Apps in your RCS chats by Solaiemes

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  • 1. Apps in your Chats How RCS can be competitive
  • 2. What  is  “apps  in  your  chats”?   “Apps in your Chats” or “in-chat services” are the way to enrich RCS group chat by introducing temporarily in your group a contact that is a services that leaves after being used. It could be a service for productivity (translator), fun (chat based games) or just create multiparty customer care. Innovation in messaging is not about copying the latest features of the competitors but creating new blue oceans, and RCS network API is the ocean RCS needs.
  • 3. Apps  in  your  Chats     q  “Apps in your Chats” are created using Solaiemes RCS network API (REST). q  Solaiemes can offer the RCS API GW with a catalogue of “apps in your chat” and other “application to person” cases. Telcos can launch RCS with differentiation elements. q  Also, if telcos want to boost the ecosystem, they can expose our API and create a business models to engage developers to create A2P cases and “chats in your apps” to make RCS more powerful.
  • 4. Who  can  develop  and  offer  them?   q  “Apps in your Chats” or “in-chat services” are the way of telcos to make RCS cooler and more useful than other messaging alternatives. q  Using RCS network API a lot of “network apps” can created and used by RCS users when using group-chat. q  Apps in your chats can be cover fun cases as multiplayer games or productive tool as real time translation or group discussion with chat travel agent.
  • 5. RCS  Developer  Portal   Solaiemes RCS API is easy to integrate with leading API management solutions and also embed a testbed for testing the API based services created. Could be offered purely cloud based or on telco premises. Example: integration with
  • 6. Examples  
  • 7. Example:  Tool  >  MulDparty  Translator
  • 8. Example:  Fun>  MulDplayer  Chat  based  Game
  • 9. The  beHer,  it  is  plug&play,  try  it  since  day  1   ü  Offering “apps in your chats” when telcos launch RCS is plug&play, the UNI API is compatible with whatever RCS core solution. ü  You can launch RCS with “services” making it cooler since day 1. ü  Solaiemes offer the platform and “apps in your chat” initial catalogue and professional services to develop cases upon request and also offering the RCS API Portal in case the carrier wants to engage the developers.
  • 10. info at: