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RCS, the carriers' weapon. The Killer Enabler.

RCS, the carriers' weapon. The Killer Enabler.



in this ppt we repeat the explanation of what is RCS (Rich Communication Suite) for non IT people, explain the Solaiemes portfolio opening RCS with API's to create services on top and creating ...

in this ppt we repeat the explanation of what is RCS (Rich Communication Suite) for non IT people, explain the Solaiemes portfolio opening RCS with API's to create services on top and creating thin/light RCS clients to make RCS ubiquitous. Finally, we talked, also with lessig style about the role of the carriers and comparing it with other markets, the focus of the carriers should delight the masses, not focused in the high tier pro-app individuals :-)



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    RCS, the carriers' weapon. The Killer Enabler. RCS, the carriers' weapon. The Killer Enabler. Presentation Transcript

    • RCS, the carriers’ weapon. The Killer Enabler Mobile Broadband Forum 2010. RCS Forum Juan Mateu
    • Communications ?
    • A real need
    • Make life easier
    • Not for everybody :-(
    • They divide
    • People with access to rich devices
    • People can’t afford
    • People able to learn the use
    • People can’t learn complex apps
    • But you want/need
    • With everybody
    • Everybody ?
    • YES !!!
    • Mum
    • Work colleague
    • Your FaceBook updates
    • boss
    • Your twitter account
    • sister
    • grandfather
    • Your bank
    • Your telco customer care
    • APPS ?????
    • 1 App 1 CASE
    • Means Nightmare
    • Few device can store 1000 apps
    • Very few want to install and learn 1000 apps
    • My god !!!
    • could the issue be solved?
    • Let’s try !
    • think
    • The past…
    • Uuummmhh ?-)
    • SMS ?
    • 1 thing to learn
    • Lots of things could be done
    • Text people
    • Receive alerts
    • vote
    • Buy a nice song
    • Sent your opinion to TV
    • wow
    • One thing to be learnt
    • Lots of things to be done
    • Everybody learnt
    • Everybody used it
    • And it really matters now ?
    • YES
    • Now, rich mobility
    • Now unified communications
    • Now almost always connected
    • Different contexts
    • Different devices
    • More multimedia
    • We like rich interaction
    • And also interacting with everybody
    • And even our social media
    • Imagine
    • Rich experience
    • With text
    • pics
    • Live video
    • Pointing your presence
    • Respectful with your status
    • ONLY 1 APP
    • The phonebook
    • But it seems a messenger
    • Could be similar
    • In a powerful smartphone
    • Your netbook
    • A simple feature cellphone
    • Your TV
    • Does it exists ?
    • YES
    • YES?
    • Believe me
    • YES !!!
    • RCS
    • What’s that ?
    • Rich Communication Suite
    • Who’s behind ?
    • GSMA
    • GSMA?
    • The mobile carriers organization
    • RCS = common service ?
    • YES
    • Common communication easy tool?
    • YES
    • Compatible with all device tiers?
    • YES
    • Also for computers?
    • YES
    • Only needing the browser with your laptop?
    • YES, if you prefer the web based interface
    • in the TV?
    • YES
    • Similar look & feel?
    • YES
    • Also 1 experience to learn, 1000 use cases to user ?
    • YES
    • WOW
    • And then …
    • Could be successfull as SMS?
    • YES
    • And my grandfather could learn ?
    • YES !
    • What can we do?
    • Text messaging
    • Check presence
    • Share pic
    • Share live video
    • Again….WOW
    • If I can share…
    • Not only with people
    • Also with social media
    • And social media with me
    • Your Twitter as a simple RCS contact ?
    • YES
    • And my bank with me
    • Or WEB 2.0 tools
    • Google Weather as a RCS contact?
    • YES !
    • Simple & powerful & for everybody
    • Is it real?
    • Is it coming soon ?
    • The technology works, carriers should deploy :-)
    • Last chance of carriers
    • To keep a role
    • A good opportunity for ecosystem
    • And about us ?
    • Solaiemes is working on that
    • The platform to create use cases with RCS
    • RCS Solution Gateway
    • Opening RCS access with API’s as it was done with SMS in the past
    • RCS Solution Gateway
      • Solaiemes aims to use RCS as a common framework to create user-IT-system easy interaction being the IT System 3 rd parties:
      • CRM platform
      • Social Media sites (for UGC or receiving updates)
      • Mobile Advertisment engine.
      • Alternative “way of access” to use popular web tools
    • RCS Solution Gateway MSRP RCS Solution Gateway CRM Social Media Mobile Ad Engine CARRIER IMS/RCS CORE SIP XDM dedicated RCS Clients RESTful API’s Streaming info API’s 3rd party Internet ecosystem IMS Core, RCS servers, RCS clients DO NOT need any modification
    • … and the platform to put easily RCS in all screens
    • RCS Thin/Web Client Server
    • How to do RCS the ubiquitious carrier communicator?
    • Combining “Cloud Communication” with javascript customized user interfaces !!!
    • RCS Thin/Web Client Server
      • For devices with no full computing capabilities (TV, STB) or for having access to RCS trough Web Browser it is needed a way to split the RCS client in 2 sides:
        • Server side hosting the Telco protocol (SIP, MSRP, XDM, etc) cloud based in a shared platform
        • Web GUI or TV/STB widget based on javascript, to create the user experience without the need of installing apps or clients.
      • Different “look & feel” RCS “iframes” can be provided on demand. Flexibility.
      • It mades RCS as a pure ubiquitous communicator
    • Architecture Presence IM Carrier core XDM IMS mobile and fixed RCS clients RCS Thin/Web Client Server virtual RCS clients UNI UNI Web Server The embeddable “iframes” are RCS clients based on Javasript. The same for TV Widgets MSRP SIP XDM MSRP SIP XDM MSRP SIP XDM
    • Now, the “politics”
    • Why is the weapon of the carriers?
    • Because it enriches the communication experience
    • Of all their customers, and it means everyone
    • Not only the “geeks”
    • Think about…
    • Ferrari vs Ford LVHM vs IKEA
    • Ummmhhh ?-)
    • Got the point?
    • YES !!!
    • Henry Ford make feasible the “driving experience” for the masses
    • Ingvar Kamprad put nice well designed affordable furniture in everyone’s home
    • While others (LV & Ferrari) were focused in delivering the “best” only to a few
    • … historically Ikea and Ford made more revenues and earnings
    • Taking care of “ the most”
    • And had a role transformating the world & improving the lifestyle
    • With millions of customers
    • Carriers must take care of “the most”
    • Delight the masses
    • And it will be monetized
    • when got the customers in love again with carriers
    • Trust RCS
    • Thanks ;-)
    • www . solaiemes . com Addtional info: http://www.youtube.com/solaiemes http://www.slideshare.com/solaiemes http://blog.solaiemes.com