Wireless Technology in the Healthcare Industry


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With this presentation, we have shared some useful information and infographics for mobility in Healthcare Industries.

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Wireless Technology in the Healthcare Industry

  1. 1. Wireless Technology Revolutionizing the Face of the Healthcare Industry
  2. 2. The Use of Wireless Technology..... The use of wireless technology is growing at a steadfast rate. It is transforming different industries, including the healthcare sector in more ways than one. Smartphones and computer tablets can enable the medical community to meet their clinical as well as business goals in an efficient and organized manner. According to the research in the healthcare domain “the wireless healthcare market accounts for $23.8 billion”. This figure is expected to rise to $59.7 billion by 2018.
  3. 3. Advantages with Mobility in Healthcare Mobility enables the medical professionals to cater to their patients effectively and at the point of need. The increased reliance on mobile technology is majorly attributed to the frequent innovations in mobility and also to the growing industry challenges. An estimated 1 lac Healthcare Mobile Solution is available in the app stores, and there is a huge market for these applications.
  4. 4. Enterprise Mobile Healthcare Solutions
  5. 5. How Mobile Health Solutions Make a Difference to the Healthcare Domain? Mobile devices can smoothly make work easy for healthcare professionals and enable to extend the best consumer experience. Here are the few ways in which healthcare mobile solutions can transform the healthcare services:
  6. 6. Optimized Patient Care Hospitals and clinics are busy places, crowded with people who have a sense of urgency. In today’s competitive world, mobile devices enable physicians, patients, and the staff members to remain connected with each other on the move. It equips them to communicate effectively and thereby provide/avail services at the point of need. Also, hospitals are striving to extend the best patient care services along with reducing costs. Mobile technology helps to address this challenge and enables to extend improved patient care facilities.
  7. 7. Hospital Administration Managing the various dimensions of a hospital requires thorough planning and organization. At many places, mobile devices are put to productive use for patient admission and discharge processes. It can be used in the process of generating bills, for medical insurance claims, and for asset management. Also, mobility can be used to organize the workforce within hospitals. Staff members can be empowered with wireless technology or other sensors to communicate with each other and carry out their work effectively and without delay. It can facilitate basic tasks like time logging and workforce scheduling for improved services. It enables doctors and nurses to share patient information at the point of need.
  8. 8. Medical Infrastructure Hospitals make use of expensive equipment for patient treatment and care. Mobile devices can be used to keep a close track of medical equipment, its use and its present condition. It saves doctor’s time and enables them to focus on patient care. Mobile applications are used as important tools to collect research information from the field and share with other healthcare Providers. This proves to be useful in the case of contagious diseases and the outbreak of major diseases. Healthcare solutions enable to put emergency care information and important research news at your fingertips for swift access.
  9. 9. Infographic – Mobility Adopting in Healthcare Industry Mobility is getting ingrained in the healthcare domain to transform processes and extend improved consumer experience. The healthcare sector is benefitted with the adoption of mobility and it has helped a lot to deliver better services.
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