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The 2012 ERP Buyers Guide from Software Shortlist provides an overview of leading ERP providers, together with expert commentary and advice to help you make the right decision, including articles on:

> A business-driven approach to software selection
> Benefits & pitfalls of ERP systems
> Advice for a successful ERP implementation

The Buyers Guide also includes detailed profiles of 20+ leading ERP vendors.

Accelerate your selection process by downloading the ERP Buyers Guide from Software Shortlist.

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ERP Buyers Guide

  1. 1. 2012 EDITION ERP BUYERS GUIDEAn overview of leading ERP Providers, together with expertcommentary and advice to help you make the right
  2. 2. ERP BUYERS GUIDEContentsIntroduction 3Articles Benefits & Pitfalls of ERP Systems 6 Advice for a Successful ERP Implementation 8ERP DirectoryAgresso 10BusinessBox 11CitiXsys 12ECi Software Solutions 13Epicor Software 14IFS 15Micronet Systems 16MYOB Enterprise Solutions 17NetSuite 18Ostendo 19Professional Advantage 20Progress Pacific 21Solarsoft 22Syspro 23Tectura 24Usage Business Solutions 25COSS Systems 26Happen Business 26MicroChannel Services 26Star Business Solutions P2
  3. 3. ERP BUYERS GUIDEIntroductionBy Xavier Russo, Managing Director of Software ShortlistDetermining which ERP solution to implement is an important strategic decision foryour business. Not only does it represent a major investment of time and money, itwill also be closely integrated with all of your key business processes and requiresignificant organizational change.That said, the business case for implementing a new ERP can be very compelling indeed. The rightsystem can deliver improved visibility and insights into your business, streamline your processes andreduce duplication, lower your costs, improve customer management & sales efforts, and provide ascalable foundation for growing your business.Nonetheless, as a large, infrequent, and difficult to reverse decision, choosing a new ERP systemshould be done carefully and with due consideration of your business objectives and requirements.The good news is you have plenty to choose from! Over the past several years, technological changeand market forces have combined to drive significant improvements in the functionality, ease of use,and accessibility of ERP solutions. Software-as-a-service and cloud technologies are growing rapidlyand re-shaping the competitive landscape, although their market share is still less than you might thinkgiven the press coverage – for example, only 16% of manufacturers who installed an ERP in 2010opted for software-as-a-service, according to research by Panorama Consulting.Here at Software Shortlist, we advocate a business-driven approach to software selection. Forgetabout specific technologies to start with – first and foremost you should define your businessobjectives and requirements, and only then start to look at what solutions are available.Start by defining what it is you expect a new system to deliver and then prioritise your variousbusiness requirements. Ensure you involve people from all parts of your business, so that you builda complete understanding of what is happening in your business and how it could be improved.Importantly, work out what it is worth to you to achieve these outcomes and when you need P3
  4. 4. ERP BUYERS GUIDEOnce the business requirements are clearly understood, you can translate them into specific softwarerequirements. Here you define and flesh out the features & characteristics that will be used to evaluateERP solutions, so it’s important you prioritize them – for example, by distinguishing between ‘musthaves’ and ‘nice to haves’. Most decisions of this magnitude require trade-offs so the clearer you areon your priorities, the easier it is to make the appropriate judgement calls later on.The third step is then going out to the market to understand your full range of options. Be wary of justrelying on systems you already know about or are familiar with – the ERP market changes rapidly andwithout a broad consideration you may unwittingly miss out on some excellent options.You can quickly narrow down the long or medium list of options to a targeted shortlist by filtering onyour ‘must have’ requirements. For instance, you may choose to rule out options that exceed a certainbudget, don’t offer tailored solution for your industry sector, lack particular functionality, or aren’tavailable to be installed on your own in-house servers. "First and foremost you should define your business objectives and requirements, and only then start to look at what ERP solutions are available."Once you have your shortlist of strong candidates, you’re then well placed to evaluate them in detail.Talk with their representatives, arrangement demonstrations with your own data, get references fromexisting and previous customers, understand the full cost of implementation and use, and explore indepth how well they can meet your needs. Remember that your choice of implementation partner maybe just as important as the solution that you implement. Typically a small cross-functional evaluationcommittee is an effective way to manage this P4
  5. 5. ERP BUYERS GUIDERemember: time invested in a robust selection process is time well spent indeed. As engineerssometimes say “It’s easier to make changes on paper than in concrete”. Choosing your ERP is muchthe same: don’t rush ahead to implementation without make sure that you’ve put in place the rightfoundations for your future business success.Our aim here at Software Shortlist is to help you with that selection process. This Buyers Guideprovides you with an overview of many leading ERP providers, both system vendors and theirimplementation partners. You can also take advantage of our free and award-winning “Get A Shortlist”service – simply submit your requirements and we’ll seek to match you with a shortlist of 2-3 relevantsolution providers from our extensive network. Although the decision is ultimately yours, we can helpmake your selection process faster and more effective.5 steps to effective ERP selection1. Understand business needs. Focus on the outcomes you want to achieve and clearly articulatehow and where a new system should improve your business performance.2. Define ERP requirements: Translate your business needs into specific, prioritized requirements fora new ERP system. Distinguish between ‘must haves’ and ‘nice to haves’.3. Identify options: Conduct a broad search of available solutions. The market changes rapidly,so make sure you look beyond just the systems you are already familiar with.4. Shortlist candidates: Apply your requirements to quickly filter out solutions and arrive at a manageablelist of strong candidates to consider in more detail.5. Evaluate & decide: Involve a cross-functional team to thoroughly evaluate shortlisted solutions.Ask detailed questions, talk to references, get demonstrations, and do whatever it takes to make sureyou’re confident that the chosen system will meet your business P5
  6. 6. ERP BUYERS GUIDEBenefits & Pitfalls of ERP SystemsBy John ZuyderduynAn Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is integrated software to supportyour core business processes like customer relationship management (CRM), salesmanagement, material requirements planning (MRP), production scheduling, projectmanagement, inventory control, financial management (AR, AP, GL) and so on.Typical benefits of a new ERP system:Less PaperworkAs an integrated system, one key benefit of an ERP is the reduction of paperwork. All communicationbetween departments, as far as it related to the core business, goes through the system. This savesstaff time, improves communication quality, and eliminates an important source of errors.Improved ProductivityImproved productivity is a major benefit that can be achieved because, when properly applied, theERP system reduces wastage of time and material. Built-in intelligence and rules can be applied, forinstance so that similar production orders are combined to make more efficient use of the workforce,machines and materials.Lower CostsLower costs (as a percentage of turnover) can be achieved with the right ERP. For instance, togetherwith appropriate cooperation from your suppliers, a new ERP system may make it possible toimplement a just-in-time purchasing policy. This can reduce the costs of stock keeping considerablyand set free capital that would otherwise be invested in inventory.Reliable PerformanceAnother benefit that is very important but not as easy to translate into money is the value of smoothand reliable operation. Successful ERP users are more able to keep to agreements with clientsregarding to delivery on full and in time, and can communicate more effectively about the progress of aproject or a specific production P6
  7. 7. ERP BUYERS GUIDECommon pitfalls with ERP systems:Wrong motive for ERPA commonly made mistake is choosing an ERP with the wrong motive in mind. A classic example iscompanies who opt for ERP in order to clean up their messy way of operating. This will almost alwaysend up in a disaster. The old maxim: ‘rubbish in – rubbish out’ still counts. To avoid this pitfall, makesure you first improve your procedures to a reasonable standard before trying to implement an ERP.Underestimating the effortIt is still all too frequent that companies underestimate the efforts required to successfully implement anew ERP. After all, an ERP is the backbone of your business systems and needs to take into accountall of your key business processes. This can be very complex, and implementation typically requiresmuch time and effort.Underestimating the costSometimes an ERP supplier gives an offer that looks clear, but may contain open ended issues thatcause considerable problems later on. Always make sure you’ve considered all cost components andhow particular scenarios may affect your contract. Similarly, it is critical to conduct a robust cost/benefit analysis before selection and implementation. This pitfall can cost an enterprise dearly if itlater appears that the costs of an ERP system (lease, licence, maintenance, costs of implementation)outweigh the financial benefits.Choosing the wrong ERPIt is important to avoid a mismatch in scale for ERP systems – a small or medium sized companyshould avoid buying too big a system, and instead implement one that is more appropriate to theirrequirements and budget (with some room to grow, of course). Another related issue is choosing thewrong type of ERP – for instance, there are project oriented ERPs and production-line oriented ERPs.Make sure you choose a system that aligns with the type of business you operate.ConclusionAn ERP system is a critical tool for any enterprise in which core procedures can be supported bysoftware. There are significant benefits to implementing an ERP but also many pitfalls that you can fallinto. If you can avoid the common pitfalls, your ERP implementation and subsequent usage are muchmore likely to be P7
  8. 8. ERP BUYERS GUIDEAdvice for a Successful ERPImplementation By Trish Hall (CEO of Star Business Systems)A recent study of nearly 1500 IT change initiatives published in the Harvard BusinessReview found that, on average, IT projects had a cost overrun of 27%. Their even morealarming finding was that at least 1/6 of projects came in significantly late and overbudget (70% over schedule, 200% over budget).Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be that way. Here are some practical tips on how to avoid major over-runs and achieve a successful ERP implementation.Choose the best software, based on your requirements and budget. If you have to compromiseon software functionality due to budget constraints make sure this is clearly communicated to allinvolved. Don’t allow the business to start customising the software to fill those gaps afterwards.Budget appropriately in the first place. A general rule of thumb is that the implementationconsulting costs will be the same as the software (a 1 to 1 relationship). The cost can be reduced butwill generally be on the basis of you performing more of the functions in house.Ensure you have a clear understanding of what is included in the software and theimplementation cost. Are all the modules demonstrated to you included, what is the maintenancecost and when does it start, is there enough licenses to cover the users involved.Assign a Project Manager and ensure that they are clear of what that role involves and that they aregiven the appropriate authority within your organisation.Ensure that there are realistic project plans put in place. These plans don’t need to cover every minutetask but at least have the major milestones and tasks documented with time frames and responsibilities.Be prepared to alter plans and resourcing, if needed. This may include revising the go live date ifimportant tasks are delayed. Realise that some of the “bells and whistles” may come later.Have regular project meetings to manage progress, discuss issues and the like. Ensure you havemechanisms to document and monitor these P8
  9. 9. ERP BUYERS GUIDERemember to look after your implementation team and others impacted by the new software.Change can be difficult for many, you may have to nurture some as loosing staff or having unhappyand unproductive staff during critical phases of your implementation can be very costly. Similarly,burning out your implementation team can be very costly.Don’t underestimate the time required for data conversion. Make sure that you have a clearunderstanding of what data is to be converted. Sometimes organisations can spend huge amounts oftime, effort and money converting years of historical data for no real benefit.Be prepared to alter some of your business processes. If something has been done a particularway for the past 5 years, does it really mean it has to be done that way going forward? Be open toalternative ways to achieve the same outcome.Carefully consider what customisations are required and resist “scope creep”. If customisationsare required, ensure that your team test them adequately and don’t just leave it to your consultants.Ensure that adequate training is provided to your staff. Some staff may need to be trained on thesame function more than once. Train not just on how to use the software but also on any changes inthe business processes. Show your staff how the system will help them with their jobs.Top 3 tips for a strong ROI on your ERP system1. Plan Carefully. Planning throughout the process is fundamental. From the very outset plan how yoursoftware selection process will progress, what the budget is, who should be involved, what requirementsneed to be met also. After the selection plan the project in terms of timing and resources to get the jobdone, continue to plan and revisit the plan throughout the project. After the implementation, plan oncontinuing improvement. At all stages have mechanisms in place to monitor progress and to address issuesas and when they arise.2. Be Flexible. Be flexible and listen to your staff and partner in terms of ways to improve your processes.Encourage thinking outside the box and feedback of all types throughout the implementation process andbeyond. Recognise improvements as they are suggested and implement them if it makes good businesssense to do so.3. Use It!. You’ve implemented the system for a reason: to get your return on investment you need tofollow through and use it properly. Strive to make maximum use of the tools that the new system provides.This will help ensure that the expected efficiencies are achieved and that the reporting provides you with theinformation to manage your business better and maximise revenue and/or minimise P9
  10. 10. ERP BUYERS GUIDEAgressoAgresso implements and supports the AGRESSOBusiness World ERP solution, helping progressiveand savvy organisations manage their evolving needseffectively. Agresso AustraliaWith over 3,500 customers, 10,000+ deployments and 1.8 Suite 5, Jones Bay Wharfmillion users Worldwide, Agresso ERP systems serve a wide 26-32 Pirrama Roadrange of mid-market, people and service-centric organisations Pyrmont, NSW, 2009 Australiain both public and private sectors. Focus on both privateand public organisations which value being able to change Phone: +612 8570 9000their ERP without reimplementation or even external IT Fax: +612 9518 8055resources differentiates Agresso from other ERP vendors. enables organisations to replace multiple,disparate third-party and internal systems, with a completeand integrated role-focused ERP solution. Agresso New Zealand Level 16, Vodafone on the QuayAGRESSO Business World offers the following solutions: 157 Lambton Quay Wellington, New Zealand• Business Process Automation• Field Force Phone: +64 4 462 4092• Financial Management Fax: +64 4 460 5252• Human Resources and Payroll• Procurement Management• Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting• Project Costing and Billing• Reporting and AnalyticsKey Benefits:• Introduce a “Can Do” attitude to address any pressure to change – swiftly and at the lowest possible cost• Satisfy even the most diverse management and operational reporting requirements• Eliminate inefficiencies across all administrative processes• Control risk and improve process controls• Eliminate the costs of maintaining multiple legacy systems and minimise total cost of ownership and cost of P10
  11. 11. ERP BUYERS GUIDEBusinessBoxBusinessBox puts the Cloud at the heart of yourbusiness – providing access to a suite of tools thatare totally integrated to enable greater productivityand reduce business risk. Having been designed and BusinessBoxbuilt by a team who understand the challenge of running a 1st Floor, 3 Royal Exchange Courtsuccessful business, it is aimed at organisations who want 85D Queen Streetto get more from the people they employ. Whether it be a Glasgow, G1 3DBreduction of administration around holiday approvals and United Kingdomtimesheets or understanding exactly where you are with Phone: +44 (0) 843 289 0427each of your sales BusinessBox has got it covered. emma.carruthers@hcsgroup.netBusinessBox provides multi-lingual modules covering www.icsbusinessbox.netmany aspects of business allowing you to access manageand control your workflow anywhere day or night. Meaningmanagers can make decisions based on real time information.Maintaining business records in filling cabinets andemploying an army of staff to manage them is a thing of thepast. Our software platform takes those records online andprovides all staff with a mechanism to manage and updatethose records through self-service.As our modules are integrated, it allows the informationto be used cleverly. For example – attend a sales meetingon Wednesday and it will automatically appear in yourtimesheet at the end of the week. These features andbenefits can be crucial to companies; by making better useof the administrator’s time ultimately the company becomesmore efficient – saving not only time but money!There are many other software options for businessestoday; however BusinessBox provides a system that is fullyintegrated. Our clients benefits from fantastic features thatsave time and money.Build the most effective box for your business by selectingthe modules of most benefit – what could be better thanhaving all your records held securely in one place, set uponce and synchronised with your business. Get started bychoosing the items your business needs and we’ll do therest…it really couldn’t be any easier to start benefiting fromour technology in the Cloud! P11
  12. 12. ERP BUYERS GUIDECitiXsysThousands of stores in over 45 countries are runningiVend Retail from CitiXsys and are more profitable andefficient. CitiXsys Technologies is one of the largest SSPand has a strong focus on Retail, Warehouse & InventoryManagement, offering innovative software solutions to its CitiXsys Australia Pty. Ltd.customers. Tower 2, Level 20 201 Sussex StreetEnhancing modern retail industry experience, iVend Retail Sydney, NSW, 2000is a SAP Certified, fully integrated, comprehensive Retail AustraliaManagement Solution to manage head office and in- Phone: +612 9006 1616store processes. iVend Loyalty, iVend eCommerce, Fax: +612 9006 1515iVend Mobility and Retail Analytics are a few integrated zuhaib.shameem@citixsys.commodules making iVend the right choice for modern retailers www.citixsys.comof any size. iVend Retail is seamlessly integrated intoSAP Suite of Business Management Applications andcan be integrated to any standard Business ManagementApplication through its API’s.CitiXsys Retail Solutions aim to optimize the entire retailprocess covering head office, store back office and in-store operations, adding value to the customer’s shoppingexperience while maximizing returns to the retailer’sinvestment.iVend Retail Management Suite helps retailers improveefficiency and gain a unified view of their customer. Witha history of innovation, industry expertise and desire forexcellence, CitiXsys inspires customers to build lastingcompetitive advantage.CitiXsys Retail Solutions help retailers deliver anintegrated shopping experience, whether their customersconduct their business in the store, online on aneCommerce Portal, or on a mobile device. iVend RetailManagement Suite helps retailers improve their efficienciesand gain a holistic view of their retail business.Headquartered out of New York, CitiXsys has its own officesin USA, UK, Mexico, Panama, Singapore, Australia andIndia, with affiliates P12
  13. 13. ERP BUYERS GUIDEECi Software SolutionsECi M1™ was created to meet the rapidly changingneeds of manufacturers. This intuitive software solution isdesigned for small to medium manufacturers including jobshops, custom and mixed mode manufacturers and make-to-order manufacturers. M1 provides total integration and ECi Software Solutionsautomation from quoting through invoicing. 4400 Alliance Gateway Freeway Suite 154Example M1 functionality for daily manufacturing operations Fort Worth, TX 76177includes: USA• Maintaining contact details for customers and suppliers Phone: +1 800 959 3367• Scheduling production to efficiently make use of +1 682 831 0827 resources• Managing production jobs through job costing ECi Software Solutions Australia• Controlling inventory of raw materials, finished goods Suite 27, 799 Springvale Rd and sub-assemblies Mulgrave, VIC 3170• Analysing pre- and post- sales activities Australia• Ensuring quality and managing warranties Phone: +613 8544 1300Developed for Microsoft SQL Server, ECi M1 runs on ECiM1@ecisolutions.comWindows XP/7/2003/2008 which makes it easy to learn, www.ecisolutions.comrun and maintain. M1 also offers integration with everydayemail and document tools, and state-of-the-art navigationmethods to allow users to quickly find what they are lookingfor. You can also make the software work for your uniquebusiness processes using the M1 design studio, a simpleand flexible customization tool.Implementation: With ECi’s streamlined implementationmethodology, M1 can be implemented in half the time andat a fraction of the cost of traditional ERP systems. Get afixed quote* for implementation services and expect to“go live” within 3-4 months.Support: M1 support maintenance includes unlimitedtelephone and online support, and all software updates.Training: Training is a major contributor to the successfulimplementation and optimization of your software. Weprovide you with the tools and support necessary to ensureyour P13
  14. 14. ERP BUYERS GUIDEEpicor SoftwareEpicor Software Corporation (recently combined withActivant Solutions Inc.) is a global leader deliveringbusiness software solutions to the manufacturing,distribution, retail and services industries. Epicor Software CorporationWith nearly 40 years of experience serving midmarket 18200 Von Karman Ave., Suite 1000 Irvine CA 92612organizations and divisions of Global 1000 companies, USAEpicor has more than 33,000 customers in over 150countries. Epicor enterprise resource planning (ERP), point Phone: +1 949 585 4000of sale (POS), supply chain management (SCM), and human Fax: +1 949 585 4091capital management (HCM) enable companies to driveincreased efficiency and improve profitability. Epicor Software Sydney Level 34, 101 Miller StreetWith a history of innovation, industry expertise and passion North Sydney, NSW 2060for excellence, Epicor inspires customers to build lasting Australiacompetitive advantage. Epicor provides the single point of Phone: +612 9927 6200accountability that local, regional and global businesses Fax: +612 9927 6298demand. The Company’s headquarters are located inLivermore, California, with offices and affiliates worldwide. www.epicor.comFor more information, visit P14
  15. 15. ERP BUYERS GUIDEIFSIFS is a Swedish public company founded in 1983 thatdevelops, supplies, and implements IFS Applications,a component-based extended ERP suite built on SOAtechnology.IFS Applications combine industry-specific components, IFS Australia Level 1, Suite 7, 796 High Stdeveloped in close cooperation with customers and leading Kew East, VIC 3102industry partners, with standard business components Australianeeded by all types of organisations. Phone: +613 9862 3800IFS focuses on agile businesses where any of four core www.ifsworld.comprocesses are strategic: Service & asset management,manufacturing, supply chain and project. IFS Applicationsis a powerful project-based ERP solution with tightlyintegrated project management functionality enablingcompanies to manage projects and assets, controlcosts, increase supply chain efficiencies, and measureperformance. Some industries that we focus on includeMining & Resources; Oil & Gas; Construction & Engineering;Utilities; Manufacturing; Pulp & Paper; Service & FacilitiesManagement; Aerospace & Defence.IFS Applications never locks you in. You can implementthe components you need, when you need them. IFSApplications easily co-exist with other applications whenbest-of-breed point solutions are required to effectivelysupport a process. You can also quickly configure IFSApplications to meet the rapidly changing needs of yourindustry or the global marketplace. That means it costsyou less to be agile.Some of IFS Customers in Australia and New Zealandinclude AB Equipment, Alliance Contracting, Atherton& Sons, Babcock, Closed Loop, Dairy Australia, EuroLift,Geo Fabrics, Hawker Pacific, Icon Engineering, LTQ,Ngarda, Process Group, Uhde Shedden, and Visy.The company has 2,000 customers and is present inmore than 60 countries with 2,800 employees in P15
  16. 16. ERP BUYERS GUIDEMicronet SystemsMicronet Systems (Australia) provides innovativebusiness software for small to medium-sized companies.Since its first generation product in 1983, over 2,000companies in Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdomand South Africa have installed Micronet software. Micronet Systems Level 2, 2-4 Merton StreetMicronet offer solutions for a diverse range of industries Sutherland, NSW 2232including franchise groups, wholesale distributors, service Australiacontractors, importers, retailers, and light manufacturing. Phone: +612 9542 2000 Fax: +612 9542 2100Micronet’s suite of products include comprehensiveinventory control, warehouse management, integrated, sales and/or job management, retail, business and a suite of end-to-end web-based tools for’online’ trading. Micronet’s e-commerce strategy enablescustomers to take advantage of SaaS hosting.Micronet’s range of programs are directly supported by theirin-house help desk and R&D development teams.The Micronet Advantage Suite forms the nucleus forall Micronet integrated solutions. The central databaseis specifically designed to run efficiently on centralisedservers using ‘thin client’ technology with Microsoft’sWindows server-based operating system; and for largerorganisations, the Citrix Metaframe range of operatingsystem enhancements.Micronet’s integrated modules can be altered to yourrequirements using a series of built-in system parameters;eliminating the need for program changes. Complete with acomprehensive report generator, reports can be customisedand then directed to a range of outputs. Reports supportdata ‘drilling’ and for customers needing secure access tothe database data by standard third party programs andtools, the Advantage Suite has an ODBC option available.For more information visit P16
  17. 17. ERP BUYERS GUIDEMYOB Enterprise SolutionsMYOB EXO Business is a complete fully integratedfinancial and business management system consisting ofmodules supporting Finance, CRM, Job Costing, Point ofSale, Fixed Assets, Stock management and Reporting.EXO Business will give you a true business management MYOB Enterprise Solutionsview of your entire operation. Working with an MYOB 12 Wesley CourtEnterprise Solutions Partner, EXO Business can be Burwood East, VIC 3151 Australiacustomised to your business requirements and processesand provide a unified view of the internal and external Phone: 1300 555 110factors affecting your business, EXO Business gives you direct access to the ‘big’ information you need to make critical P17
  18. 18. ERP BUYERS GUIDENetSuiteNetSuite ERP provides comprehensive, provenaccounting / ERP capabilities that integrate with yourbroader back-office, sales and service processes.NetSuite ERP takes your business beyond traditional NetSuite Corporate Headquartersaccounting software by providing comprehensive financials 2955 Campus Drive, Suite 100including accounting, budgeting, financial reporting and San Mateo, CA 94403-2511more. USAKey Benefits: Phone: +1 650 627 1000 Fax: +1 650 627 10011. Get instant visibility into real-time financial and operational performance across your entire company. www.netsuite.com2. Streamline all back-office processes across financial NetSuite Australia Pty Ltd management, revenue management, order management, Suite 2, Level 13, 100 Arthur Street billing and inventory management. North Sydney, NSW 2060 Australia3. Improve accountability and compliance with robust, auditable accounting and powerful reporting. Phone: +612 9464 6100 Fax: +612 9464 61114. Reduce IT costs and get automatic upgrades with an ERP solution delivered completely in the cloud. Get secure access to your financials from anywhere—all you need is a web browser or mobile device.6. Drives efficient integrated processes from order to cash through to procure to P18
  19. 19. ERP BUYERS GUIDEOstendoOstendo® Operations Software is a popular choicefor small to medium size businesses. We help businessentrepreneurs run business smoother, make accuratedecisions easier and get results faster. Development-X LimitedDevelopment-X Limited designed and developed Development OfficeOstendo® for manufacturers; engineering and fabrication PO Box 76-131job shops; service and repairs; trades and projects; Manukau City 2241distributors, importers and retail. Ostendo® adds advanced New Zealandinventory, job costing, manufacturing, service, distribution Australia Free Phone: 1800 151 251and dynamic reporting to your accounting system. NZ Free Phone: 0508 111 999Ostendo® integrates with the popular accounting systems Contact: Liz Keithto create a complete ERP software solution of your choice. www.development-x.comAbout 1000 businesses in Australia and New Zealanduse Ostendo® to gain a business advantage in:• Inventory & Purchasing Find an Ostendo® Reseller in your• Landed Costing Region:• MRP & Inventory Replenishment partners/reseller.php• Job Costing & Projects• Labour, Timesheets & Job Tracking• Distribution, Service & POS• CRM, Call Centre & Quoting• Manufacturing & Assembly• Configured Custom Products including Features & Options• Reporting, Graphical Workflows & Advanced Scripting• Web Services, Mobility, Remote Access & 3rd Party Software Integration• Accounting Software Integrations include MYOB, QuickBooks and sage Pastel.Ostendo® is affordable and assists your staff to focuson profitable work, higher return activities and the realbusiness goals. Make your operations team more effectiveand put them in the driving seat of the operations system.Improve customer service and responsiveness to problemsand change. Increase efficiency in areas like order planning.Reduce costs and improve profitability through moreaccurate quoting and costing. We want to assist you toimprove your business performance with Ostendo® P19
  20. 20. ERP BUYERS GUIDEProfessional AdvantageProfessional Advantage works with companies who seekto improve the performance of their business throughthe application of technology. By focusing on solutionsacross all major organisational areas we help them to:• Increase revenues and profits Professional Advantage• Control and reduce costs North America 4820 30th Avenue South, Suite 201• Improve efficiencies Fargo, ND 58104• Achieve better value from information USA• Better manage performance of overall business down to individuals Phone: +1 701 235 2363• Improve planning achieve better returns on assets and Fax: +1 701 235 2391 resources www.profad.comWhat distinguishes Professional Advantage is thebreadth and depth of solutions we can offer to improveperformance across an entire organisation such as: Professional Advantage Sydney Level 16, 124 Walker Street• Accounting and ERP Systems North Sydney, NSW 2060• Marketing Automation & Customer Relationship Australia Management Phone: +612 9919 8900• Business Intelligence & Enterprise Planning Fax: +612 9956 6930• Collaboration, Workflow & Portals• Retail Management• Infrastructure & Managed Services• Membership & Events ManagementOur 250-strong team in 6 offices across Australia andinternationally has successfully worked with over 1000organisations including well known companies such as AFL,Starbucks Coffee Australia, Harvey Norman, Hays Personnel,Muffin Break, Ooh Media, Webjet, Austar and many others.Our customers report strong benefits from projectsexecuted by Professional Advantage. Examples includeAustar saving close to $1.7mln per annum by implementinga new inventory system and NQR achieving an annual costreduction of $250,000 through the implementation of anintegrated retail and financial management system.In almost two decades since its founding, ProfessionalAdvantage has won numerous vendor and businessawards that recognise its market, technical and customersatisfaction leadership and P20
  21. 21. ERP BUYERS GUIDEProgress Pacific(An ASG Group Company)Progress Pacific does SAP Business One.The Product: SAP BUSINESS ONE is SAP’s affordable Progress PacificERP solution specifically designed for Small-to-Medium Suite 302, 161 Walker Streetsized Enterprises. SME’s have benefitted by employing the North Sydney, NSW 2060world’s premier business software vendor’s easy-to-use Australiaapplication that has been based on best business practice.Check out some of these SAP B1 References. Phone: +612 9460 1158 Fax: +612 9460 1163The Partner: PROGRESS PACIFIC (an ASG Group sapb1@progresspacific.comCompany), primarily specialises on SAP products and www.progresspacific.comservices. Our experienced senior consultants providea premier end-to-end service at affordable rates. Ourexceptional response to queries, the customised trainingand the overall quality of our implementation and support,will ensure that you get the most out of your investment.Click on the above red links for more P21
  22. 22. ERP BUYERS GUIDESolarsoftSolarsoft provides modern business softwaresolutions and IT services to small and medium-sizedenterprises in North America, Europe and Asia. Morethan 2,000 companies rely on Solarsoft to bring clarity andefficiency to their daily operations. Solarsoft Business SystemsWe can improve the performance of your manufacturing 45 Vogell Road, Suite 700operations. From engineering and assembly to high-volume Richmond Hill, Ontario L4B 3P6 Canadarepetitive processes, our systems will help you tune yield,productivity and quality, creating new possibilities for your Phone: +1 905 224 2222business. Our ERP solutions for discrete manufacturing are Fax: +1 905 224 2221designed specifically industries such as plastics and rubber, and forge, automotive supply chains, and general www.solarsoft.commanufacturing.Solarsoft has been developing software for food and drinkmanufacturers since 1990. Our software is specificallydesigned to support the manufacture and distribution ofchilled, frozen and ambient food products.We also supply integrated management informationsystems and packaging software to the entire spectrum ofpackaging manufacturing companies. Over 600 paperboardpackaging companies use our ERP packaging software toboost operational efficiency and profitability.Our manufacturing execution and intelligence solutionsprovide a clear view of manufacturing performance and keymetrics throughout each plant and across the entire factorynetwork.For more information please visit: P22
  23. 23. ERP BUYERS GUIDESYSPROSYSPRO is an award-winning software recommendedby industry analysts for medium to large manufacturersand distributors, as well as divisions of multi-nationalorganisations.SYSPRO’S Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) SYSPRO Software Pty Ltdsolutions give manufacturers and wholesalers visibility and Suite 1102, Level 11 201 Miller Streetcontrol over their financial, manufacturing and distribution North Sydney, NSW 2060operations. Over 50 seamlessly integrated modules are Australiaavailable for a scalable solution tailored to specific businessneeds. Companies need never go outside of SYSPRO Phone: +612 9870 5555and its built-in functionality to gain increased operational Fax: +612 9929 9900 Local Call Australia: 1300 882 311effectiveness. info@au.syspro.comSYSPRO, formed in 1978, is used by more than 14,500 www.syspro.comcompanies globally. SYSPRO’s ability to grow with itscustomers and its adherence to developing technology Singaporebased on the needs of customers is why SYSPRO enjoys Phone: +65 6256 1921one of the highest customer retention rates in the industry. Advanced Budgeting & Planning Solutions USA & Americas Toll free: 800 369 8649Inventory Forecasting, Inventory Families and Groupings, info@us.syspro.comInventory Optimization, Requirements Planning, FactoryScheduling. Canada Phone: +1 (604) 451 8889Execution & Operational Solutions info@ca.syspro.comAccounts Payable, Purchase Orders, Tracking of Shipped UK & EuropeGoods, Billing, Manufacturing Control, Cost Control, Phone: +44 161 876 4498Factory Documentation, Sales Orders, Blanket Sales Orders and Releases, Trade Promotions, Counter Sales, Africa and the Middle EastConfiguration Options, Quotations. Phone: +27 (0) 11 461 1000 info@za.syspro.comManagement & Control SolutionsWorkflow Services, Power Tailoring, Electronic Signatures,Office Automation and Messaging, General Ledger, AssetsRegister, Projects and Contracts, Activity Based Costing.Why choose SYSPROSYSPRO has over 30 years of experience. It’s fast and easyto implement, it’s built based on industry standards andnew technology trends, and it offers world-class P23
  24. 24. ERP BUYERS GUIDETecturaTectura is a worldwide provider of business consultingservices and the largest provider of MicrosoftDynamics globally. With experience of over 5,000 clientimplementations, Tectura recognises that each organisation Tectura Corporate Headquartershas complex needs which require a tailored approach, 411 Borel Avenue, Suite 205specific to their industry. Tectura applies its extensive San Mateo, CA 94402industry knowledge and best practices approach to provide USAMicrosoft Dynamics ERP, CRM and technology solutions Phone: +1 866 278 6662throughout Asia Pacific, the Americas and EMEA. NA.Inquiries@tectura.comAs a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, Tectura can bringextensive business and technology resources to deliver Tectura Sydneyincreased efficiency, project acceleration and a competitive Level 34, Northpoint, 100 Miller St.edge to diverse clients including mid-sized companies and North Sydney, NSW 2060divisions of large enterprises. Australia Phone: 1300 832 887Tectura has a huge depth of experience in solving the Fax: +612 9409 0401pressing business and technology challenges relevant inkey industries and sectors, including:• Retail• Discrete Manufacturing• Process Manufacturing (Life Sciences, Food, Beverage, Chemicals)• Distribution (Fuel, Retail, Wholesale)• Equipment Distribution Service Maintenance and RepairTectura is a single source of expertise and resources foryour most important business and technology challenges.By tailoring standardised Microsoft Dynamics ERP, CRMand technology solutions, Tectura provides companieswith solutions that fit their business needs and resultin sustained competitive advantage and high return oninvestment. The depth of industry experience, closepartnership with Microsoft, global presence and localsuccess is how Tectura makes a distinctive difference fortheir P24
  25. 25. ERP BUYERS GUIDEUsage Business SolutionsWhether you are looking for Financial Software to enable bettercash flow management, CRM Software to help build profitablecustomer relationships, or Business Management Softwareto improve efficiencies, we have the solution for you.Usage Business Solutions represents Sage Pastel, a leadingdeveloper of business management, accounting and ERPsoftware solutions. As Sage Pastel International’s CDP(Channel Development Partner) in Australia, New Zealand, Usage Business SolutionsMalaysia and Indonesia, our role is to build a channel of 4/1051 Pacific HighwayResellers & Business Partners by providing lead generation, Pymble, NSW 2073support, consulting, training & certification courses, sales Australiaand marketing. Phone: +612 9440 7216 Fax: +612 9144 1290The Sage Pastel range, comprising Sage 50, Sage PastelPartner and Sage Pastel Evolution extends from entry level info@usagebusiness.comstart-up business solutions through to corporate mid-tier www.usagebusiness.comenterprise level solutions:• My Business – Revolutionise your start-up business by Sales updates: managing customers, suppliers, income and expenses, item costs and bank accounts. Both on-line and desktop Orders: versions available. Registrations:• Pastel Xpress Start-Up – An innovative and affordable single-user, single-company accounting software Support: package for start-up and small businesses.• Pastel Xpress – An accounting software package for small business finance management, allowing up to three users.• Pastel Partner – A powerful multi-company, multi- currency core accounting software solution catering for 1-20 users. Add modules as your business grows.• Pastel Evolution – An integrated ERP software solution and management tool which provides comprehensive functionality and add-on modules to manage all aspects of your business. Available in an Enterprise version (1-1000 users) and Professional version (1-5 users).Please view our website: for casestudies and further P25
  26. 26. ERP BUYERS GUIDE COSS Systems 700 Plaza Drive Secaucus, NJ 07094 At COSS, we trace where waste and inefficiencies USA are hurting profits. Waste from having too little information Phone: +1 800 961 0288 and automation, as well as spending too much time on non-productive operations hurting your shop. With COSS comes decades of experience in integrated manufacturing software implementations in job and machine shops across America. Happen Business 29-33 Pitt Street Mortdale, NSW 2223 Happen Business Pty Limited is a privately owned Australia company founded in Australia, to commercialise, develop and Phone: +612 9570 4696 sell the mission-critical business application (including a back- Fax: +612 8569 1858 office accounting system) known as Jim2 Business Engine, with the primary focus being to provide a front-end interface to manage business workflow, business processes, and to provide a quality system framework. MicroChannel Services Pty Ltd Suite 5, 401 Pacific Highway Artarmon, NSW 2064 MicroChannel Services is a multi-award-winning business Australia solutions provider, servicing small to mid-sized businesses, Phone: 1300 440 444 corporate divisions and government agencies in Australia. Founded in 1995, MicroChannel assists hundreds of clients to leverage business technology for commercial success. We sell and support a full range of ERP systems from Microsoft, SAP and Sage. Star Business Solutions 10 / 663 Victoria Street Abbotsford, VIC 3163 Star is a leading provider of Business and Accounting Australia Software Solutions. These include ERP, CRM, Payroll, Phone: +613 8415 8315 HR, Financials and the full business suite needs. We cater Fax: +613 8415 8333 for the small organisation needing basic functionality to medium & large businesses and Not For Profit’s needing a more complete and robust solution. See all offices P26