Effective Social Media Marketing Strategy for 2012


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This presentation discusses about the importance of Social Media and benefits that can be procured from them. It also shows – how to leverage the most famous four social media platforms optimally, that is, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+, and how to measure the success rate through marketing on these platforms.

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Effective Social Media Marketing Strategy for 2012

  1. 1. Social Media MarketingCreate Strong Online Presence with Softweb Solutions Real-time SMM Solutions
  2. 2. Social Media has bought a gigantic change in the World of Advertising andMarketingWhat is Social Media?• Social Media is an online technology that is used by people to share opinions, thoughts,expressions, experiences, insights, and perceptions.• It amalgamates the technology, interacting socially, thoughts and images.• Common people can talk to each other thru Social Media’s without restrictions andfiltrations, and most importantly without advertising.
  3. 3. Six C’s of Social Media• Communication• Connections• Contribution• Content Creation and Sharing• Communities• CollaborationSocial Media has become a Business MediaNowadays, Social Media is getting less social.Soon, there will be something calledWhy social media is considered as smart business?• It is a mass media• A new way to market the business• Helps to win the trust of people• A new way to build strong relationships
  4. 4. Social Media is not free –- It takes people, time and technology- All three are considered as limited resourcesWhy Social Media Marketing has become necessary?- Because 2/3rd of Global Internet population now visits Social Networks- Because visiting social media website is now the most popular internet activity- Because Social media sites are now considered as Word of Mouth- Because Social Media gives freedom of Communication
  5. 5. Some facts about Social media sites you would love to know – YouTube: - Every minute the amount of video uploaded on YouTube is – 13 Hours - To view all available videos on YouTube.com will take – 412 years [approx] - Number of videos viewed per day on YouTube – 10 Crores Twitter: - Average number of tweets per day on Twitter.com – 30 lakhs Facebook: - Number of minutes spend around the world on Facebook per day – 500 Crores Wikipedia: - Total Number of articles available on Wikipedia – 130 lakhs
  6. 6. How can you leverage the SocialMedia Platforms?
  7. 7. Using Facebook For Business Marketing• Business Account can be created• Include professional pictures to strengthen the business brand name• Regular posting of newsletter and information• Connect with people, groups, alumni groups, networks, industries and communities similar toyour business• Share your updates and information with others• Start a group or a fan page to advertise your product, brand or a business• Promote your Facebook business page to grow the fans list and also to generate more leads• You can also buy Facebook ads to target the required audience• Use Facebook Connect for adding social networking features to your business websiteWhy to create a Business Account on Facebook?• To meet your business peers• To get new business contacts• To build new relationships• To increase brand visibility and reputation• To rank top on Google and other search engines• To do business online marketing cost-effectively
  8. 8. Using Twitter for Business Marketing• Create Twitter Account for the business [Preferable to use co. abbreviation for username]• Share your business information and set alerts about topics relevant to your business• Start building your network by following people• Comment on the conversations related to your business or your interest• Tweet about your products/services or about your blog posts• Engage your followers with your tweets• Increase your credibility by re-tweeting or mentioning others in your posts or commentsWhy to Create a Twitter Business Account?• To build a community of customers, consumers, partners, staff, and everybody else related tobusiness• To spread a word about business services and other business news• To make new connections• For Search engine rankings• For creating a strong brand image
  9. 9. Using Google+ for Business Marketing –• To create a business page on Google+, it is important to have a personal profile on Google+• Create a business page, add a map to G+ page, Follow people and grow your circles, and include allup-to-date information to the page• Google+ can be also used as a blog• Communicate interactively with all friends via Hangout feature• Share – breaking news, updates, promotions, links, images, and much more via easy-to-use videowith different people or with groups• Use +1 button strategically for promoting the business• Optimize your Google+ business page to generate more buzz. This will effect SEO and BloggingeffortsWhy to Create a Google+ Business Page?• To get closer to your customers, fans, and followers on Google+• For real face-to-face conversations with people with Hangouts• To share right information and message with the right people via Circles• For helping people recommend you on Google Search and ads by “+1” button
  10. 10. Using LinkedIn for Business Marketing –• Create a LinkedIn Profile for your business and include all information about your Company andits Products/services• Join maximum groups related to your business activities and Products. The groups act like a stagefor discussions, article postings, and RSS aggregators.• Use “General Questions Section” to post questions and answers categorized by topics• Create your own group with your company relevant area of expertise for others can join in• Promote your Company’s profile by posting the Company profile URL on your website, blog,business cards, e-mail signatures, etc• Develop relationships with other people and Companies to increase your Company’s visibility.Also promote your Group by inviting others to join in.Why to Create Company Profile on LinkedIn?• For increasing visibility for the Company and the products/services• For collaborating easily with customers, colleagues, and industry leaders• To reach new customers and generate more business• By using LinkedIn, it is possible to view competitor’s teams, clients, references and plenty ofother information which is not available otherwise
  11. 11. How to Measure Social MediaMarketing?
  12. 12. Ways to measure Social Media Marketing Success –• SMM Success thru Facebook can be measured via Fans and Page views• SMM Success thru Twitter can be measured by No. of Followers and Re-tweets• Video views and Subscribers of YouTube can be used to measure YouTube participation success• Ranks in the search engines [by both generic terms and branded terms] should be analyzed tomeasure SMM effectiveness
  13. 13. Some Online Tools Available to Measure SMM Success -1] Klout:- Klout is a free, easy to use and well-known tool used to measure Social media influence.- By using the data from Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn accounts, Klout can determine the overallinfluence and also provides some basic graphs and a user interface.- It is available as an extension for Chrome and Firefox.2] Twenty Feet:- It is a tool that is capable of collecting data from Facebook and Twitter and presenting the results in agraphical form.- The graphs made by this tool shows data in various time frames – like last week, last month or lastquarter.-The graphs are easy to understand and it includes – conversation feedback, influence indicators,reputation indicators and personal statistics.3] Google Analytics:- It the most popular web analytics software and most widely used. Approximate 53% of all websitesuses Google Analytics to measure SMM Success.- It enables to determine the origin of the web traffic. It gives rich insights of web traffic and theeffectiveness of marketing.- It is powerful, flexible and easy to use web analytic software that allows marketers to analyze theirefforts and their traffic data.
  14. 14. 4] CrowdBooster:- This tool is useful to manage the Twitter and Facebook accounts.- It provides useful estimation of regular activities that includes – total followers, tweets, re-tweetsand mentions.- It provides a graphical representation of potential reach of re-tweets and other graphs that shows thefollowers growth, tweets, re-tweets and mentions over a specific period of time.Some other tools are –• PeerIndex• Sprout Social• CoTweet• Sendible• TweetStats• My Web Career• Social Mention• Hoot Suite• Radian6 [Paid]• MarketWire [Paid]• Google Alerts
  15. 15. Softweb SolutionsSoftweb Solutions offers a ground to your businesses by creating a strong social media presencewhere people come to know about your brand and let it spread through a word of mouth.Softweb Solutions is the Social Media Marketing Company located in Chicago, USA providing bestquality SMM Services around the world.To get more information on our Social Media Marketing packages, please visit us at – • http://www.softwebsolutions.com/social-media-marketing.html • Corporate Site: http://www.softwebsolutions.com/ • Case Study: http://www.softwebsolutions.com/cs-seo-developers-portal.html
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