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Jw day 9 (unit 3)

Jw day 9 (unit 3)






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    Jw day 9 (unit 3) Jw day 9 (unit 3) Presentation Transcript

    • FIRST FIVE!01. Come in quietly and take your seat02. Place materials on desk03. Take out HW assignment04. Write down HW assignment in agenda book05. Begin “JUST START!”
    • JUST START! (5 min) 1. WORD: link MEANING: to connect- 1. Student Notebooks, one thing to another Demonstration Words page ___. SENTENCE: Why did- 2. Copy the word, they link Josh to the meaning, and sentence prank?- 3. Make an illustration of the sentence the way you understand it
    • OBJECTIVES:By the end of the lesson, SWBAT:read, tap & spell 8 out of 10 words weldedsounds…as measured by quick checks.
    • PRIDE scholars, hit it!!0 Vocabulary, vocabulary how many words do you know?0 We’ll have power to read in Just Words class0 Here we go!!
    • Let’s review!!0 We will have a quick drill of the high frequency words so that you become automatic with them!!0 Ready?0Let’s go!!...
    • Teacher Build Words hide0 WORD: link 0 Let’s try other words with a blend and a digraph:0 What’s the meaning of this 0 cramp word? 0 brand0 Great, how do you tap this 0 chunk word? 0 spank0 Excellent! Can you tell me 0 brink the welded sound? 0 sling0 Why is this a welded sound? 0 So by tapping, reading, and spelling these words with0 How do we use this word welded, are we meeting our everyday sentence? objectives?
    • Time for Word Talk! hide0 Ask students to read 0 Who wants to volunteer to tap a word? How many letters? flashcards. Sounds? Tap. What is the welded sound? Mark it.0 Then, say: “I need a 0 What does it mean to you? Can volunteer to come up to you use it in a sentence? the board, and those 0 Let’s try another word… who are in their seats please spell these words 0 Let’s check what we’re doing again to make sure we are on your MJ”: meeting our objectives today.0 shrink Are we tapping the words to help us read? Spelling?0 blank Reading? Are we learning what we need to learn today?0 blind
    • DICTATION hide 0 Let’s tap this word…(tap the word with students/0 Now, get your get a volunteer) Composition Books open it to page ____ 0 Let’s skywrite this word…0 There are days that we will be doing dictation, 0 Let’s spell it in your and you are expected to Composition Notebook show success. How does 0 Underline the digraphs success look like? 80% proficiency 0 SOUNDS: /ink/, /ing/, /ank/0 Repeat the word after me…(say a word) 0 WORDS: wink, sting 0 shrink, string, drank
    • DICTATION hide0 why the ban0 how to link0 was how long0 Repeat each word after me…0 Write the word in your Composition Notebook0 Who drank all this?0 Get a cold drink from the spring.0 How did Frank get strong?0 Repeat same procedure…0 80% of 14 is 11. …three claps in 3 -
    • HOMEWORK0 1. Write these phrases three times in different colors, and0 2. Use these phrases in a sentence:0 who to dunk0 how to swing0 was how long0 had some drink0 come and stand
    • DID WE MEET THE OBJECTIVES?By the end of the lesson, SWBAT:-read, tap & spell 8 out of 10 words withblends…as measured by quick checks.
    • YOU ARE AMAZING!!! 0You deserve a Chimpan-CHEER!!!
    • LAST FIVE!01. Homework in homework folder02. Notes in folders03. Materials put away04. Clean desk and area05. Line up when instructed