where there’s sun, there’s Module Encapsulation OLED G2 PECVDDVDR replication LaserScribe CD Replication BD25 ReplicationCDR/DVDR Replication
  8. 8. Anwell Solar & SUNGEN where there’s sun, there’s Module Encapsulation Supply SOLAR ENERGY Chain DIVISION PECVD Up-streamMid-streamDown-stream - Anwell Solar manufactures automated solar panel production equipment. - SUNGEN uses Anwell equipment to manufacture crystalline and thin-film.
  9. 9. where there’s sun, there’s Endorsed by China’s Leaders Vice Prime Minister Li Ke Qiang Vice Prime Minister Zhang De Jiang Prime Minister Wen Jia Bao “Your factory brims with dynamism. Your market dominance is the result of advanced technology, high productivity and high quality. Solar panels are a key component of clean, renewable energy, which is an important direction for our power generation and energy industries. Thus, China looks to you for its building of power saving and new energy infrastructure.” (Premier Wen Jiabao, Jul 18, 08 at Anwell DG factory)CONFIDENTIAL 9
  10. 10. where there’s sun, there’s Henan Production Facility Advantages of Sungen/Anwell Group: - Vertically Integrated in Supply Chain - Lower Capex for Rapid Scaling - Process Control for Reliability - Cost Reductions for Lower $/kWh HIGH PRECISION & CONTROLCONFIDENTIAL
  11. 11. where there’s sun, there’s Henan Production Strengths  High throughput AURUM - Module Line  Process control  Continuous product enhancements in real time  Consistent highest standards in quality assurance system  Unsurpassed module uniformity for high yield performanceCONFIDENTIAL
  12. 12. where there’s sun, there’sSUNGEN Growth Targets Jan, 2008. 2013 1GW 2010 2009 40MW 120MW
  13. 13. Sungen High Performance PV Modules where there’s sun, there’s Monocrystalline Polycrystalline Thin Film Silicon 25 years Peak Power Warranty 5 Years Material/Workmanship Warranty Tolerance ±3% High PTC Wp Dependable Real World PerformanceCONFIDENTIAL
  14. 14. US Project Portfolio where there’s sun, there’s Location: Portland, OR  Completed: February 2010  System Capacity: 189 kW  Modules: SGM-180 D Inverters: SMACONFIDENTIAL
  15. 15. EU Project Portfolio where there’s sun, there’sLocation: Mettmach, AustriaCompleted: September 2009 System Capacity: 4.83kW Modules: SGM-230PLocation: ThiersteinCompleted: July 2009 System Capacity: 14.52kW Modules: SGM-220PCONFIDENTIAL
  16. 16. Asia & Pacific Project Portfolio where there’s sun, there’sLocation: Dongguan, CNCompleted: January ,2010 System Capacity: 31.68kW Modules: SGM-220P Inverter: SMACONFIDENTIAL
  17. 17. Asia & Pacific Project Portfolio where there’s sun, there’sLocation: Dongguan, CNCompleted: January 2010 System Capacity: 6.16kW Modules: SGM-220P Inverter: SMALocation: Sydney, AU Completed: November 2009 Subsidized Residential PV Modules: SGM-170DCONFIDENTIAL
  18. 18. where there’s sun, there’s Thank You Marco T. Lopez Sungen US and Latin Office +1.650.492 5202 17800 Castleton Street, Suite 366, City of Industry, CA 91748 (Photo: SGM-180D, Installed in Carini, Italy)CONFIDENTIAL