ATG - Commerce Service Center (CSC)


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This guide covers an overview and outline of steps involved in installing CSC Module
CIM steps will be covered separately

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ATG - Commerce Service Center (CSC)

  1. 1. Installation Guide
  2. 2. Agents in the contact center will be able to perform following tasks using the ATG CSC Module integration with its Commerce module       Create and manage customer profiles Create and manage orders Issue refunds and exchanges Process returned items Research customer activity Manage shipping issues
  3. 3.       JDK 1.6 or above Supported Application Server (e.g. WLS) Supported Database (e.g. Oracle Express) 2 Database users (admin & svcagent) ATG Web Commerce Platform 10.2 ATG Web Commerce Reference Store 10.2
  4. 4. You need to ensure below tasks are complete prior to installing ATG CSC:      Install Web Application software Install Application server Install ATG 10.2 Install and configure the Web Commerce 10.2 Install a supported database
  5. 5. ATG CSC as defined in Oracle’s documentation comprises of both customer-facing and agentfacing clusters. Basically, the ATG CSC works in tandem with Commerce and other ATG applications. External Application Internal Application Customer-facing Cluster Agent-facing Cluster
  6. 6.          View profile Create profile Edit profile Change password View customer activity View order Create order Edit order Cancel order     Create return Issue credit Price override Record return
  7. 7.  CSRPROFILES - which has the CSR-specific access rights on customer profiles as well as global access rights on customer profiles and on tickets  CSRORDERS - which has CSR-specific access rights on orders except override prices and issue credits and global access rights on customer profiles, orders, products, and tickets  CSRMANAGER - which has CSR-specific access rights on profiles and all rights on orders as well as global access rights on customer profiles, orders, products, and tickets  CSRTICKETING - which has global access rights on tickets
  8. 8.  You need to download the highlighted file in below screenshot from for your ATG Commerce media pack based on the OS  Run the ATG=-Service10.2_300REL.exe on your Windows OS to run the installer executable
  9. 9.  Select the language of your choice for the installer program and click on “OK” to continue
  10. 10.  Click on “Next’ to continue with the installation of the ATG CSC Module
  11. 11.  Accept the license agreement and click “Next” to continue with the installation
  12. 12. Commerce Service Center is comprised of two required components, the base code and the UI.  Commerce Service Center Base - This component provides the infrastructure systems for CSC  Commerce Service Center UI - This component provides the agent-facing UI for CSC
  13. 13.  Choose the install folder (I’ve left it default)
  14. 14.  Choose the shortcut folder
  15. 15.  If ATG Search is going to be your search provider for ATG Commerce & ATG CSC – you need to provide the Search HOST  Remember – you can also select to use Endeca Search as your search provided instead of ATG Search
  16. 16.  Here is your chance to make any changes to the values you provided to the installation prompts or click on “Install” to continue with the installation.
  17. 17. To install Commerce Service Center using CIM, do the following:  Install your application server  Install your application files  To start CIM, go to <ATG10dir>/home/bin and launch the CIM script: ./ | bat  Select the products you want to install  Select the add-ons that you want to install (CSC would be one of the addons)  Follow the CIM script according to the prompts  You can type H at any prompt for additional information
  18. 18.  You can reach me @  Oracle ATG CIM Guide can cover detailed steps on installing the add-ons such as Mobile or CSC  Or else will create another GUIDE just for outlining CIM instructions for configuring CSC