Software Park Newsletter 2/2554 "Asean Economic Community"
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Software Park Newsletter 2/2554 "Asean Economic Community"



Software Park Newsletter 2/2554 "Asean Economic Community"

Software Park Newsletter 2/2554 "Asean Economic Community"



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Software Park Newsletter 2/2554 "Asean Economic Community" Document Transcript

  • 1. ©ºÑº·Õè 2 / 2554ASEAN08 ·ÔÈ·Ò§á¹Ç⹌Á HTML5 ¾ÅÔ¡â©ÁâÅ¡Á×Ͷ×Í 10 ¢‹Òǹ‹ÒÃÙŒ ˜‡¢ }±›Œ˜Ð ˜ zžÖ›hŸ|®‘wž‹¢•‡z¤Ø ¡ 12 ªÕ¾¨ÃäÍ·Õ  †Ÿ•ª†hـ›‡Ð«•‘Ю‰‹Ù¬“wz“Ÿ•†Ð
  • 2. C 06à»Ì´Áҹʹ·¹Ò ‹ 21 computing
  • 3. 03 »AEC 2015 âÍ¡ÒÊáÅÐzÇÒÁ·ÒŒ·ÒÂäÍ«·äÕ·Â Õ 6ID%;T6=ER-T$ECT$$IT 583 GT;;    OT$TJ L%BT@ $TE9O*_9DI 97O*_E*E6_=6 Z  gW gW   S+T$=ER-T$E 10 =ER_9Jb;$GCOT_.D; C%;T6 Z W W _LEWbMLCT-V$b;$GZCOT_.WD; _%TCTG*9Z;`GR+6@CT$$IT 2% %O*+6@aWG$ 9UbM$TE_=67GT6 WWW  WW  8OM;c6cC7U$IT 70% .*L*$IT@ERET-<‰‰7V Y Z   g  gX [  S S$TET_LE99UbMBCBTOT_.D; MGOCEIC_=;  W gW  [ V W  $TE=ER$O<:E$+%O*;7T*6TI @.J. 2542 9gW Z V  7GT6_6DIb;=ER-TC_JEK2$+OT_.D; (Asean W V W bM7T*-T78OM;cC_$; 49%   V Y Z VEconomic Community 2015) LET*aO$TL`GR BD$TCbM$<O7LTM$EECcO.9%O*c9D S Z S Z WW _%7O7LTM$EEC.OA7`IE=ER_9Jc9D Z  b;2T;RM;ID*T;%O*BTE2 =ERLT;ITCEICCO  S  YBTE2`GR_O$-; LET*ITC7;7I8*>G$ER9< S  gY S X9+R_$6%;bM>=ER$O<$TEb;=ER_9J_@O_E*LET* gW V hX  [ gY   =ER$O<$TEc9D $LTCTE8%DTD_%Tc=_=6aO$TL f ITCLTCTE8$TE`%*%S; EO*ES<$TE`%*%S;cE $TEG*9Z;b;OT_.D;_@CCT$%;6ID EIC8*$TE W gV hX  X@EC`6;9*%O7$G*9T*$TETERMIT*=ER_9J hS   %DTD<EV$TE%TC@EC`6; Data Processing`GR$TE_=GD;`=G*%O*_9a;aGDW gW service MEO$TE_%Tc=.O<E$TEb;7T*=ER_9J Y  hY V  ;TDE5E* @[G@V@S4; >[OU;ID$TE `GRBTDb;= 2558 >[=ER$O<IV-T-W@9WgLI;$TET<EV$TEOT_.WD; $EC_+E+T$TET C9$KRER6<L* +RLTCTE89U*T;%TC@EC`6; WS S [ ERMIT*=ER_9J$GTIb;*T;LCC;T9+6a6D_%7   S gW S c6ODT*_LEO$6ID a6D9$=ER_9J7O*C$0ER_<D<   WW  Z  W WOZ7LTM$EEC.OA7`IE=ER_9Jc9DIT BTDb;= ;Sg;MCTD8X* +RCW<EVKS97T*-T7V_%TCT 9Wg_9T_9WDCbM$S<;7T*-T7V 9Sh*$TE@U;S$OTJSD2554 :E$+a9EC;TC`GROC@I_7OE.OA7`IE Z V V   7*LU;$*T;b;c9D C`%*_%TCT=ER$O<:E$+ $TE_%T_CO*`GRb<O;‰T79U*T; hS S W [   Z V  Y Z_=;M;*b; 4 :E$+<E$TE ;O$_MGO+T$%;L*9T*  gX Z V V Y  `%*%S;b;=ER_9J_@VgC%Xh; b;9T*7E*%TC >[ AT$;TD:;V7 aLES7; EO*=ER:T;LBT
  • 4. 04 Mobile ApplicationsOZ7LTM$EEC`M*=ER_9Jc9D bMCZCCO*b;2T;R>b-*T;cO9W IT _OO.W +R_=;$TE=E<_=GD;=ER_9J [   W  S gWc9DESh*LUS‰9WgLZ6 _;YgO*+T$+R_=;$TE_-YgOCaD*b;MGTDCV7V 9Sh*$TE_GYgO;DTD`E**T;9S$KR`GR$TEG*9; Z $TE_=;=ER-TC_JEK2$+OT_.D; MCTD8*  V W X$TEC7GT6_6DI MEO.*_$G CTE_$7 9-ID_E*$TE W W Y V V f gW   AEC 2015G*9;9*Sh 9T*7E*`GR9T*OOC a6D_,@TR$GC>=ER$O<$TE Z  Z [OZ7LTM$EEC$TE>GV77T* e 9Sh*OV_Gf$9EO;V$L`GRDT;D;7 7O*_E*G*9Z;.OA7`IE`GRcO9W _@YgO_E*LET*ITCLTCTE8$TE`%*%;   S =ER_9Jc9D 7O*_E*LET*O7LTM$EECcO9W    Z IEL;<L;;$TELO<b<E<EO*ITCLTCTE8%O* S Z S _PG:`E 9O*_9DI EIC8*$TE@4;T`O@G_V-;   gW X S gSbMa66_6;b;BCBT a6D_,@TR$TE@4;T<GT$E  [V S Z <GT$EcO9%O*c9D a6D_,@TRb;_EO**<=ERCT5 Z W gY <;CO8O Y Y$TE+6bMC$TEG*9R_<D;>_[-DI-T‰ (IT Professional S W W gW <T*LI;_@O_=;`E*+*b+bMC$TEI6ITCEITC  gY  [  W S [ 7SIODT*_-; <EVKS9 .OA7`IEc9D9WgRepository) `GRL8T<;E<EO*CT7E2T;I-T-@cO9W S S V W LTCTE8%O*<GT$E9*b;ER6<=ER_9J`GRb; Z hS S bM_=6bME*L`@9DLTCTE8OT;T_O$._ED>T; S W    f EIC8X*$TELET*Z5BT@$TE@S4;T<ZGT$EcO9W+T$ ER6<LT$G S ER<<GTI6 -ID_=6aO$TLb;:E$+_OT9.OEL  Z V  L8T<;O6CJ$KT9CODb;=ER_9Jc9DbMCITCb$G S Z X gW W [ W =++<;E2<TG%O*=ER_9JOT_.D;CW  ZS S W .Vg*9WgES*LW`@9Dc9D LTCTE8bM<EV$TEOT;>G_D*$;W S $TE7Yg;7SI`GR@S4;T<ZGT$E6T;cO9W$S;`GI _Of $ . _ ED b M a E*@DT<TG7 T *=ER_9J9W g % T6 ODT*cE$7TC 9>T;CT c9DD*cCC$TE+6  f gW  S W S +X*CWITC+U_=;9Wg=ER_9Jc9D7O*_E*>GS$6S; `G;<ZGT$Eb;OT_.WD;c6 MEYO$TE@S4;TbMO7LTM$EECcO9_W=;ITER`M*-T797O*EO*E<$TE Z   V gW  S bMC$TEI6ER6<ITCLTCTE8<GT$Ec9D_@O W S S Z gY aC<TD`O@G_V-;9_gW7O;_IGTGRMCT6LUME< gS Y S_=6_LEb;$TE`%*%; `7$7T*+T$:E$+aG+L7$L9gW W  S  Z V V V  bMCW+U;I;<ZGT$E>[_-WgDI-T‰9WgCT$_@WD*@O >[;S<8YOJTL;TOVLGTC.Xg*$fCW>[b-7GT6aG$c6+S67Sh*5R$EEC$TEEIC`M*-T7V_@YgO>GS$6S;$TE `%*%S;c6  _-;$;  S@4;TaG+L7$L%O*=ER_9J S V V  %5R9;TDL@+; _:DEI4V >OU;ID$TE gW Z W Z [ %5R9gW;T* JB+W L:EEC@;:Z =ER:T; Z Z S ;O$+T$;; M;ID*T;E2 7O*_E*<E5T$TE hS  S   [ L8T<;I+D`GR@4;TO7LTM$EECa9EC;TC S VS S Z _+TM;T9<EMTE <C+.c9DC CO*IT _CO7GT6   gW V  gY`G$_=GD;%OCGERMIT*M;ID*T;_@OOU;IDITC gW  [   gY CO*ITMT$_=6_LEW _-OIT L*a=E`GRCT_G_.D  gY  V  W _=6_LEW LVg*`I6GOC$TE6U_;V;:ZE$V+_=6$IT*LR6I$_O$LTE;U_%TL*OO$b;+6_6DI _=; National   Z W  +R_=;;TDM;T9_gW=69T*bM=ER_9JO; e ;O$    gY 9UbM$TEG*9;+RC*L=ER_9J9C>G7O<`9;  Z Z [ gW WSingle Window _@OEO*E<$TE_-OCaD*b;_O$LTE$TET gY S gY  OT_.D;_%TCT9U7GT6b;$GCOT_.D;c6*TD%; W  Z W   hW $TEG*9;96(W OaWa;C `IG)[ `GR_=;=ER_9J Z gW V ERMIT*OT_.D; `GR$TEEO*E<$TEGTDCO-OO_VG$9EO;$L  W S Y gY f V _;O*+T$<EK97T*-T79_gW%Tc=7*LU;$*T;b; gY V S  V  hS S 9C` E**T;>[_-DI -T‰b;=EVCT59CT$_@WD*@O gW W gW Wg_@gYOb-E<EO*:E$EEC$TETO_VG$9EO;$L6ID S Z  f V  =ER_9J_MGT;; 8O_=;L‰-T7OT_.D;9c6E<  hS Y  S V W gW  S a6D_,@TR`E**T;9CITCc6_=ED<6T;BTKT gW W W  6T;;T*_C:;W _9@C5W >7EI+ET-$TE  V [ L9:_V9T_9DC$;6ID V  W S  `GR9$KR$TEI_VETRM S$ER9EI*_9a;aGDLTEL;_9J`GR$TELOLTE ER<IT W gY Z LI;%O*O7LTM$EECa9EC;TC;;  Z hS 9*;hW BTE2 7O*LET*`E*+*b+ _-; hS S   [ $ER9EI*cO.9ODERMIT*$TE9U*T;EIC$<$ER9EI* W W [   S 5R$EEC$TE$+$TE$ER+TD_LD* $+$TEa9E9J; V W V S CT7E$TEBTKW _@ObM_O$-;_E*@4;T<GT$E gY  S Z`E**T;`GR5R$EEC$TEL*_LEC$TEG*9; $UM;6  V Z `GR$+$TEa9EC;TC`M*-T7V ($L9-.) 7O* V   `E**T;%;L* `GR7O*_E*$UM;6O7LTM$EEC hS [   ZCT7E2T;I-T-@6T;cO9W _@OEO*E<$TE_GO;DTD V W  gY S gY  $UM;6$TE$U$<6`G9_gW=;LT$G _LE_W=;:EEC S [   D9:JTL7EIT+R_=67GT6c=b;9J9T*b6 @EOC Z  V `E**T;?COb;OT_.D; Y W cC_GO$=1<7V `GRa=E*bL Y VS  O6-O*IT*LI;9D*_=;+6OO; Z    gW S  Z  _<O*7;CW 6 LT%TI-T-@9=ER_9JLCT-$ hY  V W gW V 9*;hW _%TCO*IT $L9-. 7O*_E*_=6 hS    _:O $GTI7OIT b;ER6<OT_.D;_O*    S W+R_E*$UM;65LC<7I-T-@ =ER$TJ;D<7EE<EO*  Z SVV W W S S =ERCGG;ITC8gW 2.1 $$R_PE7. `GR+6LEEG; [ gY V V S gY c6+S69U`>;`C<9cO.W9W%O*OT_.WD; 9Wg+Rb-`GRT7O<`9;_@YgOb-_=;$EO<CT7E2T;9WgDOCES< ITC8WgbMCa6D_,@TR$TEEO*ES<ER<<6V+V9SG cO.W9W_=;_EYgO*CYOLET*$TE_+EV‰_7V<a7bM$S<ERMIT*$; c6`$ ;$I_VETRMER<< ><EMTE_EO%TD  S  S  [ V Y  <EO6TL7Vh*7TC%O7$G*OT_.WD; .Xg*+R9UbM _JEK2$V+%O*OT_.WD; `GR_-YgOCaD*aE*LET*`GRER<< $TE+6$TEaE*$TEcO.9W ITC=GO6BD S W S c9DCWGYg;ITC8WgCT$_@WD*@OCTEO*ES<$TEbM @;2T;$TDBT@a6D_,@TRaE*%TD<EO6`<;6 hY ER<<LTEL;_9J`GR_EO%TD $TEOO$`<<L8T=7D$EEC Y   <E$TEa9EJ@9CO8O 4+W 6ID V S Y Y  EJ.6E.:;-T7V ;C;;9 >OU;ID$TE Z [ER<<O*$E `GR$TE@4;T.OA7`IE  S  6T;$TE@4;TO7LTM$EEC.OA7`IE  S Z  _%7OZ7LTM$EEC.OA7`IE=ER_9Jc9D $GTI ;TD=E‰‰T MOC_O;$ _G%T;$TE LCTC V Z ;Sh; +R7O*CZ*_=67GT6.OA7`IE_,@TR9T* _LECIT c9D7O*_E*LET*aE*LET*@;2T;aC<TD V      hYITCC;*=GO6BDER<<LTEL;_9J _LECIT BTE2 gS S V  S a6D_,@TRb;:ZE$V+9Wgc9DCWJS$DBT@OD[_6VC 9Sh* <EO6`<;6bMEO<GZC9SgI=ER_9JCT$%Xh;
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  • 14. 13¨º¡ÃÐáÊ Ñ‘GEOPICTURE’¾ºμÀ ¾Å§ª¹Å´ Ô Ñ Ô Ñ Ñ I$F7;U9IC_GIETD9L6%O*=ER_9Jc9Db;EO< 50 = 9UbM V h   gW Z$ER`L$TEb-a._-WDG_;f7_IVE _@VgCL[*%Xh;CT$ a6Db-OS@_69%OC[G `GR`<*=;%TILTE9_gW=;=ERaD-;ERMIT*$;b;_EO%TD       S Y  ;O$+T$;; C<EK9>@4;T.OA7`IEMGTD`M*c6@4;TaC<TD hS W V S [ S    S`O@GV_-Sg;_@YgObMOTLTLCSE`GR>[9WgOD[b;@Yh;9Wg=ERL<OZ9$BSDc6=O;%OCG`GRBT@_M7$TE5;U9IC_@OOU;IDITCLR6I$b;$TE`+*%OCG  [ Z  h  gY   [@EOC`L6*%OCG<;`>;9gW  [ AnsuR Technologies AS _=;O$M;*<EK99+RCLI;b;$TE  W gX V S gW W -IDbM%OCG_@O=ER_C;L8T5$TE5 a6D@4;T_9a;aGDW GEOPICTURE    [ gY V S9_gWED$IT ASIGN aE*$TE;_hW=;;I7$EEC _@O$TE_-OCaD*ERMIT*%OCG W   S gY gY   [6TI_9DC `GRG*BT@9>9_gW$DI%O*$< O<7BD `GR>c6E<>G$ER9< W S gW [ gW  S Z S V S [  SbMLTCTE8L*BT@8TD @EOC9Sh*ER<Z@V$S67U`;*%O*BT@ _@YgO-ID$TE=ER_CV;L8T5$TE5 `GR$TE-ID_MGYOc68$7O*E[=BT@+T$LCTE9aA; [9b-ER<<=1<7$TE`O;6EOD6 gW  VSV a6D=++Z<S;>[b-LTCTEE8OS@aMG6GS*BT@`GR%OC[G 9Wg %OCG6*$GTI+RC<9<T9LU‰ODT*D*  [ S  W S  gVb;$TEETD*T;L8T;$TE5 %O*OZ<S7VBSD9Wg_$V6%Xh; _@ETRLTCT8bM@V$S67U`M;*`GRMI*ERDR_IGT 9Wg_=GWgD;`=G*c= -IDbMM;ID*T;9W_g $WDI%O* g=ER_CV;L8T;$TE5c68[$7O* ;O$+T$;; <EK9D*c6+69U GeoRSS Feed bM$<>97O* hS V S S  S  S [ gW $TEb- GeoRSS 9gW >L;b+LTCTE876 [ V7TC%TILTE ETDGR_OD6$TEb-*T;  W   gW
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  • 19. 16àÍʾÕäÍ
  • 20. 17CMMI
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  • 23. 21ºÍ¡àÅ‹Òà¡ŒÒÊÔº
  • 24. –³¤³‰®›¤¢ Program Description 23 Date Description Price MGS$L[7E;WhOO$`<<CT_@YgObM>[_EWD;CWITCEÿITC_%Tb+b;Z5BT@6T; =ERLV9:VBT@ ¥íâïãìïêÞëà⦠`GR$TE+S6$TE9ES@DT$E ¥ïâðìòïàâ Design Technique êÞëÞäâêâëñ¦ `GR;U_L;O`;I9T*LUMES<IV_ETRM`GROO$`<<ER<<9Wg 7O*$TEZ5BT@6T;=ERLV9:VBT@L[* cCIT+R_=;ER<<=ER_B9 âêßâááâá for High Performance ðöðñâê© êìßæéâ ÞííéæàÞñæìë© ßòðæëâðð ÞííéæàÞñæìë© âëñâïíïæðâ 12,000 11ª13 C«« ðöðñâê `GROYg; e _@YgObM>[_EWD;7ERM;S$8X*=ER_6f;LUS‰ ¥àìëàâïëð¦ 9Wg System 7O*U;X*_IGTOO$`<<ER<<9Wg7O*$TE=ERLV9:VBT@L[* e EIC8X*$TE+S6$TE 6T; ðàÞéÞßæéæñö ¥$TEEO*ES<$TE%DTD7SI%O*ER<<¦ `GRLTCTE8ES<CYO`GR +S6$TEc6 a6DcC7O*_LWDTb-+TDAZC_AOD9Wg_$V;ITC+U_=;BTDMGS*  _@YgO7ERM;S$8X*ITC LUS‰%O*$TE+S6$TEITC7O*$TE Requirements  _@YgOLTCTE8IV_ETRM=‰MTc6 ÊÞëÞäâêâëñ Ôìïèðåìí  _@YgO_%Tb+ITC7O*$TE9Wg`9+EV* %O*>[b-*T;  _@YgO _%Tb+%Sh;7O;$TE+S6$TE$TE_=GWgD;`=G*ITC7O*$TE 12,000 ¯°ª¯² C«« æÍåìëâ ¾ííéæàÞñæìë MGS$L[7E;WhCZ*_;;$TEbMITCEÿ@Yh;2T;_$WgDI$S<$TE@S4;Ta=E`$EC<;ER<< Áâóâéìíêâëñ  ¿Þðæà =0V<S7V$TE æÌÐ ¥æÍåìëâ `GR æÍÞᦠ>[_%TO<EC+R_%Tb+8X*_EYgO*CYO7T*e LUMES<$TE@S4;Ta=E`$EC $TEb-*T; ¾ÍÆ MGS$ `GR 12,000 ¯°ª¯´ C«« $TE@S4;T_@YgOL*a=E`$ECc=%TDb; ¾íí ðñìïâ« æÍåìëâ ¾ííéæàÞñæìë MGS$L[7E;WC*_;;$TEbMITCEÿ_ -V*GX$_$WDI$S<$TE@S4;Ta=E`$EC<;ER<< h Z g Áâóâéìíêâëñ ª ¾áóÞëàâ =0V<7$TE æÌÐ ¥æÍåìëâ `GR æÍÞᦠ>[_ %TO<EC+R_%Tb+8X*$TE+S6_$f<%OC[G SV b;Eÿ=`<<7T*e $TE_-YOC7O$S< ðâïóâï $TEb-*T; ðâëðìï $TE áâßòä g ®²©­­­ °­ C««ª° $«@« `GR$TE=ES<=Eþ*=ERLV9:VBT@a=E`$EC« MGS$L[7E;W;U_L;OMGS$$TEIV_ETRM`GROO=_+f9 OO_EWD;_7f6`GR$TEOO$`<< h ÌßçâàñªÌïæâëñâá a6Db-D;ATD6 aC_6GGV* `G*_$I+ ¥ÒÊɦ $TEb-c6OR`$EC`GRa;_7-S;D[_OfC [V g g ÐìãñôÞïâ Áâóâéìíêâëñ `OG EIC8X* $TEMTITC7O*$TEa6Db-DL_L .W_I;. c6OR`$EC OGGTª [ 13,000 °­ C««ª° $«@« <O_E-S; c6OR`$EC `O7VI7hW c6OR`$EC `GROO=_+f9`GRGTLc6OR`$EC g V ôæñå ÒÊÉ MGS$L[7E;WC*_;;bM;$IV_ETRMER<< `GR>[97O*ES<>V6-O<*T;IV_ETRM h Z S  gW  _O$LTE`GR7S6LV;b+6T;$TEOO$`<<« MGS$L[7E;W_h ;;8X*$TE?$=1V<7V ¥ôìïèðåìí¦ 6ID`<<?$MS6`GR7SIODT*9Wg S +R9UbM>_[ %TO<ECc6?$IV_ETRM`GR9UITC_%Tb+ITC7O*$TE9T*:ZE$V+ a6D?$ER<ZITC7O*$TE9WLO6GO*$S<Z5BT@6IDIV:$TE+UGO*_M7Z$TE5 g W ¥ðàâëÞïæì¦ a6Db-_9;V ÎòÞéæñö ¾ññïæßòñâ Ôìïèðåìí ¥Î¾Ô¦ 7GO6c=+;8X*$TEOO$`<<`GRIV_ETRML8T=7D$EEC.OA7`IE9cgW 6OO$`<< ÐìãñôÞïâ ¾ïàåæñâàñòïâ _@YObMc6L8T=7D$EEC.OA7`IE9_gW MCTRLC$S<*T;`GRITC7O*$TE9T* g 12,000 ¯­ª¯¯ $«@« Íïæëàæíéâð Þëá Áâðæäë :ZE$V+ CT$9WL6 a6D$TEO<EC;WEO<GZC8X*`;IITCV69W+U_=;b;$TE gZ h g OO$`<<`GRIV_ETRM L8T=7D$EEC.OA7`IEODT*CW=ERLV9:VBT@ MGS$ $TEV69WLUS‰LUMES<$TELET*L8T=7D$EEC.OA7`IEODT*EO<O< `GR g `L6*OO$CT>T;9T*$TEb-I:$TEOO$`<<L8T=7D$EEC.OA7`IE9_gW EWD$IT VW ¾ññïæßòñâªÁïæóâë Áâðæäë ¥¾ÁÁ¦ $TEO<EC;WD*c6EIC8X*$TEIV_ETRM hS L8T=7D$EEC `GR`;R;UIV:$TE=ER_CV;L8T=7D$EEC7TCa6Db-I:W W V ¾ïàåæñâàñòïâ ÑïÞáâìãã ¾ëÞéöðæð ÊâñåìáÐÊ ¥¾Ñ¾ÊÐʦ _IVE-O=;Wh+R9UbM>_[ %TEIC·  _%Tb+_AEC_IVE%O* ÀÊÊÆ Æëñïìáòàñæìë ñì  _%Tb+$TEMTETDGR_OWD6ITC7O*$TEb;`7GRa@E_.L`O_EWD %O* ÀÊÊÆ Ó®«° ÀÊÊƄÓâïðæìë ®«°  $TE7S6LV;b+b;$TE9U`7GRa@E_.LbM$S<O*$Ec6ODT*8[$7O* 20,000 ¯®ª¯° $«@«  MT=ER_6f;9Wg7O*b-_@YgO$TE=ES<=Eþ*a@E_.L9WgC=ERLV9:VBT@a6Db- W ÀÊÊÆ Ó®«° ÐìãñôÞïâ Íïìçâàñ  _@YgOLTCTE8=ER_CV;aE*$TE.OA7`IEc6  _@YgOG6$TEL**T;GT-T$IT`>;9Wg$UM;6 Estimation &  _@YgO_%Tb+ITCLUS‰%O*$TE IS67O$TE=ER_CV;aE*$TE 8,000 ¯°ª¯± $«@« ÊâÞðòïâêâëñ Ôìïèðåìí  _@YgO_%Tb+$ER<I;$TE .OA7`IE  _@YgO_@VgCITC@X*@Ob+`$G[$T MGS$L[7E;Wh8[$LET*%Xh;_@YgO`;R;UITCEÿ_<YhO*7;_$WgDI$S<$TE_%WD;a=E`$EC ¾ëáïìæá ÍïìäïÞêêæëä <;ER<<=1V<7$TE ¾ëáïìæá LUMES<;S$JX$KTMEYO<ZG9SIc=9W7O*$TE_EVC SV g g g 9,000 ¯´ª¯¶ $«@« 7;_EWD;Eÿ_ $WDI$S<$TE_%WD;a=E`$EC _@YO@S4;T_%TL[$TE9U*T;b;ER6S<OT-W@ g g 
  • 25. 24 –³¤³‰®›¤¢ Program Description Price Date $TEO<ECb;MG$ L7E;C*_;;9*BT9FK1`GR=1<7V `GR$TELET*ITC S [ hW Z  hS W VS Software Architectural _%Tb+b;`;I6$TEOO$`<< @4;T `GR96LO<.OA7`IEbMC e 9bM  V S   gWTest Case Writing ITCLU‰$<ITC_LD*`GR5BT@%O*.OA7`IE_=;MG$Cb-_;;9A*$ S S gW Z   S V  gW  -;%O*.OA7`IECT$+;_$;c=ODT*9_gW=;CT `GR_@ObM>_[ED;c6_%Tb+`GR gS   V   gY  W  12,000 ¯´ª¯¶ $«@« LTCTE8_%WD; Test Case c6ODT*8$I:`GRC=ERL9:BT@9L6_@O$TE9U   [ V W W V V gW Z gY Architectural Testing c6ODT*C=ERL9:BT@   W V VChange Managementin Software Project Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture 8,000 15-16 C.W.Workshop MG$L7E;hW+RbMITCEÿITC_%Tb+_-*G$b;$TEb- patterns 9T*6T; S [    V X  L8T=7D$EEC (Architectural Patterns) b;$TE`$c%=‰MTb;$TE   I_VETRM`GROO$`<<L8T=7D$EEC%O*`O@@G_V-; ER6<O*$E   gS S  (Enterprise Application Architecture) _@ObM$TE@4;T`O@@G_V-Sg; gY  S LUME<O*$EC=ERL9:BT@ `%*`$E* =E<=Eþ*`$c%c6*TD `GREO*ES< S  W V V f  S  $TE_$6%;%O*_9a;aGD9MGT$MGTD`GREI6_EI `GREIC8*`@G7AOEC V hX W gW f X Patterns of Enterprise 9_gW=; object-oriented `<< multi-tier _-; Java `GR .NET .*b-   gX $;ODT*$IT*%IT* `GREIC8*L8T=7D$EEC`<<$ER+TD (Distributed S   X Application Architecture Computing) `GRL8T=7D$EEC_-*<E$TE (Service-Oriented  V V 12,000 26-28 C.W. Architecture: SOA) `;I6`GR_9a;aGDbWMC_MGT;LTCTE89+RLET* V  hW gW  `O@@G_V-;9CJS$DBT@ L* ;O$+T$;+R_;;M;$9$TE?$LET*ER<< gS gW W [ hW  S gW  ITC6bMCW=ERL9:BT@ LO6`9E$`*6=E-‰T$TEOO$`<< `GR+R V  V V V S `L6*bM_M;IT$TEJ$KT`GR?$?;6T; Pattern 967O*cC_;;9$TE+U f  X  gW W   gW a6D_,@TR$TEbMITCLU‰$<.OELa6`GRc6OR`$EC UML CT$_$;c=  S S   V +;@DTDTC+R9UITC_%Tb+`GR+6+U.OELa6`GRc6OR`$EC UML b;7I   S ODT*bMc6 .*`9+E*cC+U_=;MEOcCb-LTERLU‰MG$ `GR_=;$TE$ER9U   gX  V   Y  S S  9_gWLD_IGT _@ETRaG$;CW Pattern ;<EOD 6*;;MGS$LU‰O7O*_;;9gW W hW S  S hS S Y   $TEJ$KT`GR?$9ER<<ITC6 a6D_,@TR$TEI_VETRM=‰MT $TE9U X gW V  ITC_%Tb+`$;MEO<E<9%O*=‰MT (context / problem domain)   Y V  `GR$TE;U PatternCTb-`GR_ED*EOD(Weave / orchestrate) W  _@OLET*a.G-;bM_MCTRLC$<*T; gY  [ gS SProject Management >_[%TEIC+R_LCO;c6ODb;_M7$TE5+E*97O*`$c%=‰MT9@<b;aE*$TE  Y  [ Z  V gW   gWTraining from Strategy toDelivery (X-Simulation) 97O*@<b;-I7+E*7GO6 24 L=6TM%O*aE*$TE >GG@:9cgW6+T$$TE gW  WV V S  S   25,000 27-29 C.W. _EWD;EÿO$TE+6$TE=‰MT_M7$TE5_,@TR Y S  Z SOFTWARE PARK THAILAND %OCG@EOC_LEA_@O;cO9W NEWSLETTER [  V  gY 9gW 0-2583-9992 7O 1484,1485  4