Mobile Business Intelligence and the Trends Enveloping the IT World


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The internal and external factors that are driving mobile Business Intelligence in different organizations are being discussed in detail in this paper. Also, it talks about Implementation of successful BI solution and its main benefits.

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Mobile Business Intelligence and the Trends Enveloping the IT World

  1. 1. Mobile Business Intelligence and theTrends Enveloping the IT World Solutions
  2. 2. The Mobile World Perspective 27% Mobile workers exist out of total workforce 40% Mobile workers spend time away from the desk 60% Midsize organizations support mobile devices 75% US businesses use at least one wireless data application 80% Organizations found mobile apps to meet expectationsOf all US businesses, 75% of them make use of at least one wireless data application and nearly 80% of theorganizations who have deployed mobile apps report that the results have added value to their business. Manytechnology initiatives have previously failed to retain and add value to their investments. Clearly, mobile applicationshave satisfied many companies and the trends are improving for the future too.It is easy to segregate specific groups of users who want to leverage mobile apps. These groups include Executives,Sales Force, Service & Field personnel, Customers, Plant personnel and even Warehouse users. All usage scenariosfor each of these groups are important in terms of mobile BI.You can transform the business through mobility on the Customer side by identifying new intelligent products and onthe Employee side through process innovation and new styles of collaborative work.Mobile apps help you run the business by providing light weight communication options to your Customer and alsoprovide basic productivity tools such as mobile e-mail and connectivity to your Employees.
  3. 3. The Internal Factors Affecting Mobile BILet’s look at the factors that are internally driving mobile BI in different organizations. Increasing employeeproductivity is important for providing BI to mobile devices. Employees are unable to access real-time informationwhich lessens their productivity. End-user groups must have access to real-time data, without the need for mobiledevice, especially to boost organizational performance. Delivery of data is crucial to drive productivity and thus theycan complete their jobs effectively without wasting time for searching data.Improved data delivery efficiency is important too. The information flow regulation is an overarching motivation forMobile BI implementation. For mobile workers who are often away, a Mobile BI application can give real-time accessto organizational data assets including analysis of sales data, inventory status and refilling position and the like.Mobile BI is about delivering real-time info, or near real-time, access to data. Field sales and service teams require thisaspect to fulfill their objectives. We live in the world which changes every instant and hence there is a constant need toalign solutions with the market place. Failure to gauge the market needs affects business and reducescompetitiveness. It is critical that the data delivery mechanism and data sources are capable of real-time data delivery.
  4. 4. External Drivers of Mobile BIThe external drivers are as critical as internal drivers of Mobile BI. One of the most influential factors in the surge ofmobile usage in business today is the evolution of smartphones. Mobile BI has reached a new level of maturity withnew smartphones which boast of rich reporting and analytics experience. With time, we are bound to see theconvergence of applications across devices.The device-savvy digital generation expects the devices to be connected in different ways which was not possiblebefore. Business professionals expect to have simple and profound data delivery mechanisms in place to keep themwell informed about the business information that matters to them. Constant and uniform connectivity to enterprisecontent is extremely important and routine activities need to be automated to save on time. Those in the field need torespond effectively to changing customer needs and issues.Users need to connect to the Internet consistently nowadays and hence companies need to embrace this trend, or optto be left behind. People work in an offline mode especially when they are travelling. Access to Internet and access toreal-time company information was not at all possible before. But now every company needs to be up-to-dateinformation to quell competition.Furthermore, the cost of establishing a mobile reporting and analytics solution that provides widespread workforceaccess to real-time data is cheaper with every passing day. Additionally, delivering a Mobile BI app removes securityissues surrounding remote data access and storage, and delivers real-time data capabilities to end-users. The price ofinaction is becoming simultaneously more costly.Dashboards and their Role in Business IntelligenceDashboards are an integral part of mobile BI. Achieving accuracyand consistency for all dashboards is extremely tough andexpensive. To this end, there are three major categories ofdashboards which can fulfill the needs of an organization’sdecision–makersü Operational Dashboards assist in monitoring core business processes with real-time info. You can even set up alerts for your managers or even when there is discrepancy in the data. üDashboards provide the department manager with a quick Tactical view into how a department is performing —so the manager can take action to forestall less-than-optimal performance. ü Dashboards provide ample info to senior managers and Strategic executives who need to view info related to their existing strategic goals. These dashboards are typically based upon data residing in data warehouses or data marts which contain some time shots of data.
  5. 5. Implementing Mobile BIImplementing a successful Mobile BI solution is essential , and adequate attention needs to be given towardsreporting and analytics. Mobile BI just follows a methodology driven by new technology. To achieve benefits from aMobile BI project, a key set of organizational attributes need to be in place. It is vital that a vendor of the company iscompetent enough for implementing BI, or has a general analytics strategy in place. Mobile BI is a sub-set of abroader BI program. It should not be embarked upon in isolation.To deliver a successful Mobile BI project, employers should:Understand the reporting needs of the main beneficiaries of Mobile BI – the executive, sales and service teams.üTheir needs will differ, but KPI reports should be developed which are tailored for each user-group to ensure quickuptake and assured high ROI.Link Mobile BI to well-defined business goals and objectives. The objectives of these goals need to be evidentüthroughout the organization to deliver Mobile BI in a big way that supports those demands. Employees on the moveneed to know that they can access the data they need when and where they need it.ü many people as possible with the required skills, knowledge and accessibility permission to get businessEquip asdata – widespread user-adoption is the key factor to highly successful BI projects.ü open ‘anywhere, anytime’ attitude towards business data to empower employees to make decisions andAdopt antake full-advantage of the benefits associated with pervasive BI. As companies continue to focus on deliveringinformation to the mobile workforce, they will need to ensure information is delivered promptly to affect action inthe field.Typical Benefits of Mobile BIü to make better fact-based decisions anytimeThe abilityü knowledge-sharing to support organizational collaboration and cohesionImprovedü workforce productivity and organization-wide efficiency through acceleration of the decision-makingIncreased processü flexibility and adaptability to stay ahead of the competition and act on market place opportunitiesIncreasedü understanding of customer needs and the customer’s decision-making processImprovedü customer satisfaction and enhanced reputation through timely and accurate decision-makingIncreased Softweb Solutions US Toll Free Number: Website : 2531 Technology Drive, 1-866-345-7638 Email : Solutions Suite 312, Elgin, Illinois 60124