Mobility in Field Service Practices


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See how mobility has become an integral part of the Field services and how companies can leverage it.

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Mobility in Field Service Practices

  1. 1. Field Service Practices –Made easy with Mobile Solutions
  2. 2. Need of Smart Mobility When competition is fierce and intense, companies have to focus onproviding consistent and high quality services day in and day out. As acompetitive company in your industry, one is expected to avoidingpotential service level problems. But to thwart the competition, payingattention to steady customer service will not do the trick. It has becomeimportant for organizations to deliver superior services. Butunderstanding and realizing the constant need to change as per thevolatile market isnt always apparent, and missing out on a criticalopportunity might mean stagnation instead of success.It is important for medium-sized businesses prevalent within the fieldservice industry to centre on mobile workers, who need to be constantlyconnected to live operations and the customers. Their service levels matter in the end since that guarantees repeatbusiness or referrals to boost the overall business.It is evident that enterprises today have started their current methods of managing, scheduling and communicatingwith the field staff since the ideal and personalized technological solutions become apparent. Filling the service levelgaps will differentiate a company from its immediate competitors and set them firm on the path to success.There are three important service level changes that need to be implemented at the base level Implementation of real-time inventory status to build an image of high product quality and a strong reputation as a service provider Planned maintenance and self-diagnostics for maximum uptime Core service practices which enable customer satisfaction The Mobile App Imperative The smart phone market growth – Compound Annual Growth Rate of 37% — IDC Report. 60% midsized organizations - support mobile devices; 75% out of them - support wireless mobile PCs. Mobile workers - 40% of their time away from their desk Mobile workers constitute 27.3% of workforce. 75% of US businesses - use of one wireless data application 80% organizations with deployed mobile applications - Results met or exceeded expectations
  3. 3. Field Service Connectivity with MobilityScheduling is crucial for the mobile workforce and an extremely important tenet which can help us build a strongmobile strategy. Field service organizations thrive on mobility and hence inseparable. Not many organizations have aclear smart mobility strategy while where there is a huge a gap between how technology has trashed out in recentyears and how effective it has served enterprises to meet their business goals.Mobile phones have given a way to smart phones which allowed instant access to richness of information throughsimple search.Mobile devices in enterprises are now primarily used for: Accessibility and real-time communications between the mobile workers, the inventory officers and the customers through any medium Quick access to the internet Route planning using maps and GPS navigationThe biggest issue with the field service functions and mobility in most companies is that the mobile devices are notintegrated with the main company systems. There is a need of manual entry and analysis of data which is a totalerror-prone idea.Smartphone Usage of Field Service Professionals Social Media for Work Purposes Information Management Web Conferencing Route planning for Sales via GPS Use of Integrated Enterprise Apps Mobile Email Sale Inventory Assessment Sales/ Service Reporting Mobile Apps and their Usage in the Enterprise Customers - to place orders, track existing orders, make payments or view promotions Managers and Executives - to deliver information, including KPIs, dashboards, financial data and results, and compliance Sales people - for order processing, inventory, price verification, customer profiling and CRM Plant personnel - for order picking, inventory tracking, supplier relationship management and goods receipts Field Service team - for work recording, service execution, contract reference and route and travel planning
  4. 4. Leveraging Mobile Apps for Field Service Automation Visibility Use of automated solutions to cut down on Communication and visibility of issues in manual processes routine operations Schedule optimization technology considering Integration of field resources back into the strategic and operational constraints company Allocation of the best resource with right skills Ensure that the decision-making options from and the right tools for every customer the field are communicated back to the office through systematic reports View service history and record the work performed Capture equipment or customer information Business-aligned Mobility aligned with business objectives, strategies and processes Reduces overall effort needed to adjust and create an accurate schedule Productivity Adherence to defined schedule policies and Complete and integrated solution for mobile optimized resource allocation workforce Management of entire lifecycle of a service call from contact to sale and then reports Execute high priority jobs with routine maintenance jobs without affecting low Customer Service priority work Immediate and sure-shot appointment bookings Increased flexibility for rescheduling appointments Business Intelligence Allocation of perfect resources at reasonable rates Advanced foresight into market trends and company operations Upsell customers with unique offers and incentives based on existing service Strategic key performance indicators with performance tracking Workforce management solutions with ready- to-use reports
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