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BlackBerry Playbook 2.0 Upgrade Launched by RIM
BlackBerry Playbook 2.0 Upgrade Launched by RIM
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BlackBerry Playbook 2.0 Upgrade Launched by RIM


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RIM is all set to release BlackBerry Playbook 2.0 update in February, 2012. The updates made to its OS are being discussed in this article.

RIM is all set to release BlackBerry Playbook 2.0 update in February, 2012. The updates made to its OS are being discussed in this article.

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  1. BlackBerry Playbook 2.0 Upgrade Launched by RIMRIM is all set to release BlackBerry Playbook 2.0 update in February, 2012. The updates made toits OS are being discussed in this article.The new Operating system for BlackBerry playbook – OS 2.0 is officially launched by RIM.This update by RIM was worthy to be waited so long as it makes its 7-inch Playbook tablet nowmore competitive and desirable. This free update will be available to BlackBerry playbook usersin early February.Moreover, RIM selected the right venue and time for introducing the updated version of itsPlaybook Operating system – the Las Vegas based CES 2012. The CEO of RIM – MikeLazaridis said at the launch “With BlackBerry Playbook OS 2.0 we are building on this strongfoundation, as well as leveraging our strengths in communications, social integration andproductivity, to allow people to use their BlackBerry Playbook in new ways throughout the day.”The new OS will allow receiving e-mails without being connected to the BlackBerrysmartphone. Before this update, the main reason behind the criticisms for it was the lack of built-in support for e-mails, which will be resolved now. RIM also announced at the event that thenew OS for its smartphones – version 7.1, will be also available now.RIM has also updated the home screen by which the favorite icons now stay at the top of theapplication menu page. It now also allows creating folders just like iOS and Android OS. Tocreate folders, just hold down an app icon and drag one app onto another, and change theapplication name.The email app now operates similarly to the standard Blackberry Messenger app where multiplemessage sources can be combined into a universal box. So users can choose from which accountsthey want notifications, like they can select which accounts on their Blackberry phone shouldnotify them of new message via Bridge. In all, this email app acts almost like Android’s nativeemail app but it is easier to add text formatting in the message in Blackberry. A new unifiedinbox will allow users to mix work and personal email accounts, while multi tasking will letthem have multiple email messages open, either in plain or rich text. With simple taps ordropdowns, the font and the font size can be changed, the text color can be changed, bulleted ornumbered list can be added, and text alignment can be adjusted. The software keyboard is alsoredesigned with the options of adding predictive text suggestions, auto correction, and contextual
  2. prediction of next word. So, RIM has finally sorted out the email issue that was affecting thePlaybook.Moreover, Playbook 2.0 supports syncing with Gmail, Hotmail, AOL, and Yahoo for calendarand email; as well as with Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Domino. The calendar applicationshows week, month, and day views, as well as an expanded Agenda view that shows all relatedinformation for a given entry. Like Microsoft’s Windows Phone, RIM will also integrate socialnetworking calendars and contacts. It will now allow a Blackberry handset to work like a remotecontrol, for example – movies streamed from a Playbook to a TV or as a keyboard for thePlaybook. It is also updating its corporate and Office features, and introducing a new reader webbrowsing mode that just shows the text on a web page.The Blackberry 2.0 update looks like fully packed with potential, only if it works as smoothlyand nicely in real as seen in the demo. RIM was continuously criticized for delaying theirBlackberry 7.1 software. But now with this update, it is expected that BlackBerry Playbook willgive a tough competition to iPad and Android Tablet. This will affect vastly to blackberryapplication development market as RIM has confirmed its release in February.If you want to be with the trend getting a BlackBerry application developed, write us to hire an expert BlackBerry developer.