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Getting Started with BB Development..


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Christopher Saunders, Applications Development Consultant Develop Relations, The BlackBerry ® Developer Day in Bangkok ,22 November 2011, Software Park Thailand.

Christopher Saunders, Applications Development Consultant Develop Relations, The BlackBerry ® Developer Day in Bangkok ,22 November 2011, Software Park Thailand.

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  • 1. Getting Started withBlackBerry Development,a Java example,and other considerations… Christopher Saunders Application Development Consultant Developer Relations 1
  • 2. Outline• Introduction: Setting some things straight• Background and OS statistics• Getting started: BlackBerry Developer Portal• Tools, Signing Keys, Documentation, Microsites, forums, and more• Example: Hello World - Packaging/Signing/Debugging• The next generation: BlackBerry OS 7• BlackBerry Messenger Social Platform• Monetization and Analytics 2
  • 3. The BlackBerry Marketis shrinking.There are 70 million activeBlackBerry subscriberstoday, and BlackBerryexpects to sell ~ 14 millionnew devices this quarter. 3
  • 4. BlackBerry users don’tuse apps.There are over 5 milliondownloads from BlackBerryApp World every day. That’s140 million downloads permonth, or about 24 downloadsper year, per user. 4
  • 5. BlackBerry developers can’tmake money.• BlackBerry App World has more paiddownloads than Android Market, and is the2nd most profitable app store after Apple.• App World apps generate 40% more revenuethan Android Market apps.• 13% of BlackBerry developershave made $100,000 or more from BlackBerryApp World apps, higher than on Android oriOS.• BlackBerry 7 devices generate more than10x the application revenue of previousBlackBerry devices 5
  • 6. Recap: BlackBerry Truths• The BlackBerry market is growing• BlackBerry subscribers are using apps• There is a very real opportunity for developers to make money with the BlackBerry platform 6
  • 7. BlackBerry Evolution Browser -Flash 10.1 -- HTML5 Adobe AIR WebWorks Java Native
  • 8. Choosing Target DevicesJava developers shouldjust focus here Browser -Flash 10.1 -- HTML5 Adobe AIR WebWorks Java Native
  • 9. Smartphone OS Breakdown 9
  • 10. Free App World Downloads 10
  • 11. Paid App World Downloads 11
  • 12. Recap: Choosing a TargetOS• OS 5.0 and above are considered the recommended baseline target code lines for BlackBerry Java developers• BlackBerry subscribers running later devices and more recent code lines are more likely to spend money on apps 12
  • 13. Getting Started• Development Platforms Overview• Understanding Options• Why BlackBerry Java?• Getting ready for your first application • Register for Developer Zone • Download Tools • Register for Signing Keys • Register for App World Distribution 13
  • 14. BlackBerry Platforms BlackBerry Handheld BlackBerry PlayBook & SuperPhone Native + BlackBerry Webworks Adobe AIR Open Java HTML 5 / FLEX Source BlackBerry Cloud Services Architecture (BES, BIS, Push, Maps, Payments, BBM, Scoreloop, etc.) BlackBerry OS BBX OS
  • 15. Understanding your Options SuperAppTightIntegration Native AIR Native Java Application ApplicationPush BlackBerry (PlayBook) (Smartphone) WebWorksHomescreenPresence Web IconSome AppIntegration Mobile Website Level of Difficulty
  • 16. Why BlackBerry Java?• Custom BlackBerry Java Virtual Machine offers deep device feature integration• Mature, proven, and trusted platform• Access to all BlackBerry Smartphone features and platform services though well documented and familiar Java APIs 16
  • 17. Further Considerations• Benefits • Tight integration with the BlackBerry Smartphone • Graphic Acceleration for games • Standards based approach• Challenges • Requires Java expertise • Targeted OS versions define available feature set • Custom UI work in older code lines is time consuming (pre-5.0) 17
  • 18. Recap: Platforms Overview• There are many different development approaches for BlackBerry PlayBook and Smartphone applications• BlackBerry Java is a mature and robust development platform• Java offers the deepest integration to device features and functionality 18
  • 19. Developer Zone• Main portal for all BlackBerry development-related information/tools • Platform Microsites • Forums • Developer Issue Tracker • Inside BlackBerry Developer’s Blog • Documentation • Tools and Downloads • And more… 19
  • 20. Setting up for your first app• Register for Developer Zone account •• Download Development Tools •• Register for free signing keys •• Register for App World Vendor Account • 20
  • 21. Recap: Developer Zone• All tools, documentation and resources are available on our developer portal:• Knowledge base and forums provide an active and dynamic community for sharing knowledge and experiences• All tools, downloads, documentation and other resources are available free of charge 21
  • 22. An Example: Hello World!• Quick demonstration to show: • The development environment • Packaging your application • Signing your application • Testing your application in the simulator • Debugging your application 22
  • 23. The Next Generation: BB7OS• Seven new devices launched globally• New hardware enabled features: • Near Field Communications (aka NFC) • Digital Compass (enabling Augmented Reality) • OpenGL 2.0 ES through Java API bindings • Updated HTML5 support for world-class rendering • “Liquid Graphics” engine for 60FPS 23
  • 24. BBM Social Platform• BBM • 45+ million active users • 2+ million users a month • 100+ billion messages a month • BBM is a key driver to global BlackBerry growth • Enables instant sharing of information. Anytime. Anywhere. 24
  • 25. BBM Social Platform Invite Customize Friends User Profiles Embed Share Chat Content Supports BlackBerry 5.0, BlackBerry 6 and BlackBerry 7 smartphones 25
  • 26. Monetization Introduction• There are 3 major ways in which to monetize your application with BlackBerry Platform Services • Advertising Service • Payments Service • App World Distribution• Additionally, through our Analytics Service you are able to gather detailed information about how users use your application 26
  • 27. Monetization: Ad Service• Easily integrate using a few lines of code• Ads can play videos, add items to calendar, address book, and more…• 60% revenue share with developer 27
  • 28. Monetization: Ad Service Mediation Platform• Leverage multiple networks• Easy management through single online service portal 28
  • 29. Monetization: PaymentService• Easy way to generate revenue • Freemium/Paid upgrades • Unlock new game levels, functionality • Pay per use 29
  • 30. Monetization: PaymentService• Simple and secure API for developers• Seamless payments in Java, Adobe AIR, and WebWorks applications• Leverages App World payment channel for secure and convenient transactions• 70% revenue share with the developer• Easily manage digital goods via the App World Vendor portal 30
  • 31. Monetization: App World• Set your own price from $0.99 to $999.99 in local currency• Payment accepted via Credit Card, PayPal, and carrier billing• Available in over 100 countries and in 6 languages, and growing…• 70% revenue share 31
  • 32. App World 3.0 New Features• Update user interface• Subscription billing• Country level pricing• Carrier bundles 32
  • 33. BlackBerry Analytics Who is What are they using my doing with my app? app? How long do How many they spend people use my with my app? app? When are Where are they using my app? my users?• Easily view fine grained telemetry about your application through online portal 33
  • 34. Recap: Monetization• 3 main ways to make money with BlackBerry Platform Services: Ad Service, Payment Service, App World distribution• BlackBerry Analytics provides an easy way to gather information on how your users are using your application 34
  • 35. Thank You.Questions? Christopher Saunders Application Development Consultant Developer Relations 35
  • 36. Device Giveaway! Question 1: What is therecommended base code line to target for Java development? 36
  • 37. Device Giveaway!Question 2: Can you name 2 of the 3 different monetization methods available to BlackBerry developers? 37
  • 38. Device Giveaway! Question 3: What is the web address for theBlackBerry Developer Portal? 38