QFI 2013 - travel quiz Finals. by udupa, shiv and ramkey


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QFI 2013 - travel quiz Finals. by udupa, shiv and ramkey

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QFI 2013 - travel quiz Finals. by udupa, shiv and ramkey

  1. 1. The QFI Travel Quiz Finals Around the World in 80 Questions
  2. 2. QFIesta 2013 Thanks to all our sponsors, without whom this would not be possible
  3. 3. QFIesta 2013 Thanks also to IIT Madras, Dr. L. S. Ganesh and IIT Madras Quiz Club for their continued support of QFI We would also like to thank Rajen Prabhu
  4. 4. Coin Brothers Written Round +15 if 1-2 teams answer correctly +10 if 3-5 teams answer correctly +5 if 6-8 teams answer correctly
  5. 5. 1. Coin from which part of the world?
  6. 6. 2. Identify either the person depicted, or the currency.
  7. 7. 3. Identify the structure shown on the coin
  8. 8. 4. Identify the person shown.
  9. 9. Answers follow…
  10. 10. 1. Coin from which part of the world?
  11. 11. Answer  Greenland
  12. 12. 2. Identify either the person depicted, or the currency.
  13. 13. Answer  Balboa
  14. 14. 3. Identify the structure shown on the coin
  15. 15. Answer  Esplenade—Theaters by the Bay (The Durian building will also do )
  16. 16. 4. Identify the person shown.
  17. 17. Answer  Aung San
  18. 18. Clockwise +10, -10 on pounce +10 on bounce
  19. 19. This monument was a handy tool for Groucho Marx to ensure that contestants on his ‗You Bet Your Life!‘ quiz show answered at least one question right What question involving this monument would Groucho Marx ask? On what famous monument from history is this one modeled after?
  20. 20. Answer  ―Who is buried in Grant‘s Tomb?‖  Marx asked an elementary consolation question for a total of $25 (later $100) which did not count toward the scores. The questions were made easy in hopes that nobody would answer incorrectly, and included such examples as "Who is buried in Grant's Tomb?", "When did the War of 1812 start?", "How long do you cook a three-minute egg?", and "What color is an orange?" The question about Grant's Tomb became such a staple of the show that both Marx and Fenneman were shocked when one man got the question "wrong" by answering "No one". As the contestant then pointed out, Grant's Tomb is an above ground mausoleum.  Mausoleum of Halicarnassus
  21. 21. What concept did the famous railway engineer Sandford Fleming come up with after missing a train when he was in Ireland?
  22. 22. Answer  Time zones
  23. 23. Answer  Patrick Leigh Fermor
  24. 24. Why is this place called Al-Maghtas in Jordan a site of pilgrimage?
  25. 25. Answer  This is where Jesus was purportedly baptised by St. John
  26. 26. This quintessential summer cocktail from the Caribbean comes in three chief styles—Guyanese, Barbadian, and Trinidadian. All varieties are based on booze (usually rum), lots of shaved ice, and a splash of Angostura bitters. The name of the cocktail may be familiar to most people because of an equipment that was originally used in its preparation. Name the cocktail / equipment.
  27. 27. Answer  Swizzle / Swizzle stick
  28. 28. Desolate place called Ghost Ranch in New Mexico—why does it attract tourists with an inclination to the arts?
  29. 29. Answer  They come to see what Georgia O‘Keeffe saw
  30. 30. What‘s common to the following ‗places‘? Superior, Delmarva, Absaroka, Scott, Transylvania, Westsylvania, Deseret, Nickajack. (not an exhaustive list)
  31. 31. Answer  Proposed US States that did not make the cut
  32. 32. The Marchenstrasse is a 600km route from Hanau to Bremen in Germany that is a major tourist attraction. What does it celebrate / what is the route commonly known as?
  33. 33. Answer  The Fairy Tale Road – celebrating the life and stories of the Brothers Grimm
  34. 34. Time balls were originally meant to serve as a maritime time signaling aid. With respect to this use, how is the ceremonial time ball dropped every new year (thus signaling midnight) at Times Square different from the rest?
  35. 35. Answer  The time is to be recorded when the ball begins descending, not when it reaches the bottom. In Times Square, however it is midnight when the ball reaches the bottom
  36. 36. This street was originally named _____ Avenue, but after WC Handy wrote a song that called it _____ Street, everyone started calling it a street instead of an avenue, and the name was officially changed. What you hear is Duke Ellington‘s take on the song. Name the street, and the city you will find it in.
  37. 37. Answer  Beale Street  Memphis
  38. 38. Houston‘s airport used to get many complaints for long baggage wait times, and adding more baggage handlers still did not reduce the complaints. So, what did the airport authorities do to tackle this problem?
  39. 39. Answer  Set up the airport in a way that required that travelers walk much farther to get to the baggage carousels. This reduced the perceived time spent waiting for the baggage.
  40. 40. The route from Kargil to Leh is one of the most dramatic anywhere in the world. The stretch from the Lamayuru monastery (4000 mtrs) to Khalste (3100 mtrs) takes one through a series of 23 hairpin bends in just 32 kms and is officially called the Gata loops / Hangru loops. What is the unofficial / affectionate name by which this stretch is known?
  41. 41. Answer  Jalebi bends
  42. 42. This is the tomb of Allama Afzal Khan, a mullah from Shiraz who was Shah Jahan‘s Prime Minister. His tomb is one of the overlooked gems in Agra, and gets its name from what used to once cover the entire surface of the monument. Incidentally, this was the first instance of this kind of decoration being used in India. Identify the monument.
  43. 43. Answer  Chini ka Rauza (Chini refers to tiles)
  44. 44. This city in Andalusia is known as the home of flamenco, as well as horsemanship (the image shows a gait called the Spanish walk that originated here) The city was also the venue for the controversial season- ending 1997 European Grand Prix where Michael Schumacher and Jacques Villeneuve were involved in a crash. The city also lends its name to a popular fortified wine variety that is made from white grapes grown locally. Name the city, and the wine.
  45. 45. Answer  Jerez  Sherry
  46. 46. What touristy breakfast activity has been now made illegal by Death Valley officials after it became cumbersome to clean the messy aftermath?
  47. 47. Answer  Frying eggs directly on the road (because the temperatures are so high!)
  48. 48. This book by William Least Heat-Moon is now considered a classic in the travel genre, and describes a 14,000 mile journey across roads connecting rural America, completely avoiding big cities. Why is it named ‗Blue Highways‘?
  49. 49. Answer  Because blue was the colour in which village roads were depicted in the old Rand McNally atlases
  50. 50. Connect via a ‗Memory of the World‘.
  51. 51. Answer  The 4 surviving copies of the Magna Carta—2 at the British Library, 1 at Lincoln Cathedral, 1 at Salisbury Cathedral
  52. 52. Sometime in the second half of the 19th Century, eight (ten according to some accounts) elephants were tied in harnesses and hung from the ceiling of the Jai Vilas Mahal in Gwalior. For what reason?
  53. 53. Answer  To see if the ceiling could withhold the two 3.5 tonnes chandeliers that the Scindia king had imported from Belgium
  54. 54. Being built off the coast of Ras-al-Khaimah in the UAE, this is the Real Madrid Resort Island, which as the picture shows also features the crest of the club. However, what is the one change that will be made to the familiar Real Madrid emblem once the islands are complete?
  55. 55. Answer  The crown in the logo will not feature the cross
  56. 56. What‘s this in Chicago?
  57. 57. Answer  The foundation for the Chicago Spire, a project that has been abandoned since 2008. When planned (by no less than Santiago Calatrava), it was to be the tallest building in North America
  58. 58. This World Heritage Site, home to 20 stunningly located Eastern Orthodox monasteries, is a mountain and peninsula in Macedonia, Greece. Today Greeks commonly refer to it as the Holy Mountain. Though land-linked, it is practically accessible only by ferry. The number of daily visitors is restricted and only males are permitted to visit the territory which is called "Garden of the Virgin" by the monks. Residents on the island must be males aged 18 and above who are members of the Eastern Orthodox Church, and must be either monks or workers. It is named after one of the Giants – children of Gaia – in Greek mythology who threw a massive rock against Poseidon which fell in the Aegean sea and became a mountain. Name this site.
  59. 59. Answer  Mount Athos
  60. 60. Answer  Fontainebleau Palace
  61. 61. Hitachi Seaside Park in Japan (visuals next slide), covering an area of 3.5 hectares, is a flower park and a popular tourist destination. It is particularly famous for a certain genus of flowers – containing the phrase baby blue eyes in their common names – having transparent blue petals. Over 4.5 million of these flowers bloom all over the park during spring. Name this genus of flower whose name literally translates to ‗woodland loving‘.
  62. 62. Answer  Nemophila
  63. 63. Anticlockwise +10, -10 on pounce +10 on bounce
  64. 64. ‗Crooked Forest‘ in Poland attracts tourists because of the odd shape of the pine trees that grow here. What is certain that these are not natural but have become this way due to human intervention. Give either of the two theories that explain this crooked shape.
  65. 65. Answer  Bent to serve as ‗compass timbers‘, deliberately shaped to help in shipbuilding for use in shaping corners, etc.  A heavy vehicle having passed over them when they were still young
  66. 66. This region is named after the Rajput king who ruled in the 15th Century. This king had a Muslim name as he was named after a Muslim mendicant with whose blessings Rao Mokal and Rani Nirwan delivered him after being childless for several years. Identify the region, famed for its fresco paintings on houses.
  67. 67. Answer  Shekhawati (after Rao Shaikha)
  68. 68. These nomads found in Himachal and J&K are related to the Gujjars and apparently still live a life unchanged over centuries, roaming from high altitude meadows to the plains in the winter and returning after the snows have melted. Identify. (Alia Bhatt is only posing with them—she is not one of them!)
  69. 69. Answer  Bakarwals
  70. 70. Srirangam was attacked by the Sultanate forces in 1323 and Lord Ranganatha's jewels and the temple gold were taken away. The forces also wanted to seize an idol of the Lord which they believed was made of pure gold. Unable to locate the idol, the Sultanate forces killed the temple authorities and later launched a massive hunt. Fearing that the forces would capture the idol, a devadasi named Vellayi performed a dance before the commander of the forces thus gaining time for the idol to be taken away safely to Madurai so as to avoid it being captured. Her dance lasted for hours together and finally she took the commander to the eastern gopuram and pushed him down. After killing him, Vellayi jumped to her death from the tower chanting the name of Ranganathar. How is she immortalized in the Srirangam temple?
  71. 71. Answer  On the eastern entrance of the Srirangam temple, there stands a white tower which is popularly known as the Vellayi Gopuram It is generally believed that the tower is so called as it has been painted white by the temple authorities. But the tower has actually been named after the devadasi Vellayi.
  72. 72. This is the Kronborg Castle in Denmark. What do the English call the town in which you find this castle?
  73. 73. Answer  Elsinore (Helsingor in Danish)  The Elsinore Castle in Shakespeare‘s Hamlet is based on the Kronborg Castle
  74. 74. And heard that instant in an unknown tongue,
 Which yet I understood, articulate sounds,
 A loud prophetic blast of harmony;
 An Ode, in passion uttered, which foretold
 Destruction to the children of the earth
 By deluge, now at hand.
 Extract from a Wordsworth poem called ‗The Prelude‘. What common beach-goer activity has he just carried out?
  75. 75. Answer  Listening to a sea-shell by pressing it against your ear
  76. 76. This is Biosphere 2, probably the best known ecological experiment, now more a curiosity rather than doing any cutting edge science. What/Where is Biosphere 1?
  77. 77. Answer  Biosphere 1 is the Earth 
  78. 78. What is the observation deck on this building called?
  79. 79. Answer  Top of the Rock
  80. 80. As per the original script of ‗North by Northwest‘, where specifically was Cary Grant supposed to have a sneezing fit? Much to Hitchcock‘s disappointment, the organisation that gave him the permission to shoot at this location, refused to allow this particular part of the script.
  81. 81. Answer  Inside Lincoln‘s nostril on Mount Rushmore
  82. 82. What climbing / mountaineering equipment is named after a Swiss company started by Adolph Juesi and Walter Marti, that was one of the earliest companies to manufacture such equipment?
  83. 83. Answer  Jumar
  84. 84. Every July, as part of an 800 year old ritual, six boats embark on a five-day rowing trip upriver from Eton to Oxford with the people in them wearing bright scarlet blazers. What do they do on this five-day long trip?
  85. 85. Answer  Take a census of the swans (which is officially the Queen‘s property)
  86. 86. William Burroughs‘s ‗Naked Lunch‘ features two fictional places—Interzone and The Island. Based on the information provided about The Island, deduce which real-life place inspired Interzone. The Island is a British Military and Naval Station that is on the other side of a narrow stretch of sea. A chief attraction on the Island are the purple-assed ‗Tripoli baboons‘ which probably came their on pirate ships in the 17th Century. The Island even has a Department of Baboon Maintenance to ensure that all the baboons are well-cared for.
  87. 87. Answer  Tangier  The Island is of course Gibraltar
  88. 88. On the left is a scene from a bazaar in Cairo in 1875. On the right is a work of art by the French painter Michel Martin Drolling that can be considered the best example of something in 19th Century art. Explain how the pictures connect.
  89. 89. Answer  Mummy Brown, a popular pigment in 19th Century paintings was derived by grinding old mummified remains extracted from Egyptian catacombs
  90. 90. This one-of-a-kind artifact can today be found at the Swedish Museum of Natural History in Gothenburg (pic below) The pictures here show the object being moved from a different museum it was housed in until 1918 to its current location. What is it?
  91. 91. Answer  The only stuffed and mounted blue whale in the world—known as the Malm Whale
  92. 92. The garter belt was invented by an otherwise unknown chap named Fereol Dedieu. However for a long time, as per urban legend possibly triggered by certain structural similarities, who was supposedly the inventor of the garter belt?
  93. 93. Answer  Gustave Eiffel
  94. 94. This is Annie Edson Taylor. What did she do that resulted in this photo-op dubbing her as the ‗Queen of the Mist‘?
  95. 95. Answer  Plunged over the Niagara falls in a barrel
  96. 96. While a lot of people make the obvious connect, there is very little evidence supporting it. Also, the presence of an eccentric scientist, Johann Dippel, has not lent the theory as much credibility as one would have hoped for. Name this castle. What was Dippel‘s most well known contribution?
  97. 97. Answer  Castle Frankenstein  Discovered the pigment Prussian Blue
  98. 98. This is the historic Cabrillo Bridge in the city of San Diego. From its opening in 1914, suicides have been very common on this bridge. However, the number of suicides have dropped drastically since the 1970s. Why?
  99. 99. Answer  The much bigger and impressive Coronado Bridge became functional in 1969, and jumpers shifted their allegiance to the new bridge
  100. 100. This commune in the Piedmont region of Italy takes its name from a city in Egypt which had an ancient temple dedicated to Horus (the name of the city translates to ―City of Horus‖) Though these underground temples dedicated to humanity were built in the 1970s in the commune, they were revealed to the general public only in the 1990s, and has since stunned people with all the detailed artwork that is present here. Name the commune.
  101. 101. Answer  Damanhur
  102. 102. A 1939 advertisement for what? Which famous artist designed it?
  103. 103. Answer  London underground  Man Ray
  104. 104. This artifact was built in 1664 in Gottorp, Germany. In 17-14, it is given as a gift to Peter the Great but is destroyed by fire in 1747. The reconstructed globe, stolen by the Germans in World War II and recovered by US troops, now resides at the St. Petersburg Kunstkammer. The Gottorp Globe is considered the world‘s first what?
  105. 105. Answer  Planetarium
  106. 106. What is depicted in this JMW Turner painting? Also, what is the story behind this stone whose local name is Teufelsstein
  107. 107. Answer  The Devil‘s Bridge, at St. Gotthard‘s Pass  According to a local myth, building the first bridge was very hard and so the Devil himself agreed to build it. The condition attached to the construction was that the Devil would get the soul of the first to pass over the bridge. So, when the bridge was finished, people chased a goat over the bridge. Angered by the trick, the Devil went to pick up a large stone (called Teufelsstein, the Devil's Stone) in order to smash the bridge to pieces. On his way to the bridge however, he encountered an old believing woman with a cross. Scared of the cross, he left the stone and fled.
  108. 108. The Duck and Cover is a pub in which city? Also what calendar are they following— alternatively figure out which year in AD were they established in?
  109. 109. Answer  Kabul  Solar Hijri (SH) / 2009 (1387 + 622)