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Managing successful ITO Project
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Managing successful ITO Project


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Managing successful ITO Project

Managing successful ITO Project

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. June 21, 2011Agenda How to Win Project From Abroad How to Efficiently Manage ITO Key Factors to Manage a Successful ITO Recommendation -2-
  • 2. How to Win Project From Abroad How to find the leads To explore opportunity in each country Business To get introduced to local partner event/ mission we possibly connect with abroad Low expectation to get the leads Alliance with To seek for marketing Local assistance in the target partner countryTo gain working experiences Start fromTo built reference site Subcontracting Project from Bigger company Channel To find leads Happens only after a long period working with Customer customers leads Co-marketing Depends on our quality of customer program with work delivered to customer IT global players Starts from conglomerate Choose project related to operation customer with Take time before being able to go branches in international Thailand Suitable combination of different channels -3- How to Win Project From Abroad How to find the leads Business event/ mission abroad Alliance with Local partner Co-marketing program with IT global players Subcontracting projects from other companies Start with conglomerate customer with branches in Thailand Customer leads customer -4-
  • 3. How to Win Project From Abroad Our Price Our What Communication International Our ability Customers Capability Look For Our Potential -5-How to Win Project From Abroad Key Factors to win the deals ATTRACTIVE PRICING STRATEGY GOOD PROPOSAL SUCCEED IN BUILDING TRUST เปนตัวจริงในสิ่งที่ทํา -6-
  • 4. How to Efficiently Manage ITOProject staffing & organization Appoint enough qualified leaders and staff for each team • Design team – Design lead • Development team – Application lead, tools specialist • Technical support team – Miiddle tier & DBA specialist • QA team Project Organization • Centralize control of Design and Development • Decentralized working team controlled by leaders -7-How to Efficiently Manage ITOSoftware Development Survey & Design • Provide consultation and ensure practical design • Use functional spec or use case to communicate the design with both internal team and customers -8-
  • 5. How to Efficiently Manage ITOSoftware Development Coding • BA+SA+ coder work closely to ensure understanding of correct program specification • SA + Coder work closely to ensure the good quality of code • Communicate clearly to the team to think & ask questions for unclear points when coding, not just follow the spec. -9-How to Efficiently Manage ITOSoftware Development Coding • Introduce standard framework, template, utilities wherever possible ̵ Standard framework, template, utilities to be built by tools specialist ̵ Consider technology as tools to serve the function, » Carefully choose the tools » DON’T always change and jump to new techniques only because you love it. Bare in mind there is huge cost of introduction & implementation. » Improve those standards from time to time ̵ Once introduced, the same standard should last for 3-5 years (for large scale application) - 10 -
  • 6. How to Efficiently Manage ITOSoftware Development Coding • Announce coding standard and communicate to all levels ̵ Clearly state what must be done and MUST NOT be done • Perform code review to ensure the code complies with standard • Strictly follow all standards and DO NOT compromise this point. - 11 -How to Efficiently Manage ITOSoftware Development Testing • Against functional spec. to try to find problems before customers do ̵ Functional test ̵ Integration test • Test both happy & unhappy flows • Utilize test tool - 12 -
  • 7. How to Efficiently Manage ITOSoftware Development Documentation • Suitable documentation for internal use and customer use • Need to clarified and agreed with customer a list of deliverables from the very beginning - 13 -How to Efficiently Manage ITOSoftware Development Implementation • Prepare and appoint person to perform training • Prepare and organize team for ̵ SIT/UAT support ̵ Go live support ̵ Plan who will stand by on site, off shore - 14 -
  • 8. How to Efficiently Manage ITOSoftware Development Implementation • Tools for log tracking • Communication channel • Tools for log tracking • In case of migration from old to new system, need to plan for the roll back - 15 -How to Efficiently Manage ITOConfiguration Management Strictly control the configuration management Utilize tools for system deployment on different environment - 16 -
  • 9. How to Efficiently Manage ITOSource code & document version management Strictly control source code version Set up rules and communicate well with team member - 17 -How to Efficiently Manage ITOProject Management Project Planning • Develop a realistic plan • Communicate and discuss with team about the plan Project Follow up • Daily follow up within the workgroup • Weekly follow up for level • Daily communication with customer work group via e-mail • Once a week with customer steering committee - 18 -
  • 10. How to Efficiently Manage ITOProject Management Change of request management • Any change request raised, need to communicate with customer to confirm as soon as possible if there is impact on the plan and cost Issue & risk management • Risk & issues must be included as one of the topics in the follow up meeting • Need to identify severity of each risk & issue • Propose solution & responsible party with deadline to resolve them • Follow up closely to close them as planned - 19 - - 20 -
  • 11. Recommendation Find your strength/expertise & start with small project Keep promises and never promise what you can’t deliver Make clear communication with customer • What can be done, what cannot be done • In case of any delay, need to inform customer in advance with recovery plan Try to establish & maintain long term relationship with existing customer Try to become customers IT strategic partner How can we differentiate ourselves from competitors • Small but flexible • Build value on your services Be professional Deliver only good quality work products Deliver practical solution • Deliver ‘touch of Thai’ in your IT services Service mind Commitment to success Willingness to help when customer face problems Relationship not only money is considered. - 21 -