Retail Mobility Solutions – Transforming Shopping Experience


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Mobile technology exerts influence on the retail sector to attract more customers and has incredibly transformed the customers’ shopping experience.

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Retail Mobility Solutions – Transforming Shopping Experience

  1. 1. Retail Mobility Solutions –Transforming Shopping ExperienceMobility Advances Retailers to buildBetter Relationships with Consumers Solutions
  2. 2. Mobility in RetailLatest smartphones and tablet devices are completely revolutionizingthe way mobile users manage their lives. Mobile devices are now morepowerful, flexible, and user-friendly. With Mobile technology users canalways stay connected and can easily carry out any kind of activitiesthey desire – from entertainment to business or to shopping.Competition in Retail industry is all the time at higher level and sotoday Retailers must adopt new technologies and find new ways toattract maximum consumers in the market. Smartphones and theMobile technology have totally changed consumer’s experience ofshopping.Mobility brings three great advantages for Retail Industry that includes: Enhancements in employee and shopper productivity Brightens the complete Shopping experience Helps retailers to make efficient business modelChallengesToday, Retailers face challenges in heading towards the adoption of Mobility in their businesses.Few of the challenges that can be dazed with adoption of mobility are – High Operational Costs Manageability of multiple spheres of sales Maintenance of high consumer expectations SecurityOne of the major decisions to be faced by Retail organizations while deciding about the deployment of mobilesolutions is the budget. Cost of a mobile app is always a concern though it is a onetime expense for any organization.Also, Mobility has long term as well as short term benefits. Mobile apps can groom the overall business and improvethe business performance.Retailers should also have a neat plan for smoothly managing the number of mobile devices, users and mobileapplications on the retail network. Moreover, retailers should be capable enough to meet the needs of employees andconsumers using mobile devices for various retail related activities. They should be flexible enough to deal with rapidtechnology advancements and changes so as to stand strong in the competitive market.
  3. 3. Business Opportunities for Retailers with MobilityMobile adoption brings a lot of opportunities in the Retail Industry. Availability of high-speed and third generation [3G]networks is a good reason for retailers to move ahead quickly and adopt mobility. Also, mobile devices have becomemuch more powerful and user-friendly today and many multi-purpose mobile apps are available for users making theirlife simpler.All the three things together – fast networks, advanced smartphones and tablets devices, and high rate of consumerdemands, have made Mobility more effective in the Retail industry.With advanced mobile apps present in the market, Retailers can have direct communication and interaction with theirtarget audience. Most of the consumers around the world use internet to shop, and compare products and make apurchase.Today, increasing number of consumers own mobile devices that are enabled with internet access and that seamlesslysupports retail related mobile apps.Some of the consumers and Retailers benefits from Mobile e-shopping applications are as follows – Consumers can access real-time pricing and inventory systems. Consumers enjoy convenient access to range of products/services information. Consumers can use their mobile phones to scan each product properly like they usually do during shopping. Consumers can quickly browse, order, and pay for required products from their mobile devices on the move. Retailers can also build-up mobile websites for advertising and promoting their products/brands. SMS advertising can be done for updating consumers on a regular basis.Areas of Mobility Adoption in the Retail Industry
  4. 4. Future of Mobility in Retail IndustryIt is anticipated that with the continuous advancements in mobiletechnology, Retail industry will see a lot of upgrades too.A lot is being talked about Near Field Communications [NFC]technology. With NFC, a shopper can immediately get all theinformation about any product like its price, availability, consumerreviews, etc. by just waving their mobile device to a taggedproduct in any store. NFC will also make payments processingeasier and simpler.With the adoption of Mobility, retailers get an opportunity toengage with their consumers and to quickly respond to them.The result of Mobility adoption will be felt in total retail organization, for example – Higher customer satisfaction Shorter cycle times of deals Low cost of service Improved productivity of the organizationSoftweb Solutions offerings for Retail IndustryWith the increasing use of Mobile technology, Softweb Solutions prides itself in delivering cutting edge mobile appdevelopment solutions for various mobile platforms.Our mobile retail solutions help clients to move ahead in the retail market and protect their market share effectivelyfrom competitors.Contact us at for customized mobile retail industry based applications.About Softweb SolutionsSoftweb Solutions is committed to forming a common To know more about us and how we deliverarchitecture to support mobility service products and to mobility solutions to the organizations across thedrive end-to-end integrated mobility solutions. The success world.of your mobility solutions depends totally on selecting theright partner, right processes and right technologies. We Contact our representative or e-mail us atwork with you to develop innovative, effective and,interactive mobile solutions using right technologies in aright way. You can also visit our corporate website –