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Permanent Dredge Spoils Transfer Station PowerPoint Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Welcome To Shore Drive! “ The Gateway to Virginia Beach” Caution : Dump Trucks Entering/Exiting our Gateway
  • 2. Look, kids, we’re here!
  • 3. Hmmm look, an industrial site…first impressions are lasting impressions!
  • 4. Preserve Lynnhaven Inlet! No Dredge Transfer Station at Lynnhaven Boat Launch Ramp and Beach Facility (at Crab Creek)
    • The information contained herein is based on research thru FOIA, websites, conversations with fishermen, charter boat captains, professional engineers, commercial dredgers and others; they are by no means exhaustive
    • We solicit input for corrections and additions.
    Photo of Lynnhaven Boat Ramp at Crab Creek on a day with moderate boat activity
    • YES, the Western Branch of the Lynnhaven River needs to be dredged!
    • YES, other branches of the River will need dredging!
    • YES, private dredging is necessary!
  • 6. Recommendations for the City
    • Seek an alternative dredge transfer station which will keep tourism dollars coming to Virginia Beach
    • Make a long-term investment that will benefit ALL of VA Beach
    • Reconsider hydraulic instead of mechanical dredging
    • Consider the use of multiple smaller sites
    • Re-look other potential sites
    • (temporary and permanent)
      • All potential sites closer to the actual dredging
      • Sites not an eye-sore for tourists in the Shore Drive Corridor
      • Sites that are cost effective for Public and Private dredging
      • In the 80’s , didn’t multiple landowners give their land for this purpose?
      • Wetland remediation may be cheaper than a permanent bulkhead, est. at $500,000.
    • Focus on Corporation Lane and Saw-Pen Point
      • Negotiate with property owners
      • Both should have less IMPACT on fewer communities due to distances
  • 7. Facts
    • Silting in the Lynnhaven River from natural drainage of the watershed, combined with man-made pollutants, run-off, garbage, and other waste has reduced navigability, especially in its southern portions.
    • Public Works plans to dredge approx 80,000 cubic yards of materials, 95% from the lower Western Branch of the Lynnhaven River near Saw Pen Pt.
    • Public Works proposes a permanent ‘dredge-spoils transfer station’ to offload material at Lynnhaven Boat and Beach Facility near Lesner Bridge.
    • This first project will require more than 10,000 truck-loads.
    • Other projects, including private ancillary channel dredging will require an undetermined additional amount of truck loads.
  • 8. The Situation
        • Other transfer sites not fully considered :
        • Saw Pen Point (Wetlands remediation may be cheaper than permanent bulkhead, est. at $500,000)
        • Corporation Lane (Privately Owned)
        • Princess Anne High School
        • Other sites and methods not fully considered:
        • Private and municipal lots
        • Hydraulic dredging (because of increased transportation costs)
  • 9. Areas to be Dredged (and potential transfer sites) Lynnhaven Boat Ramp All locations approximate “ Competent contractors are unlikely to bid on a job that is more than 3 miles from the transfer station” - Reputable local dredging contractor Saw Pen Point Corporation Lane Princess Anne
    • Dredging within 3 miles
    • Approx 4 miles from Lynnhaven Boat Ramp
    • 95% of dredging
    • Approx 5-6 miles from Lynnhaven Boat Ramp
  • 10. Driving distances from Transfer to Disposal Sites (Approximate) Approximate location Of disposal site Corporation Lane: 9.1mi Saw Pen Point: 13.1mi Lynnhaven Boat Ramp: 16.5mi
  • 11. Taxpayers, Private Dredging Projects & VB Residents
    • Ask Public Works, How much will the Extra Miles COST Me ?
    • Ask Public Works, do the extra miles impact more communities than necessary?
  • 12. Just a few problems at Lynnhaven Inlet… Taxpayers paid $166K on environmental filtration system, which may be damaged by the weight of the trucks Shore Drive Traffic Danger to Boaters Entering/Exiting Channel Dangerous Currents (2-6kts) Boat Launch/Recovery Traffic Conflict w/20,000+ Launches per year Boat Launch/ Recovery Traffic Congestion Threat to Tourist and Local Boaters, Fishermen, Bridge Noise, Diesel Fuel, Traffic, Safety Hazard for Local Children, Residents and Businesses In a HIGH DENSITY area
  • 13. Reasons for Choosing Lynnhaven Boat and Beach Facility
    • Not set primarily in a residential neighborhood, only affecting a minimal number of residents.
      • People using boat/beach facility not considered.
      • HIGH DENSITY of RESIDENTS and BUSINESSES not considered
      • More RESIDENTS and BUSINESSES affected due to longer route(s)
    • Centrally located for multiple dredging jobs (Eastern Branch/Western Branch) if no other alternate site would be available
      • More than three miles from most dredging= higher costs
      • Furthest possible route from disposal site= higher costs
      • Public facility “pays for” private dredging but in reality the navigational/driving distances will cost the private dredger a lot more!
    According to Public Works: “ The Chesapeake Bayfront-Shore Drive corridor is the densest area in the enitre city.” -  
  • 14. Why NOT Lynnhaven Inlet/Boat Ramp?
    • Environmental Issues
    • Safety Hazards
    • Financial Costs to all taxpayers
    • Detrimental Effects on City Economy and Tourist Industry
    • Health, Aesthetic, Quality of Life
    • Inconsistencies and Questionable Decisions
    Lynnhaven Boat and Beach Facility is MUCH MORE than “just” a Boat Ramp
  • 15. Environmental Issues
      • Pollution from engines, diesel products from barges for additional hauling may affect River water quality
      • Accidents do occur! What would be the end results if a barge overturned spilling diesel into the River like the one that overturned in Lake Trant, 2006
      • Barges traveling to/from dredging areas will have to pass through old and newly established oyster beds. Deep draft will stir up additional silt and turbulent waters could damage these oyster beds
      • From prop wash and general hauling up River from dredge area may result in adverse water quality effects
      • Weight of barges, fully loaded (especially at low tides) may exceed depth of main navigation channel, creating adverse environmental impact to entire channel
  • 16. Navigation Safety Issues
      • The entire Lynnhaven watershed empties thru the Inlet < 650ft from the site, resulting in swift running currents (up to 6kts) and strong winds (+20kts) will make the site extremely dangerous
      • The large barges are difficult enough to maneuver without the presence of strong currents and added wind coming off the Bay
      • Channel markers constantly needing to be maintained in channel due to strong currents
      • Serious and even catastrophic damage to boaters, fishermen, and especially Lesner Bridge will occur if barge hauling equipment breaks down or barges break free from mooring
      • Crab Creek too narrow to safely maneuver 48ft barges with other boat traffic
      • on a regular basis
      • Coast Guard safety certifications are not currently required for boaters-many inexperienced boaters will not know how to safely navigate around incoming or outgoing barge with fast currents and narrow channel
      • During unexpected thunderstorms and wind shifts, the number of boats returning to the LRB at the same time could create a very dangerous scenario with having to jockey for limited space in the channel
  • 17. Impact on Residents, Tourists, Locals
    • Fully loaded trucks will weigh 66,000 (VDOT mandate) and empty trucks will weigh 36,000 (manufacturer’s info)- TRUCKS DANGEROUS TO PEOPLE, ROAD AND HOMES
      • Size and velocity of hauling trucks on Shore Drive will add to and damage already overburdened road and safety (40-60 trucks entering and leaving during daylight hours)
    • Trucks will pass several schools and numerous bus stops , bikers and pedestrians
      • If you are 5’7” the door handle of these trucks are about head level
        • Is this safe on Shore Drive which already has a high traffic and pedestrian accident records?
        • Much of Shore Drive lack sidewalks which would create even the slightest buffer between people and these HUGE dump trucks traveling at a high speed limits
      • The vicinity will be plagued with pollution and odor from diesel trucks and off loading equipment
      • 40-60 trucks entering and leaving the facility during daylight hours near children and pedestrians using boat launch and beach access
      • Traffic congestion on Shore Drive, Lesner Bridge, and Independence
      • Excessive wear and tear on roads will cause pot-holing and other hazards to vehicles, and pedestrians
  • 18. 07:35 AM? One of these every 10-20 min on Shore Drive won’t pose additional work traffic or safety issues, will it?
  • 19. Financial Issues
      • +16 mile truck and +4 mile barge hauls passed on to every taxpayer
      • Costs contractors huge amounts of money to return empty to get next load
      • More than 3 miles from dredging unlikely competent contractors will bid
      • Original estimate to remove at Saw Pen Pt was $25/cu.yd. Likely +$50/cu.yd. from Lynnhaven
      • Will jeopardize only self-sustaining facility; cripple current 20,000+ boat launches per year, not including kayak or canoe launches or additional parking at facility by fishermen/others not boating– People will just stop coming here!
      • Will likely require reduction in Parks /Recreation staff adding economic and work burden to remaining workers
      • Detrimental to area businesses with reduced boating traffic, especially businesses with either fishing or recreational boating specialties and restaurants
      • Tourists at Chicks, Bubba’s and other restaurants will have a view of barges, trucks getting loaded and an industrial site
      • Trucks fully loaded are 66,000 (VDOT mandate) and empty 36,000(manufcturer's info)  -Weight of trucks will damage all roads from parking lot (4 inches of layer of asphalt, versus the 7-10 inches in VDOT specifications for roads) to Whitehurst in Oceana (16+miles)
  • 20. Inevitable stand-off when not ONE, but SIX trucks are lined up to load up. Not just boaters, beach-goers & fishermen lose-out: Our local ECONOMY loses-out
  • 21. Is it getting DARK in this photo? This will be your (and our tourists) view from dawn until dusk while sitting in traffic on Shore Drive. Is that quad truck full of dredge material or visitor and tourist dollars?
  • 22. Locals and Tourists alike will enjoy this beautiful view from local restaurants from now until eternity- This is what PERMANENT looks like!
  • 23. In times threatening recession, this monster would scare even the most determined vacationer
  • 24. Health and Quality of Life
    • Noise will affect daily life (Main reason given for discounting location near Princess Anne school)
    • Permanent, expensive, unsightly (and dangerous) bulkhead and egress route
    • Interference with Boat Launch Operations (boats and cars entering and exiting facility)
      • Each barge will require up to SIX TRUCKS waiting to unload it (50 yd 3 /barge / 8yd 3 /truck
    • A dangerous navigational hazard to boats in Crab Creek Channel. A traffic and safety nightmare
    • Proposed bulkhead under water with certain tides
    • Dredging, barges, machinery, trucks would be a noisy, constant eyesore for residents, tourists and waterfront business patrons as well as boaters
    • City maintenance records already show slow and untimely response in maintaining channel markers
  • 25. INDUSTRIAL SITE! Undesirable in residential. UNACCEPTABLE in an tourist/recreational/residential area!
  • 26. Inconsistencies and Questionable Decisions for “Shore Drive Corridor”
    • “ City Council Approval is not required…”
      • Phill Rhoers at 7 September, 2007 Ocean Park Civic League Meeting
    • What happened to Osprey Park?
      • Approved by City Council
      • 2004 Public Works drawing of Osprey Park does not show a permanent dredge spoils transfer station
    • Notification obscured
    • Plans mysteriously and suddenly changed from a temporary to PERMANENT site
    • Saw Pen Point not chosen because,
      • “ 80 residents” affected but Bayfront has VBs greatests population density. Ocean Park alone has over 300 “affected residents”
    • People actually affected not listed (did not receive APOA Forms)
      • NONE of the affected locals, fisherman, boaters, tourists, and other people that use the facility were asked/notified
      • Only 7 of over 300 directly affected residents (+1500 homes in Ocean Park)
  • 27. Public Works states:
    • “ the city has no plans to close the ramp…”
      • Ask yourself, at the rate of 50 trucks per day, how can my boat be launched while Quad Trucks are sharing the same launching area?
    • “ boat traffic will have right of way”
      • Ask yourself, is that realistic?
    • “ there would be no change in the site’s historic land use…stockpiling sand from Lynnhaven Inlet.”
      • Ask yourself, is a PERMANENT dredge TRANSFER station the same as stockpiling sand?
  • 28. Inconsistencies and Questionable Decisions for “Shore Drive Corridor” “ A Resort Community” “ A Community with a Rich Physical Character” “ Pedestrian Access and Recreational Ammenities” “ A Community with Diverse Opportunities and Activities” “ A Gateway with Unique Natural Resources” The Shore Drive Corridor Plan does not include a ‘plan’ for a permanent industrial site. It recommends the location and the vista from the bridge as a “signature gateway for the City of Virginia Beach” as patrons enter and leave the Bay. Dredge Station Here
  • 29. “ Hey honey, let’s go for a stroll down on Waterman’s Walk!”
  • 30. Just a few (of many) bad ideas…
    • Run 50-100 dump trucks thru the busy, crowded public beach access and boat ramp during daylight hours?
    • Place an industrial facility feet from the Chesapeake Bay in a high density neighborhood that provides taxes at as much as five times the rate vs. the rest of the City?
    • Attempts to maneuver and tie up barges in a treacherous channel with dangerously strong currents and gale winds feet from the only bridge/road?
    • Plan to build a +$85M ‘Signature Bridge' feet from the proposed industrial site?
    Photo of Parking Area in the “off-season” (Taken 26 Jan 08)
  • 31. Lynnhaven Boat and Beach Facility
    • CIP-974 Status Report (Sept 1, 1999)
    • Expected Benefits:
        • “ This project will also provide support amenities such as restrooms, picnic areas, walking trails, and bicycle access for use of the entire area for fishing as well as other recreational activities.
    The Lynnhaven Boat and Beach Facility Plan does not include a ‘plan’ for a permanent industrial site. It recommends the location and the vista from the bridge as a “signature gateway for the City of Virginia Beach” as patrons enter and leave the beach.
  • 32. Additional Concerns
    • Saltwater fishing license monies used to construct public boat launch – and a public/private dredge station?
    • A Conflict of interest?
      • Why not a less expensive, temporary site in Saw Pen Point or elsewhere?
    • Income discrimination?
      • Boaters who can’t afford private slips won’t hear until too late?
    • Increased transportation costs vs Development of Corporation Lane or continued use of temporary sites, like Saw-Pen Point?
    • City requesting an increase in bottom depth to 8' at MLW at offload area
      • (Would contradict VMRC's fine in 2006 to Salmon Construction for over-dredging area)
      • PW building a bulkhead knowing that it will flood, and if sediment basin does not properly drain after flooding, pollutants will enter Inlet
    Approximately 0800, Saturday 26 Jan 2008 – “Off-season Traffic”
  • 33. Why is this happening?
    • Proposed permanent dredge station has been pushed thru under the RADAR
    • Public Information Campaign has been one sided and concerns have been downplayed
      • “ It will have ‘minimal’ effect on boaters”
      • “ There are no other options”
      • “ It’s a done deal”
      • “ Crab Creek” (Who’s heard of Crab Creek?)
      • ‘ It’s just a “boat ramp”’
      • “ Our community should not fall into a ‘victimization’ scene”
    • No one has made a rebuttal to the above statements/ responses
      • Concerns have been dismissed or answered with another question
  • 34. Please let your City Council know you are in support of their decision to ask Public Works to seek a better solution
    • Meyera E. Oberndorf - Mayor
    • Barbara Henley – Princess Anne
    • Vice Mayor Louis R. Jones - Bayside
  • 35. Please let your City Council know you are in support of their decision to ask Public Works seek a better solution
    • Bob Dyer – Centerville
    • Harry E Diezel – Kempsville
    • Reba S. McClanan - Rose Hall
    • Rosemary Wilson – At Large
  • 36. Please let your City Council member know you are in support of their decision to ask Public Works to seek a better solution!
    • John E. Uhrin - Beach
    • James L. Wood - Lynnhaven
    • Bill DeSteph – At Large
    • Ron A. Villanueva – At Large
  • 37. Recommendations for the City
    • Seek an alternative which will keep tourism dollars coming to Virginia Beach
    • Make a long-term investment that will benefit ALL of VA Beach
    • Reconsider hydraulic instead of mechanical dredging
    • Consider the use of multiple smaller sites
    • Re-look other potential sites
    • (permanent and temporary)
      • All potential sites closer than Lynnhaven Inlet
      • Sites not an eye-sore for tourists in the Shore Drive Corridor
      • In the 80’s , didn’t landowners give their land for this purpose?
    • Focus on Corporation Lane
      • Negotiate with property owners
  • 38. Concerned Citizens – Boaters, Fishermen, Residents, Tourists, Community Activists
  • 39. Organizations To Write for Action
    • Virginia Marine Resource Commission (VMRC)
      • [email_address]
    • City Clerk
      • All City Council Members (
      • Mayor’s Office (
    • Virginia Beach Planning Commission (
    • Chesapeake Bay Preservation Area (CPBA)
    • Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ)
    • State Representatives
  • 40. Hotlinks
    • EMAIL the MAYOR NOW.
    • Get the Petition & sign it or click the link to sign online
    • Visit any bait/tackle shop or
    • Got to www.boatrampclosingcom for more information
    • Email Regulator at VMRC about the pending permit application.
    • Discuss the LBR at .
    • Ask Lee Tolliver of the Virginian-Pilot about this.
    • Tell Bruce Rader at WAVY TV 10 Sports about this.
  • 41. Other Ways and Means
    • 55th Annual Mid-Atlantic Sports & Boat Show
    • Atlantic Anglers
    • Big Fishing Forum
    • Chesapeake Angler Forums
    • Day Break Fishing Forum
    • Fishing Spot Forum from
    • Forum for the Lynnhaven
    • The Hull Truth Boating Forum
    • Virginia Beach Sport Fishing
    • Virginia Beach Visitors Bureau
    • Virginia Coastal Access Now
    • WTKR NewsChannel 3
    click one to follow its link