Enterprise Mobile Security Solutions to Protect Your Data


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The Mobile Device Management Services by Softweb Solutions helps the enterprises to secure their data and manage the mobile devices of the employees.

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Enterprise Mobile Security Solutions to Protect Your Data

  1. 1. Enterprise Mobile Security Solutions to Protect Your DataThe Mobile Device Management Services by Softweb Solutions helps the enterprises to securetheir data and manage the mobile devices of the employees.Advancements in the mobile devices — whether in performance, storage, applications, orcapabilities — have been occurring at a dizzying pace. While mature security software such asantivirus, VPN, firewalls, Cyberoam is ubiquitous on laptops and desktops, the vast majority ofmobile devices today remain completely devoid of security protection.The corporate allow BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) to their employees and that adds to therisk to your data. While mobile devices are productivity enhancing tools, they bring new securitythreats to the enterprises’ data via:  Peer to Peer connectivity  PC to Mobile connections  Web/email access  Malware and Spyware  Hacking  LAN Network Connection  SD card, Memory StickThe Solution — Mobile Device Management from Softweb Solutions India Pvt. Ltd:Softweb MDM is a seamless Mobile Device Management solution which helps organizationregister, configure and manage mobile devices as per their IT policy. This helps the enterprisesto provide a close vigil on employee activities, strengthening information security and reducingIP thefts to a great extent.  Guards the mobile devices against theft  Complete security capabilities  Proactive device-level security and exclusivity  Blocking features of the smartphones and tablets so that leakages are controlledSoftweb MDM offers enterprises to help manage the mobile devices which are either providedby the company to their employees or brought by the employees themselves. IT policy on adesktop environment has been a norm across Indian enterprises. Now the time has come toextend the offering to the Mobile devices as the large numbers of employees now use smartphones like iPhone, Android devices, Blackberry and Windows 7 Phones for checking theiremails, social networking, browsing and other needs. Since many of the Applications and
  2. 2. Websites are restricted on their PCs due to the IT policy, it is imperative for an organization thatsuch policy gets extended to the Mobile devices.Softweb MDM - Easy 3 Step Process:Register – This will allow the corporate to register the mobile devices that they want to bringunder the purview of the IT Policy be it Company or Employee Owned.Set up – This allows corporate to push the required IT policy on the devices be it for iPhone,Android, Blackberry or different other platforms.Manage – The easy to use Web Based Application gives the IT Administrators and Directorsoverall control of the devices they are having under their IT Policy and help manage it alongwith checking if the devices are still complying with the policies.For more information on our Mobile Device Management services, contact us atinfo@softwebsolutionhs.com.