The Role of Mobility in Logistics and Fleet Management Industry


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Improve the efficiency of your fleet and your mobile workforce with Fleet Management Solution at Softweb Solutions Inc. Read more about fleet management optimization online at

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The Role of Mobility in Logistics and Fleet Management Industry

  1. 1. Softweb Fleet & Logistics Solution Improve the efficiency of your fleet and your mobile workforce with our Fleet Management Solution.
  2. 2. Key component of the Solutions Fleet ManagementMobile Supply Chain Management  Accurate and timely inventory insight  Optimize the inventory  Order fulfillment  Lower transportation costs by remote and real- time access to supply chain  Scheduling systems and dispatch plans  Seamless integration with ERP System  On hand Real-time Tracking of fleets  Mobility in Vehicle Diagnosis request  Map routes to locations  Availability for critical processes  Minimize delays by prompt response resulting costs effectiveness  Help ensure quick escalation handling Seamless Operations & Maintenance  Superior customer service  Track history of activity and events  Reduce worker downtime  Eliminate route overlap  Alerts on arrival and departure times Real-time Dashboard and KPI Reporting  Analytical capabilities anytime, anywhere  Get insight into your business  Key performance indicators, such as revenue, profitability, capacity utilization  Get alerts early  Analyze all dimensions of Supply Chain System  Make more educated decisions  Have faster response times to all areas of business Business Applications
  3. 3. Benefits Reduce Cost Lower costs through idle reduction, speeding and routing. Improve Performance Respond in real-time with closest vehicle to a location. Streamline Operations Ready to go time sheets and trip times simplify billing. Detailed Reporting Stay up-to-date with detailed report analysis Real-time Updates See it as it happens: stops/ starts, speeding, direction, and more. Cut Wasted Labor Automatically log driver road time, and work site hours. Driver Tablet Site Choose the ideal route for the trip and download trips list Time Management  Working time  Driving time  Tachograph Support Business Applications
  4. 4. Fleet Process Flow
  5. 5. Driver’s Applications Trip Details Features: Driver Application Features Active Trip Details Stop Details Trip Navigation and Exchange Pictures Forms Sync
  6. 6. Driver’s Applications Here the user will be able to view the list of trips available for download and making active trips. Trip Details Trip Details
  7. 7. Driver’s Applications Download Trips Here the user will be able to download the trip, view its basic information and be able to make a trip as active which they will be picking for delivery. Note: Download will be via web services as a package which will include all the details of the trip for user guide. Trip Details
  8. 8. Active Trip Here the user will be able to view all the details related to active trip where they will be able to view stops, freight details and maps for direction. Driver’s Applications Trip Details
  9. 9. Stop Details Here the user will be able to view all the stops related to trip where they will get details related to address, appointment window, current ETA and stop status and type. Stop Info Driver’s Applications
  10. 10. Driver’s Applications Stop Details Here it shows the next process the driver will be able to perform on the current stop which will include start route, arrival, set status, signature and depart information. Stop Process
  11. 11. Here this section will display list of freight details associated with current stop like item number, item name, quantity, weight, scan code and status Scan Code: For this we will be using external API like Zxing or Zbar to scan the required barcode. Freight Details Driver’s Applications Stop Details
  12. 12. Here the user will be able to make the stop from list a next stop and will be able to see all the above details as per stop info section and subsection. Next Stop Details Driver’s Applications Stop Details
  13. 13. Navigation Details Here the user will be able to have additional access to navigational maps, native camera pictures, and exchange pictures. Navigation Details Driver’s Applications Using navigational Maps (ALK Maps) the user will be able to get directions for the trip Note: The ALK Map licensing will be done by client Using navigational Maps (ALK Maps) the user will be able to get directions for the trip. Get Direction
  14. 14. Here user will be able to create new message or use template to exchange messages with Dispatcher. The user will be able to also get notification for new messages. Note: This feature will work as email functionality to keep it offline stored. Exchange Message Driver’s Applications Navigation Details
  15. 15. Auto Sync. The application will be able to manually and automatically sync all the stored details with the live data. Auto Sync Driver’s Applications
  16. 16. Features: Customer Application Features Consignment Details Shipment Status Truck Route Stop details Messages Customer’s Applications
  17. 17. Consignment Details The user will be able to view the consignment details and its status for the customer selected. Consignment Details Customer’s Applications
  18. 18. Shipment Status Once a customer is selected, the user will be provided visibility to shipments in transit with ETA. Shipment Status Customer’s Applications
  19. 19. Truck Route Provide a visual display of truck in route for selected shipment on map. Truck Route Customer’s Applications Displays signature captured for a stop by driver for selected shipment. Stop Details
  20. 20. Notifications and Alerts Ability for the user to send alerts at predetermined times when the driver arrives at a stop. Message settings Predefine message timing and contact details for the message to be sent. Notifications and Alerts Customer’s Applications
  21. 21. Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.s) Q.1 How the application will work with our Existing Systems? Answer: We will be integrating the application with your ERP and CRM system via web services and connectors. Our application’s code architecture is flexible enough that this will be easily integrated with any ERP and CRM systems such as SAP, Oracle, JD Edwards, MS Dynamics, just to name a few. Q.2 Will I own the application? Answer: Yes this application will be owned by your organization and it will be deployed on the app stores under your brand. Q.3 Will I get continuous support? Answer: Softweb will provide you 2 weeks of completely free Bugs support after the application is being launched on the app store. After the free support period we can sign up for the annual maintenance agreement.
  22. 22. Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.s) Q.4 We already have the laptop + GPS, why would we need your application ? Answer: Q.5 How much time/efforts involvement from our IT team is needed? Answer: Softweb will need your IT team’s support in understanding the current IT infrastructure (ERP & CRM). Also we will need support for getting the Web services for our application to be integrated with the ERP & CRM system. Q6. How much investment needed? Answer: This Fleet and Logistics is a solution which has a basic application architecture and database structure ready. We will need to analyze the ERP and CRM system which you are using and based on that we can give the development and integration cost of this application.
  23. 23. About US  Founded in year 2000  Headquartered in Chicago  One of the fastest growing private as per INC.  Over 300+ full time employees  Premium Development Partnerships with: Microsoft, Apple, Google, SAP, Adobe, Sitecore, Amazon, Insitesoft, Heroku and more  ISO 9001 and CMMi Certified Expert Developers for iOS , Android & Win8 YOU ARE IN GOOD COMPANY Years of Software Development Experience Satisfied Clients & Growing Successful Project Delivered
  24. 24. Softweb Solutions Enterprise Development Center Softweb Solutions is pleased to announce our Enterprise Solutions Development Center. We have been working hard identifying the top immediate need verticals within the Enterprise today.  Increase your time to Market, with up to 70% of the functionality needed for the above solutions already developed; the schedule and timeline for your Custom Enterprise Application is significantly reduced.  Easily identifiable features that align with your Enterprise needs  Marketable Solutions & Resources are available for Demo Today  A trusted development partner that’s delivered successfully for your past projects The benefits of choosing one of these solutions are: Benefit
  25. 25. For all your business challenges, Softweb has Enterprise Mobility Solutions Mobile Supply Chain Management Logistics & Fleet Management Customer contact database Product Configurator & Sales Tool Inventory Management on Mobile Mobile CRM & Sales force Management Field Service Management Mobile Sales Applications BUSINESS APPLICATION EMPLOYEE APPLICATIONS REPORTING APPLICATIONS CONSUMER APPLICATIONS Human Resource Management Workflows management Forms & Reference Applications Mobile Commerce Mobile Marketing Mobile BI and Data Visualization Dashboard and Reporting Applications
  26. 26. Technologies we Offer Mobile Practices for real-time customer engagement and enhanced business productivity Enterprise Mobile Practices Enterprise Practices based on Microsoft platform for accomplishing high performance Microsoft Practices We build secure and custom-build open source practices matching your requirements Open Source Practices
  27. 27. ADDRESS : Softweb Solutions Inc. 2531 Technology Drive, Suite 312 Elgin,IL-60124 PHONE : 866-345-7638 EMAIL : Website: KEEP IN TOUCH! Contact