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child marriage

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  1. 1. Save my Childhood and Save me Submitted by: Sanam Daswani Maira Razi Daniyal Aziz Sohail Mumtaz
  2. 2.  Child marriage, also known as early marriage, is defined as “Any marriage approved below the age of 18 years. Child marriage is when children are forced to get married. When anyone marries before their marriageable age is called child marriage. Early child marriage is basically defined as an illegal crime .
  3. 3.  Gender Inequality: Girls occupy a inferior status therefore they are forced to marry at a little age. Poverty: Most of the low class families consider their daughters as a burden to them and they can’t feed them. Negative Belief: There is a belief that marriage safeguards against ‘immoral’ or ‘inappropriate behavior’ Failure to implement laws: The government is not paying attention to the causes of early/child marriages and it’s not able to implement such laws which may stop this hazard. Culture and norms: It is believed in places (households) like these that the sole duty of the daughter or female is to b a House maker so since they dont have to work to earn marrying them early to them is acceptable.
  4. 4.  Rejection of personal development and education. Girl children suffer severe health problems like pregnancy and childbirth. Girl brides are also involved in early childhood care. As girl children are still helpless and submissive, they can be subject to the atrocities of domestic violence. There are many diseases occurs in young girls due to early child marriage.
  5. 5.  society plays an important role in child marriage that is in some societies, it is a legal attempt likewise, in some societies it is an illegal attempt. It depends on the education
  6. 6.  Education: Girls with eight or more years of education are less likely to marry early than girls with zero to five years of education It is the requirement of hour to help break the cycle of inequality, illiteracy, sickness and poverty. Government should also take strict actions against child marriage. Government should create awareness about the problems associated with child marriages. Empowering girls by keeping them in school, boosting their skills and providing them with safe places to come together
  7. 7.  CHILD MARRIAGE is biggest issue going in our society. we wanted to know the causes and effect of child marriage we choose the sample of 50 people The questionnaire consists of 18 questions, based on the hypothesis being tested
  8. 8.  Hypothesis 1 H1 child marriage is caused because of poverty. H0 child marriage is not caused because of poverty. Hypothesis 2 H1 child marriage is caused because of gender inequality. H0 child marriage is not caused because gender inequality. Hypothesis 3 H1 child marriage is because of negative tradition. H0 child marriage is not because of negative tradition.
  9. 9.  Hypothesis 4 H1 child marriage is caused because of failure to enforce laws. H0 child marriage is not caused because of failure to enforce laws. Hypothesis 5 H1 child’s health is negatively effected because of child marriage H0 child’s health is not negatively effected by child marriage. Hypothesis 6 H1 girl child can handle the responsibilities of household. H0 girl child cannot handle the responsibilities of household. Hypothesis 7 H1 there are many diseases because of child marriage. H0 there are no diseases because of child marriage.
  10. 10.  We took a survey in which we came to a conclusion that majority of the males thinks 16-19 is a perfect age of marriage while majority of the females thinks 20-23 is the perfect age of marriage. majority of the males thinks boy or girl gets mature for marriage at the age of 15-20 while the females thinks that boy or girls gets mature at the age of 21-25. 40% male and female say No when they were asked that Is it good for girls to marry early while 60& male and female say yes.
  11. 11.  child marriage is very common in Pakistan. From our survey we took out a ratio among male and female so, majority of the males thinks 25-50% while females thinks 50-75%. 25 % male and female are in favor of child marriage while 75% male and female against it.
  12. 12.  many people are against child marriage child marriage generally happens in rural areas of the country There are many bad effects of child marriage on child health The main causes for child marriages are poverty, illiteracy and old customs going for many years.
  13. 13.  After conducting the survey we ended to the fact though early child marriage is socially not accepted but still there are some feudal which still practice early child marriage Through survey we were easily able to deduce that the on behind the Early Child Marriage is POVERTY & UNAWARENESS Parents of the brides are unaware of the after effects of the Early Child Marriages TO most of them daughters to them is a CURSE or LIABILITY
  14. 14.  It was quite clear that with the increase of level of education the topic of our survey was quite oppose and many of the YES changes into NO during the surveys in urban areas. The Rural survey demonstrated in the favor whereas the total contradiction was seen from urban areas Thus to sum up we could say the solution to Early Child Marriage is GENERATING AWARENESS.
  15. 15. ThankYou 