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Towing Guru - Local Search and Google Adwords Explained


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Towing Guru explains local search and paid search marketing as it pertains to the Towing Industry

Towing Guru explains local search and paid search marketing as it pertains to the Towing Industry

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  • 1. Local Search andGoogle Adwordsthe killer combo
  • 2. Summary
  • 3. About Towing Guru
  • 4. Why Online Marketing Matters
  • 5. But I have a website….
  • 6. Mobile Search
  • 7. Mobile Search
  • 8. Mobile Search
  • 9. Mobile Search
  • 10. Go Local
  • 11. Daniels Towing
  • 12. Statistics
  • 13. The Internet VS Print…..
  • 14. Paid Search– Google Adwords
  • 15. What is Paid Search?
  • 16. What is Paid Search?
  • 17. Paid Search (Pay Per Click) Explained
    Paid Search, also called Pay Per Click or PPC, is a way to guarantee that when someone does a Web search for your product, they will find a page that gives them what they want.
    Unlike “natural search”, which uses Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques to improve or artificially manipulate a search engine (such as Google) to display pages as high up the ranking as possible.
  • 18. Paid Search (Yahoo!)
  • 19. Paid Search (bing)
  • 20. Paid Search (Pay Per Click) Explained
    How does Paid Search work?
    Paid Search is based on the concept of bidding on keywords. The more sought-after the keyword, the higher the price charged by the search engine.
    Depending on the keywords, you would pay a few fractions of a cent right up to tens or hundreds of dollars.
    The critical point in paid search is that you ONLY PAY WHEN SOMEONE CLICKS ON YOUR LINK.
    What Do I Need to Do?
    Anyone can do paid search. You could go to Google’s AdWords site right now, open an account and bid on some keywords.
    It so easy that you can spend a fortune without seeing a return. Every time someone clicks on keywords you’ve bought, you pay. Every single time. Whether or not the person was actually interested in your offering. If you choose your keywords badly, you’ll spend more money than you’ll make in sales. It’s that simple.
  • 21. Paid Search (Pay Per Click) Explained
  • 22. Paid Search for Mobile Devices
  • 23. Facebook Advertising
    • Connect with over 400 Million Users
    • 24. Social Active Ads
    • 25. Create Product Demand
    • 26. Target Your Exact Audience
    • 27. Advertise Your Business, Events, or Your Facebook Page
    • 28. Real Time Tracking
  • Geo Targeting
    • Attract Local Customers
    • 29. Choose Where You Want To Advertise
    • 30. Grow at your Pace
    • 31. Test Ads and Locations
    • 32. Reduce Costs
  • Outperforming the Competition
  • 33. Wrap Up & Questions