Jw day 4 (unit 3)


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Jw day 4 (unit 3)

  1. 1. Just WordsMs. AngalaJefferson AcademyWashington DC
  2. 2. FIRST FIVE!• 1. Come in quietly and take your seat• 2. Place materials on desk• 3. Take out HW assignment• 4. Write down HW assignment in agenda book• 5. Begin “Do Now”
  3. 3. DO NOW: Just Start! (5 min)• 1. Get your Student Notebook, WORD: stall open to page ___. MEANING: to stop, but• 2. Copy this on the most often, will start Demonstrations page again (Vocabulary section): SENTENCE: Why did the car stall on the hill?
  4. 4. OBJECTIVES:• By the end of the lesson, SWBAT:read, tap, skywrite and spell out 5 words• …80% of the time as measured by quick checks.
  5. 5. PRIDE scholars, hit it!!• Vocabulary, vocabulary how many words do you know?• We’ll have power to read in Just Words class• Here we go!!
  6. 6. Let’s review!!• SAY: We will have a quick drill of the high frequency words so that you become automatic with them!!• Ready?•Let’s go!!...
  7. 7. Teacher Build Words• WORD: stall • Let’s try other• ASK: What’s the meaning words: of this word? • ill• Great, ASK: how do you tap this word? • dwell• Excellent! ASK: Can you • drill tell me the blend/ bonus • shrill letter? • puff• ASK: Why is this a blend? • thrill• ASK: How do we use this word everyday sentence?
  8. 8. WORD TALK: hide• Read words: tap, read, • spill skywrite, spell, mark up • quill• cuff • buff• buzz • jazz• spaz• tell• Display Words: read, INSTRUCT: Please get your mark up, spell orally magnetic journals. I will say a• Find and mark the words with sound and you will find the letter bonus letters. What is the vowel before the bonus letter? which makes the sound. Ready?• Is the word a closed syllable? • /b/, /p/, /n/, /m/ Why? • Magnificent m!!• Find the words at the beginning of the word. *** Three snaps in 3…• Select a word to define and use in a sentence.
  9. 9. DICTATION hide • SAY: Now, get your Composition • Say: Let’s skywrite this Books word… • EXPLAIN: There are days that • Spell it in your we will be doing dictation, and Composition Notebook you are expected to show • Underline the digraphs success. How does success look • SOUNDS: /b/, /g/, /n/ like? 80% proficiency • WORDS: swell, spell • SAY: Repeat the word after • flosk, prast / staff, cliff, me…(say a word) skill, smell • SAY: Let’s tap this word…(tap the word with students/ get a Continued… volunteer)
  10. 10. DICTATION hide• PHRASES:• when to yell• what to tell• which will do• why to call• Repeat each word after me…• Write the word in your Composition Notebook, and mark them• SENTENCES:• What did mom tell us to do?• Why is the grass all wet?• Repeat same procedure… …three claps in 3 -
  11. 11. Did we meet the OBJECTIVES?• By the end of the lesson, SWBAT:• read, tap, skywrite and spell out 5 words• …80% of the time as measured by quick checks.
  12. 12. YOU ARE AMAZING!!! • You deserve a Chimpan- CHEER!!!
  13. 13. HOMEWORK• 1. Write these words three times in different colors, and• 2. Use these words in a sentence:• sniff• bluff• skill• cliff• staff
  14. 14. LAST FIVE!• 1. Homework in homework folder• 2. Notes in folders• 3. Materials put away• 4. Clean desk and area• 5. Line up when instructed