Four Irresistable Features of iPhone 4


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iPhone 4 is one of the amazing devices developed by Apple, In this article; we look at some of the marvelous features of iPhone 4 which makes the device desirable.

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Four Irresistable Features of iPhone 4

  1. 1. Softweb Solutions.IncSoftweb Solutions a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and Global IT Solutions Provider having strong performance record in Custom Software Development and expertise in Technology, Financial, Healthcare media sectors offers services like Custom Application Development, website development, software testing and quality assurance with industry-specific software expertise in Technology, Financial, Healthcare media sectors.IT Consultant Company ChicagoFour Irresitable Features of iPhone Softweb Solutions<br />Introduction:<br />iPhone 4 is one of the amazing devices developed by Apple, In this article; we look at some of the marvelous features of iPhone 4 which makes the device desirable. <br />Apple is renowned for launching innovative products in the market. One of the most interesting facts about Apple is that ever-since the launch of Apple iPhone in 2007, it has been constantly upgrading the technology. iPhone 4 is one such amazing offering by Apple. There is a lot of anticipation amongst people about this iPhone device. Even iPhone developers are excited about this device because it gives them plenty of opportunities to showcase their talent. Many of the Apple enthusiasts might have bought this device already. If you have not; then this article will give you insight about some of the amazing features of the device:<br /><ul><li>Multi-tasking: iPhone 4 is not for those users who need a phone for just making and receiving phone calls. The device is for those users who love to multi-task. Users can take pictures, surf the internet, watch movies, listen to songs, and download plenty of things from iTunes. One of the coolest features provided by Apple in this device is; if you are listening to music and the phone rings, you do not have to worry about missing calls because the music fades and you can receive the call.
  2. 2. GPS device: It can be used as GPS device and in fact; it can be very useful while travelling. Users can get the location and update about an area through cell towers, GPS, and Wi-Fi. In addition to this; it is also possible to download various GPS applications which can be very useful while driving through an unknown territory.
  3. 3. Game Center: Apple has its game center especially for this device. This is a real treat for games enthusiasts. Now, users can play games online by using their Apple ID. They can even invite their friends or other people they meet online to play with them. It is very easy to download games from the Game Center. Just click on the link beneath the game and you will easily download the game on iPhone 4. It also provides wide array of games to choose from and an option to compete with friends by playing multi-player games.
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  5. 5. Battery life: iPhone 4 provides an outstanding battery life of more than 38 hours while multi-tasking with different things like: taking calls, gaming, playing music over Bluetooth, downloading applications, and re-arranging icons. One of the amazing things about the device is that you can even extend the battery life by purchasing a battery extender. This is especially useful for those users who use the device extensively.</li></ul>iPhone is an impressive gadget and it provides many features to the users. But the ones mentioned above gives a definite edge to this device over other competitive devices. If you wish to create outstanding iPhone 4 applications contact an experienced iPhone applications developer now at: Softweb Solutions is an illustrious software development company. We have a pool of iPhone developers having experience in providing various iPhone application development services which include:<br /><ul><li>iPhone application development
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