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  • Contact Riverwood Capital – LatAm Startup challenge
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    1. 1. All Rights Reserved © Valores Corporativos Softtek S.A. de C.V. 2013.All Rights Reserved © Valores Corporativos Softtek S.A. de C.V. 2013. Latin America
    2. 2. New Opportunities
    3. 3. Latin America Growth
    4. 4. › Quiet Grassroots Revolution fueled by… › Availability of internet and technology › Education › Federal Support and Opportunity › A new entrepreneurial spirit › An strong, easily available work force › Strong growth across LatAm countries › ‘Nearshore’ benefits › Access to global economies › Growing dependencies in economies LatAm Potential
    5. 5. › Start-up Chile › Encourages entrepreneurs from outside the country to bring their great new startup ideas to Chile and base their operations there. › TechCrunch Disrupt San Francisco › 32 Buenos Aires tech startups participated in the world-renowned tech conference › Government Initiatives › President Juan Manuel Santos of Colombia announced plans to spend more than $2 billion on communications and information technologies, $30 million of which is earmarked for investing in technology companies. › Governments working with existing tech giants for support, and invested in accelerator programs for their own tech startups. › US investors now backing of Brazil and NXTP Labs of Argentina › So many other initiatives spurting all over LatAm LatAm intitiatives…
    6. 6. › Miami setting itself up to support LatAm iniatives › Attracted 700+ multinational companies to support/work with LatAm › VCs and incubators quickly moving to Mexico › Alta Ventures, Wyra, 500 Startups… › Private equity and VC firms commit $7.9B to invest in LatAm across 237 deals, an increase of 37% from previous year › Mexico closed 21 deals for $684 million in 2012, and increase of 50% › Brazil accounted for 147 deals representing $5.7 billion in investments › There is HUGE potential for all these markets to grow The World Recognizes Untapped Potential
    7. 7. › MCSI Index – Mexico is the fastest growing nation in 2012 › Mexico’s growth depends on startups › 35 percent of Mexico’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and 73 percent of the country’s jobs are created by small and medium sized companies (SMEs) › Put together Fund of Funds › Finnova and other funds dedicated to innovation and entrepreneurship › Government backed development fund dedicated to promoting the private equity and venture capital industry in Mexico. › Also able to co-invest with national and international venture capital funds to fund SMEs in Mexico. › Mexican government promotion of venture capital industry was the launch of a $22 million seed capital fund by the Ministry of Economy along with Nacional Financiera. › Startup boom › Mexican startups raised $469 million dollars in 25 projects in 2011 through venture capital › For 2012, LAVCA estimated that VC firms invested around $1 billion in more than 30 deals. Mexico Potential
    8. 8. › To build a new ‘Silicon Valley’ › To build a ecosystem with large companies, individuals, and governments › To build software for local communities › To build software with global reach › To become innovation centers of the world › To become a hub for technology growth › To build value across the nations Right Place, Right Time…
    9. 9. › Local Governments Promote Growth… The government of Zapopan, the biggest municipality of the Guadalajara metropolitan area, is allocating 50 million pesos ($4 million US) to a program promoting entrepreneurship among young people. Zapopan, which attracted $1.3 billion US in private investment in 2011, is the most prominent municipality in Guadalajara in terms of commercial activity. The Time is NOW…
    10. 10. › Corporate Innovation and Corporation Funded Capital Flowing to Mexico "The timing is right and we now have the right ecosystem,"
said Jose Galvez, 37, who recently won a $70,000 grant from
Telefonica's in-house incubator Wayra to fund his
startup,, which links buyers and sellers on social
media. The Time is NOW…
    11. 11. › The US and Global Funds Believe in the Mexican Potential "Within ten years, the industry could be worth 50 to 70
billion dollars," said Cesar Salazar, a managing partner at
Mexican startup venture capital firm Mexican.VC, which was
recently bought by 500 Startups, a U.S. accelerator fund. The Time is NOW…
    12. 12. › Latest Tweets on Mexican Startup Ecosystem 1 - People tend to forget Mexico is 11th largest country w/112M population. 2 - Mexico city is big, scary big. #opportunities.
3 - @PaulSingh: question is not if Mexico startups will catch on, it's when.
4 - For good or for bad, Mexico is intimately tied to US culture and money
5 - Mexico now accounts for 20% of all @StartupWeekend activities outside of US.
6 - Mexico needs more hacking culture, computers labs can't be empty on Fri afternoon. 
7 - Mexico startup ecosystem needs more competition, internally & externally.
8 - @PaulSingh: Mexico will benefit tremendously from a little bit of perceived safety.
9 - Mexico is in desperate need of a local startup hero. ¿donde esta mi Marco Zuckerberg?
10 - Brilliant move by @500Startups to acquire @MexicanVC. Kudos to @DaveMcClure › We are here to help fill the gaps… The Time is NOW…