New research of top reasons why content not shared on social networks


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New research of top reasons why content not shared on social networks

  1. 1. New Research <br />Of <br />“Top Reasons Why Content Not Shared on Social Networks”<br />Many companies rely on content marketing strategy for promotion of their products and services. Nowadays, Social Media Marketing is the best method for promoting the business.<br />Every month, billions of content stories are shared on latest social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Three things are really important to get your content shared on social networks. First is number of people getting exposed to it by following or by becoming fan of your page, second - they must actually see the content you are sharing and finally, they get motivated with your content.<br />Social Media Marketing most of the time fails because people don’t share your content. This can be because of many reasons -<br />1] People don’t wish to share because sometimes even great content fails in social media. This can happen due to:<br /><ul><li>People don’t find anything interesting in your content which motivates them to share. This can be due to excessive advertisements, lack of images and videos which makes it less interesting, bad designing, and other reasons.
  2. 2. Sometimes the reason can be lack of trust. It’s very important to build trust to have positive impact for your products and services.
  3. 3. The most obvious reason is lack of valuable information in the content. It’s important to provide people with content which shares some interesting stuff like some great deals or offers, etc.
  4. 4. Simplicity in the content should be maintained. Writing style should be easy to understand for all kind of people. Complex articles or blogs should be avoided.</li></ul>2] People share your content to build relationships with others. Mostly people value relations with other people rather than with the brands. According to the research done, the two major reasons of people sharing the content are:<br /><ul><li>To stay connected to other people by sharing the content from whom they might lose contact otherwise.
  5. 5. To connect with people having similar interests to build social network.</li></ul>They are looking for community for building their social networks through your content. So your brand/company should be able to create a platform for that community.<br />3] Mostly people find knowledgeable or business oriented posts little boring which stops them sharing.<br />It should be tried to bring humor and fun into the posts creatively in a way that the basic message of the post can be conveyed. Nowadays, social networking sites are used maximum by youngsters and online marketing executives. They are more interested in sharing posts which they find little funny and interesting.<br />4] Understanding the audience is very important for your content. If you post anything than you should be sure enough that your online fans are going to like it and they will enjoy reading it. You have to motivate your audience to share your content.<br />Targeting the right audience is the first step of performing effective internet content marketing. Understanding the real audience for your business can help you get more ideal customers.<br />5] The content should be shared frequently with social media through e-mails. It has been noticed that most of the people prefer to be more personal with e-mail considering it as private affair. The expectation of getting response e-mails is always more. This strategy should not be ignored during social media marketing process.<br />It is always better to hire some professional content creator for the purpose of forming creative content for you. Getting the content shared is the first step of performing successful social media marketing for the business or company. Softweb Solutions, a Social Media Marketing Company in Chicago provides best solutions for SMM Services worldwide.<br />For more information or queries, you can contact us at<br />Let’s Get Social: <br />