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Solaiemes Company Profile


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Solaiemes Company Profile. January 2014.

Solaiemes Company Profile. January 2014.

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  • 1. RCS network API & WebRTC “for telcos” pioneers Corporate profile
  • 2. What  Solaiemes  wants  to  solve  and  the  how  
  • 3. What  we  do   q  exposing telco messaging RCS as REST API q  enabling 3rd party ecosystem, bridging between telcos & developers q  Creating a new smart advertising model for telcos using instant messaging as context for smart ads. q  making telco communications ubiquitous, endpoints based on REST API for messaging and WebRTC for media.
  • 4. Team   Juan developed his career in several companies as Motorola (Networks and Mobile Devices divisions), DMR Consulting (now Everis), ICEX (Spanish Foreign Trade Office) and Colortex. Juan holds an MSc degrees in Telecom Engineering from Polytechnics University of Valencia (Spain), an MSc in Economics from UNED (Spain) and a Diploma in Politics from the University of London (Lead College, LSE). Jose has developed his career in Motorola and Ceselsa-Indra Mr. Recio holds an MSc in Telecom Engineering from Universidad Politécnica de Madrid and an MSc (Distinction) in Information Security from Royal Holloway College, University of London. Luis had previous roles at Motorola and Alcatel. developing Switching, GSM coverage planning and IMS software. Also worked at Textil Bondrap. Mr. Valencia holds an MSc degree in Telecommunications Engineering from the Polytechnics University of Valencia (Spain). David developed his career in Motorola, Altran SDB and Consum SCV. David holds an MSc degree in Telecom Engineering from Polytechnics University of Valencia (Spain) and an executive MBA from EOI Business School (Spain).
  • 5. Key  Facts   •  Started activities in 2007 trying to open Push to Talk and IMS VideoShare as REST API. Seed Funding of 600 K€. •  Pivoted to RCS API exposure in 2010, 1st to market solution and editors of the GSMA spec on RCS API. •  Awarded in 2011 as pioneers in the area: GSMA RCS Innovation Winner. •  Staff: 15, no indirect roles: sales, marketing, finance, management executed by co-founders. HQ in Madrid (Spain). •  Currently with trials/GW installed in 4 tier-1 telco groups and several opportunities opened in 3 continents and GSMA API provider for joyn Innovation Accelerator. •  Also competing in WebRTC RFIs/RFQs
  • 6. Problem  to  be  solved  ?   mone6zing    RCS                messaging     &  help  telcos  to  avoid  becoming  pipe   Using messaging as a platform, not only as messaging tools as current successful OTTs. From App Store model under control of OEMs and OS companies to “service store” managed by telcos. Take profit of what big brands marketers said “we need a common global reach channel” and apps are not. Twilio and Voxeo are monetizing Voice and SMS REST API. Why not Solaiemes pioneered this for joyn/RCS. ?
  • 7. In  fewer  words     Making  RCS  as  a  PlaCorm   OPEN  THE  TELCO  ASSETS  WITH  REST  API     Doing the same for RCS messaging that companies as Twilio and Tropo are doing for legacy enablers as voice and SMS.
  • 8. And,  what  is  RCS  /                    &  where  is  deployed?  
  • 9. How  we  solve  the  pain  for  telcos?   If communication capabilities can be used as internet API, they will be used. Solaiemes approach is to expose telco capabilities from outside the SBC, as UNI (user to network interface), it means infrastructure instancing “virtual clients” managed by REST/SOAP API becoming services o alternative access to the telco capability. Then, developers could create use cases based on messaging as they are doing with voice and SMS with APIs from Twilio and Tropo.   Friendly Telco Border
  • 10. RCS  Products  
  • 11. RCS/joyn  3rd  API  Exposure           telco   RCS-­‐e  Core           IMS     Instant     Messaging     AS     Chat   access   to   internet   tools   RCS-­‐e  Solu6on  Gateway   MSRP   RCS-­‐e  LiveServe   SBC   RTP/   RTCP   REST  API   SIP   internet   3rd   party   services   Ubiquity,   API based joyn clients for Web, WebRTC, Firefox OS, Smart TV FTB   UNI   A2P, P2A, M2P, CRM cases created with the API CRM   Friendly  Telco  Border             Openness, IMS Core, RCS servers, RCS-e clients DO NOT need any modification
  • 12. Also  offered  as  Cloud  based  architecture         The API exposure platform is in the cloud (public or private) as the platform only needs connectivity to P-CSCF or SBC, just as device clients Full cloud RCS-e core + REST API exposure, currently Solaiemes has interoperated with a RCS-e core in the cloud vendor this architecture
  • 13. Hosted  RCS  core  +  API  &  VAS  Layer     Full cloud RCS core + REST API exposure, currently Solaiemes has interoperated with a RCS core in the cloud vendor this architecture. RCS  Dev   Portal   RCS  Ad   server   RCS   STORE   RCS   Core  in   a  box  
  • 14. OPENNESS:  API  to  create  interac6ve  Services   A2P – P2A, Communicating People with Services & Brands : CRM, advertisement, etc M2P, communicating people and things Mash-Up Cases, Internet tools as joyn Combining content API & joyn API
  • 15. UBIQUITY:  API  expand                across  all  screens   Smart TV Firefox OS WebRTC unified communications
  • 16. RCS  Developer  Portal   Solaiemes RCS API is easy to integrate with leading API management solutions and also embed a testbed for testing the API based services created. Could be offered purely cloud based or on telco premises. Example: integration with
  • 17. RCS  Ad  Server.  Helping  telcos  to  mone6ze   Solaiemes developed an advertising engine with 2 sides, the advertiser side (as web front-end & the developer side as API. We aim to build a look-alike Google Adwords/Adsense model for a new contextual media: the chat-based services as information services, chat-based games, casual services and creating a revenue share model for telcos and developers. Use cases will soar RCS users, and interactions could get monetized from 3rd parties highly targeted advertising based on textual context and location.
  • 18. The  concept  of  “in-­‐chat  apps”   Solaiemes API allows to create not only A2P cases but also group chat casual cases as inviting a chat based game, playing it and the game-buddy will leave the group after the game. Can be used for other VAS monetizable services as real time multiparty translator, etc.
  • 19. WebRTC  Products  
  • 20. WebRTC  for  Telcos   Solaiemes is promoting same approach for WebRTC rather than the pioneered in the telco API space for RCS. WebRTC is a great way to make telco comms purely ubiquitous and also a way to build-up a lot of services to increase revenue of service providers. Currently we have tested in live telco environments ü  WebPhone ü  Full WebRTC RCS client ü  SDK And to be unveiled in the coming weeks a look-alike Service Portal with telco innovative services based on WebRTC beyong the traditional voice call. Like WebRTC SDP for telcos NEW CONCEPT – WebRTC Service Market
  • 21. WebPhone.  Ini6al  User  Inteface.   Videodemo: UI/UX as it is web based could be fully redesigned easily
  • 22. RCS  Full  (messaging,  voice,  video)  Web  Client       Videodemo: Combined with RCS Thin Client Server product it is possible to build a RCS web client with all the features, voice+RCS UI/UX as it is web based could be fully redesigned easily
  • 23. Telco  services  deployed  in  days   Javascript SDK as tool to create easily telco services as: •  •  •  prepaid call-me services. creating casual access to telco comms interworking with OTTs, etc
  • 24. SDK  use  cases:  WebRTC  Service  Market   Portal to buy prepaid VAS using WebRTC as callme services hiding your real number, international calls or authorizing SN friends to call you without knowing your number.
  • 25. Brand  &  Reputa6on  in  the  market   AWARDS ANALYSTS
  • 26. Why  us?   ü  Solaiemes is solving a real problem telcos have. To find a new roles and make their assets a platform in the way that developers can use them, as API. Solaiemes is recognized by pioneering this field in the next telco messaging, RCS joyn, and now working in the same approach for telco-WebRTC. ü  Solaiemes team is experienced, visionary, with international experience in several continents and able to do more with less and execute. ü  Solaiemes has several tier-1 telco customers.
  • 27. info at: