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What is iBeacon in iOS?


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iBeacon is a new technology that extends Location Services in iOS using Bluetooth Technology.

iBeacon is a new technology that extends Location Services in iOS using Bluetooth Technology.

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  • 1. One of the most experienced, industry-leading Enterprise Solution Providers
  • 2. Humans Do React
  • 3. Even They Do
  • 4. If they can react Why not smartphones?
  • 5. Your smartphone can sense the presence of a beacon And can react on it
  • 6. Experience the world in a whole new way With Bluetooth LE
  • 7. Anybody please tell me What this iBeacon is!!!
  • 8. Our smartphone are pretty smart But they have no idea whether you are That can connect with the server in another part of the world
  • 9. In your kitchen
  • 10. At your workplace
  • 11. In your bedroom
  • 12. Or for shopping at your favorite retail store
  • 13. iBeacon is a new technology that extends Location Services in iOS Using Bluetooth Technology
  • 14. Yeah, We have been using Bluetooth Technology But something went wrong
  • 15. But Then Came
  • 16. Demystifying iBeacons A cost-effective, low-powered transmitter that connect with all major mobile platforms including the recently enhanced iOS7 that broadcast a signal that can be detected by smartphones using uses BLE Communication. In other words, it’s an indoor positioning system.
  • 17. How iBeacon uses BLE Communication
  • 18. So what they are good for?
  • 19. It can change businesses, strategies and concepts.
  • 20. So don’t get surprised if you receive a discount coupon on your phone while passing through a store in a mall
  • 21. Companies like Estimote sell three in a pack for $99, and each iBeacon is sticky – you can place it wherever you want! Are they Expensive? NO, Not at all
  • 22. Fascinating Tell me more ?
  • 23. iBeacon device broadcasts signal which is received by smartphones via Bluetooth Low Energy Some Facts This signals can be used for a number of applications to trigger events such as prompts, push notifications, and app actions
  • 24. Oh Hi there What? Dance? Me? Twist and Shout
  • 25. iBeacons can be use in Trail markers in a park Exhibits in a museum/historical place Product displays in stores Detect location inside the mall/shop And much more…
  • 26. Some iBeacon Applications
  • 27. It’s a young technology But it’s a BIG THING
  • 28. WOW! …Yeah,WOW!
  • 29. Did you notice iBeacon? Soon you will…
  • 30. Managing your iBeacon is very easy Tell me How?
  • 31. Managing your iBeacon When you buy iBeacons, they comes with an app which you can connect the iBeacons and configure easily. Scan for iBeacons with the standard UUID or scan for iBeacons with a custom UUID. Used UUID's will be remembered so you can easily find your iBeacons with a custom UUID.
  • 32. Once you connect an app with the iBeacon You can change its: - Name (stored on iPad) - UUID - Major - Minor - Broadcasting power (dB) - Broadcasting interval (ms)
  • 33. Organizational use cases Tourism & Sightseeing Child Care Retail Operations Elderly Care Bars & Restaurants Tradeshows & Conferences Hospitality Public Venues Gaming Shopping Malls Healthcare Schools & Campuses Pharmaceuticals Child Care
  • 34. Real World Applications Have a look at
  • 35. Seriously ???
  • 36. Indoor-location mapping with iBeacons iBeacons can be used in a variety of locations where GPS is not effective. For examples : Museum Conference/expo Car gallery and Also in Retail iBeacons can be used to share physically contextual, proximity- based media with people nearby via smartphones to provide exceptional real-time indoor navigation services.
  • 37. Visiting Hospital but not sure about the room of your dear one you’re going to see? iBeacon Provides a Mapping and Wayfinding Solution The iBeacon can recognize the location of the patient and guide the visitor through the building on a map.
  • 38. Brace yourselfiBeacons can be the right way to help your customers with in-store navigation and providing enhanced customer service.  Guide your customers to a specific product they’re looking for  Highlight sale items in the aisle they’re in  Offer any easy way to flag an associate, and much more
  • 39. Airport is not just a point of departure
  • 40. But it’s a destination Where you can find much more to explore
  • 41. Throughout the airport journey, iBeacons can help travelers simply the process
  • 42. Some amazing things you can do with iBeacons Indoor Mapping & Navigation Brand Experiences Shopping Dining Targeted Advertising Security & Geo-Fencing and the possibilities are endless
  • 43. Field Service Mobile Solution ADDRESS : Softweb Solutions Inc. 2531 Technology Drive, Suite 312,Elgin, Chicago,IL,USA-60124 Get Connected! PHONE: 847-512-4114 E-MAIL: Contact Us! Follow us: WEBSITE: