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This PDF edition of the Softchoice Advisor magazine features a cover story about BYOD: Bring Your Own Device. Gone are the days where workplace communications were limited to an office phone and desktop computer.

Employees are now demanding the freedom to communicate in multiple streams any time, anywhere, from any device. Our experts discuss the promise and challenges of BYOD.

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Softchoice Advisor - Desktop Environment Edition

  1. 1. sPRiNG SPRING 2011 the BYoD debate 12 office 365 18The Desktop Environment 1 1 .8 8 8 .so ftch oice | BLo ftc ho ic e .coM /ADV iso R
  2. 2. With Softchoice, it’s better together. table of contents Featured Partners 4 the thRee chALLeNGes of the New DesktoP eNViRoNMeNt: Radical changes are afoot 1. solution Design & Delivery Breakthrough technologies 9 that drive greater efficiency. fiNe tuNiNG the futuRe: Professional Services in the new desktop era 2. it Asset Management Services to help you maximize your investment. VisioN Vs. ReALitY: The BYOD debate 12 14 RefResh AND ReLAX: Windows 7 with Lenovo’s Enhanced Experience 3. technology sourcing Reliable, cost-effective fulfillment means you get what you need, when you need it. office 365: Is it right for you? 18 Making the most of IT means understanding all the moving parts – from the it List: The IT "must-haves!" 22 creating the solution and acquiring the technology, to managing it over time. It’s the sort of big picture thinking Softchoice provides every day to thousands of customers across North America. @softchoice Expect Softchoice to combine the best in cost-effective fulfillment with the touch and technical expertise you expect from a local solution provider. Want to be added or removed from our mailing list? Email The Softchoice Advisor publication comes to you free from Softchoice Corporation. Corporate Softchoice headquarters is located at 173 Dufferin Street, Suite 200, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M6K 3H7. Information and pricing are subject to change without notice.connect with us today. Errors and omissions excepted. All manufacturer names are registered trademarks of their respective corporations. No part of this1.800.268.7638 | publication may be reproduced by any means without written permission. © 2011 Softchoice Corporation. Printed in Canada.2 The Desktop Environment 3
  3. 3. the three challenges of the new Desktop environment There’s a perfect storm out there and it’s causing a radical change to the This is when virtualizing either the desktop or application becomes attractive. By packaging the desktop environment. app or the desktop in a bubble and decoupling it from the hardware, organizations can remove application compatibility concerns and deliver the end-user experience to those demanding The proof is everywhere. Start with the prominent use of Windows XP, a 10-year- freedom around the device they use. old operating system causing a mass migration to Windows 7. Next is a sea of aging client hardware, remnants of down-economy budget crises. Challenge #3: DeployingCombine these pressures with an onslaught of new tablet devices, exploding into the enterprise, and you have all Organizations are also faced with figuring out how to efficiently deploy Windows 7 to theirthe ingredients for a complete transformation in desktop delivery practices. fleet. There’s a number of options to look at: deploy manually, machine by machine, through remote deployment, or integrate with a hardware refresh.“It’s truly a paradigm shift,” says Scott Harper, Softchoice’s Director of Business Development. “End users wantto have full access to a customized desktop experience, for all business applications, on any device, anytime, anywhere.” Regardless of the deployment process, organizations will need to package the OS and their applications, and create new golden images – which is no small burden.In the face of this evolution, IT leaders are dealing with a number of key considerations. Below, we’ve explored It’s not uncommon for Softchoice to find organizations with more than 500what we see as the top three challenges of the new desktop environment. applications they need to package for deployment.Challenge #1: Tackling the hardware question And even organizations considering application virtualization – whether it be a Citrix, VMware, or Microsoft solution – still need to package the applications, says Harper.With hardware, the challenge is two-fold for IT leaders looking to upgrade to the latest Windows operating system. “This process is very time consuming and outsourcing it can be a wise move,” Harper argues. “Picking theOn one hand, you might want to standardize on Windows 7. But how? Will you do it through a hardware refresh, wrong approach here can literally cause thousands of hours of extra work.”which many find easiest, or will you do it with a software upgrade? Today, IT leaders need to focus on leveraging technology to efficiently deploy the new desktop experience. As“Organizations looking to standardize on Windows 7 need to decide if they’ll deploy through a PC refresh or opposed to spending 3-5 hours per machine, organizations want to dramatically reduce the provision speed byupgrade their existing fleet,” says Harper. “Examining how many devices are approaching or have surpassed creating an efficient deployment plan.the policy refresh lifecycle and evaluating the fleet’s ability to support the new OS are paramount to the decisionmaking process.” The next stepComplicating the matter, IT departments have to contend with the “consumerization of IT” movement, and the The desktop horizon is complex and shifts daily. What’s certain is that many organizations will face thesedemand to support new kinds of devices. End users want more flexibility, mobility and freedom and you’ve got challenges in 2011. How will you assess your hardware lifecycle? And what steps are needed to determineto address these demands, too, says Harper. application compatibility? Is application virtualization and/or desktop virtualization a viable solution? And how will you create the most efficient deployment strategy, regardless of the direction you take? Challenge #2: Understanding the application Softchoice has the expertise and resources to answer these questions. Visit The second major challenge is assessing and addressing business application compatibility. for more in the coming months, or contact your Softchoice Account Manager today. “One of the most time consuming and daunting tasks in desktop deployment planning is assessing, and testing, driver and application compatibility,” says Harper, underscoring the burden of ensuring line-of-business applications are compatible with new operating systems, such as Windows 7. On top of that, a number of organizations wonder how to deploy legacy “niche” applications and line-of-business web applications that were developed for Internet Explorer 6.4 The Desktop Environment 5
  4. 4. solution Design & Delivery introducing Adobe creative suite® 5.5 ®{ { striking the right balance between innovation and the financial realities of Make an impact through print, video, and digital experiences for virtually any device and platform. your business is just one of the ways we help you get ahead. To connect the With powerful new creative tools, enhanced performance, simple workflows, and support for dots, we offer a host of resources to engineer complete solutions that enhance cutting-edge standards like HTML5 and EPUB 3, Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 software helps you create business performance and your bottom line. From enterprise solution architects rich content for virtually any media. Whether you need to produce printed pages, create high-end to leasing and financing experts, Softchoice helps you leverage innovation to video, or design and distribute engaging interactive content for the latest smartphones and tablets, meet your immediate and long-term business goals. Creative Suite 5.5 is ready to help you boost productivity and keep pace with your creative vision. For more information, visit DESIgN & DELIvERY | IT ASSET MANAgEMENT | TECHNOLOgY SOuRCINg
  5. 5. fine tuning the future: Professional Services in the new desktop era As organizations adapt to an evolving desktop Advisor: What is the most commonly overlooked environment, Professional Services will play a key role in PS opportunity? guiding this transformation. The arrival of next-generation technology is one thing, but navigating through hundreds John: In general, organizations who jump into new of options and actually deploying them are the most technologies without doing proper assessments or testsiBM tivoli endpoint Manager. crucial components of IT success. The Advisor met with John Kauffman, Director of Professional Services and developments tend to have the most issues. A great example would be with virtualization, where companies at Softchoice to discuss Professional Services’ role in manage to reduce physical hardware, but get caughtBuilt on BigFix® technology. delivering the new desktop era. with virtual server sprawl, when they fail to manage server life-cycles properly. Advisor: Can you define Professional Services for us? Advisor: Why is it that so few organizations rely on John: For IT, Professional Services (PS) relate to functions these types of services? performed by consultants or contractors toIBM Tivoli® Endpoint Manager—built on BigFix® technology—helps you achieve help organizations achieve their objectives and goals. John: Many customers have their own IT team and relysmarter, faster endpoint management. It combines endpoint and security These services are at the heart of win-win, long on it to carry out new projects while doing their day-to-management into a single solution that enables your team to see and manage term relationships. day tasks. What happens is they spend much of theirphysical and virtual endpoints—servers, desktops, roaming laptops, and specialized time maintaining their investments, and far less timeequipment such as point-of-sale devices, ATMs and self-service kiosks. Advisor: What kind of projects do organizations innovating (the old 80/20 rule). Softchoice believes it generally go to a partner for guidance with? should be different, and we see ourselves as an extension of your IT department. We help plan and put together John: We’re seeing a whole range of clients, from solutions as a value-add service and provide proof of enterprise to small businesses, all with a multitude of concepts for new ventures. The goal is to let you focus on projects, from quick fixes, deployments, fleet retirements, what counts, as we manage the headaches. to health checks. We’re delivering roadmap strategies, technology assessments, disaster recovery planning, and Professional Services will be at the heart of the data center optimization. changing desktop in 2011 and beyond. These days, IT • Single intelligent agent for continuous endpoint self-assessment and policy enforcement. leaders realize it’s not enough to simply buy the best • Real-time visibility and control from a single management console. Advisor: What are some of the biggest challenges technology. Ensuring the proper processes, testing and • Manage hundreds of thousands of endpoints regardless of location, connection type or status. facing customers in the new desktop environment and management schemes are behind those investments • Target specific actions to an exact type of endpoint configuration or user type. how are PS helping remedy these challenges? are fundamental to IT success. Talk to a Softchoice • Reduce management complexity and cost, increase accuracy, and boost productivity. representative today to learn more about how we can John: Desktop environments have multiple challenges help service, and deliver, your next major project. • Support heterogeneous platforms—Microsoft® Windows®, UNIX®, Linux® and Mac operating systems. and as the number of users increase, the complexity of managing the infrastructure is heightened. Desktop virtualization is one example of a major technology many IT managers are still struggling to investigate. With the economy stifling budgets a few years ago, refreshing hardware and understanding the health of your aging PCs is another growing
  6. 6. it Asset Management Available here. Now. There’s an AutoCAD for every design need. Whether you’re in building, infrastructure, or manufacturing, there’s a CAD software program that’s built for you. Now that program is available from Softchoice.{ { Autodesk® Inventor® mechanical design software takes engineers beyond 3D to digital prototyping by enabling them to design, visualize, and simulate products before they are ever built. the right strategy goes a long way to reducing costs and simplifying ongoing management. To streamline deployment, we provide complete Built for Building Information Modeling (BIM), Autodesk® Revit® architecture software helps you to capture and analyze design concepts and more accurately maintain your vision through design, hardware roll-out services to ensure your technology comes ready to work – on documentation and construction. time and on budget. And to make the most of your investments, we also offer comprehensive IT asset management services designed to enhance control and Autodesk® Design Suite 2012 software combines powerful, flexible AutoCAD® 2012 software drive savings – from beginning to end. with intuitive, proven sketching, conceptual design, presentation, and visualization solutions in a single, cost-effective package.SOLuTION DESIgN & DELIvERY | IT ASSET MANAgEMENT | TECHNOLOgY SOuRCINg The Desktop Environment 11
  7. 7. Vision vs. Reality: The BYOD DebateGone are the days where workplace communications were Well how about we tackle each of those. Let’s enterprise mobile security, allowing organizations to provide a variety of unified communication tools that address theselimited to an office phone and desktop computer. Employeesare now demanding the freedom to communicate in multiple Q: start with endare your concerns? James, what user experience/performance. reliable and easy-to-deploy encrypted network connectivity to mobile workers wherever they are. The aim here is ultimately compatibility issues and take enterprise collaboration to the level we need it to be at – like dual-mode, where devicesstreams any time, anywhere, from any device. to give users flexibility and freedom, but that doesn’t mean can seamlessly make voice calls, connect and transfer from a James: For starters, a lot of us in IT are concerned about there won’t be some constraints and compliance rules. It can’t WLAN to a public cellular network and back again. Or a unifiedTake phones for instance. A recent article published by Gartner issues like poorly configured machines that react badly on our be a complete free-for-all. Employees, for instance, have to mobile communicator that offers features like visual voicemail,predicts by year end 2013, 40 percent of enterprise workers networks. It just opens a big can of worms. And then there’s agree to allow their devices to be subject to the same kind of corporate directory access, even presence.will have abandoned or removed their desk phone in favor the issue of wireless performance. It’s finite for Softchoice monitoring and security policies corporate devices are subjectof their mobile. users, meaning it’s not meant to be the primary mode of to now. communication. Not to mention, wireless is capped at aThis “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) trend is empowering fraction of land line speed and we don’t have enough Softchoice’s Cisco Unified Communications Readinessusers to communicate more effectively. It allows them to wireless access points to connect large numbers of users Q: Assessment can help you rapidly identify your currentuse whichever device they’re most comfortable with and if, say, everyone starts bringing in their iPads. James, you mentioned concerns on resource state environment and develop a roadmap for transforminggives them the freedom to access information, clients and use too? communications and collaboration tools to better aligncolleagues in the office, on the road or in the coffee shop Frank: Great points. But there are already unified with your business. Whether you’re starting from scratch,and, increasingly at home. communications solutions out there that address many of James: I did. How do we, for instance, guarantee a user’s wanting to just increase utilization of your existing these experience and performance concerns. With any of device doesn’t naturally produce a broadcast storm when equipment or integrate some existing equipmentAll great news if you’re a BYOD user. A challenge – some these new technologies, it’s a given that you need a solid it connects to our network? And how about additional with the latest and greatest, Softchoice can tailor themight say nightmare – for the IT department, in whose network and fast connection. And you want to think about technical resources needed to resolve issues introduced assessment to what you need and we can help youlap the challenges of creating and managing this unified choosing unified communication tools from one vendor so you by disparate devices? determine the unified experience that will meet theexperience falls. can add other features more easily in the future – for instance needs of your unique organization. a softphone client for PCs or single number reach, which Frank: Well, luckily, for concerns like broadcast storms,We invited Softchoice’s own IT Manager James Ambursley and allows employees to be reached automatically on companies like Cisco have switches with a loop avoidance Visit to take advantageUnified Communications Expert Frank Ball to sit down over a their mobile, desk or home phone. mechanism called Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) that eliminates of this assessment.cup of joe and discuss the promise and challenges of BYOD. redundant links in your network – it can go a long way to Q: How about security? avoiding meltdowns. On the issue of additional technical resources, they’re definitely needed for troubleshooting issues that mobile carriers won’t be able to help users with. ButQ: What are your overallOwn Device? the one of the keys is to find solutions that bridge the gap – for thoughts on James: Not surprisingly, it’s a huge concern for me and I know advent of Bring Your instance ones that can allow different instant messaging or Frank appreciates why I think so. After all, with the potential presence standards from, say, Google, Microsoft and other for so many BYOD mobiles flying around, there’s the a risk of James Ambursley - players to communicate with one another. If you can useFrank: At the end of the day, it’s a win for everybody – even data loss from lost or stolen devices, not to mention malware Softchoice IT Manager solutions that unify these disparate worlds, it makes resolvingIT and even if they’re not seeing the light just quite yet. BYOD and vulnerability to the organization from unsecured point of issues that much easier in the back-end – and that means theand the unified communications and collaboration tools behind access or weak security links. So how do you ensure the kind need for technical resources is kept in check.the scenes that make it a reality ultimately help organizations of robust security an enterprise needs across today’s diversemove with greater speed and agility. It’s technology that mobile devices without stifling users’ creativity or productivity,empowers people to communicate more effectively,improving business processes and helping businesses or shutting them out from the files they need to touch on their machines? Q: And finally, James, you mentioned compatibility? Frank Ball - Softchoiceachieve better profitability. James: Yes. With the various OS possibilities for user comfort Unified Communications Expert Frank: There’s obviously a whole other level of vigilance in personal devices, difficulties inevitably arise for machinesJames: Well, BYOD is one of those new buzz terms in the expected from IT managers and obviously a dedicated that don’t meet preset compatibility requirements. Do weindustry and I think what it really means is “look out!” approach to the challenge. Security here is no longer simply provide an alternative to users? Do we adjust our compatibilityUnified communications sounds like a great answer for about traditional firewalls. Security vulnerability with mobile requirements? How do we determine what features may notmany organizations but I have concerns that the theory devices needs to be addressed and the major mobile work in unified communication without knowing the deviceand reality don’t mesh up in a whole host of areas – end user players – Apple, Google, Nokia and of course RIM – have fully ahead of time?experience/performance, security, resource use made significant progress toward key enterprise must-havesand compatibility. like data synchronization, remote wiping and locking in case Frank: Well, we’ll never know every device fully ahead of devices are lost or stolen and management software that time but there are still a finite number of them and we can keeps personal and business data completely separate – and do a good job of dealing with the ones we know. There are therefore secure. The big players are already transforming12 The Desktop Environment 13
  8. 8. Refresh Windows 7 with Lenovo’s Enhanced Experience 2.0 and Relax “This program exemplifies how the collaboration between Microsoft and our hardware partners leads to improved experiences for our joint customers.” - steve Guggenheimer, corporate Vice President of the oeM Division atA lot of organizations are wrestling with the best way to introduce Windows 7 into Microsoft corporation.their environment. For those who want to standardize on one operating system, thereare different approaches. One is a PC refresh. The new generation Lenovo Enhanced Experience 2.0 for Windows 7 has perfected Lenovo PCs for business by integrating robust security features, superior webgiven the economic challenges organizations have faced over the past 24 months, conferencing technology, enhanced multimedia, and faster start-up andmany are dealing with an aging PC fleet with significant technology gaps. Many shutdown times.environments are addressing these concerns by evaluating the performance gainsoffered by refreshing their PC client systems and leveraging the power of Microsoft’s With limited time and resources to manage business IT tools, it’s important to leverageWindows 7 operating system. a trusted IT advisor with the necessary skills and bandwidth to assist with a PC rollout. It is imperative customers focus their efforts on their core competencies to remainBut to support a Windows 7 environment, you will first have to address your current competitive within their industries. Lenovo Authorized Resellers like Softchoice canPC hardware capabilities. The reality is that some PCs just won’t be able to handle provide a variety of products, solutions and services to assist.Windows 7. call your softchoice Account Manager or email win7enhanced@softchoice.comupdating PC client systems along with deploying Windows 7 will ensure organizations today. our it experts can provide strategic direction to assess, deploy andunleash their full PC computing potential. It can significantly reduce PC lifecycle support many it solutions, including best-of-breed solutions including Lenovomanagement costs, while realizing considerable energy cost savings. Lenovo has Pcs and windows 7.been a long-time partner of Microsoft and has been involved with Windows 7since the start.“We have made significant R&D investments throughout Microsoft’s development ofWindows 7 to ensure our mutual customers have an optimized Windows 7 experiencewhen using Lenovo PCs,” says Craig Taylor, Client Executive from Lenovo Canada Inc.“Working directly with Microsoft throughout all stages of the operating system design,we created Lenovo Enhanced Experience 2.0.” The Desktop Environment 15
  9. 9. technology sourcing hP’s All-in-one 6000 Pro Business Pc Performance. Manageability. stability.{ { Unpack, place, plug in and work comfortably with a 21.5” diagonal high-definition LCD display that tilts and swivels A sound technology investment is about more than finding what you need for optimal placement. The HP Compaq 6000 Pro comes complete with integrated collaboration tools, DisplayPort at a great price. You also want knowledgeable service and delivery you can output and an integrated 6-in-1 media card reader to easily transfer files, videos, and more. Features an integrated depend on. As one of North America’s largest technology providers, we give and commercial design that will leave your workspace free of cables. Get a choice of proven Intel® processors, up to you all of this plus a unified approach to account management that ensures 1 TB of hard drive space and DDR3 memory upgradable to 8 GB. complete line of sight across the entire purchasing process. Our goal? Save you Contact your local Softchoice Account Manager or Softchoice directly at 1-888-607-7638 or time, money and maybe even your sanity. DESIgN & DELIvERY | IT ASSET MANAgEMENT | TECHNOLOgY SOuRCINg16 The Desktop Environment 17
  10. 10. Office 365: Is it right for you?With Office 365 on the way, many organizations are wondering how it will affect the desktop. Microsoft Online Services (BPOS) customers:Softchoice wants to give you everything you need to navigate this complex topic and find the Organizations running Microsoft Online Services, (a.k.a BPOS) should find out exactly what theguidance you need to make great decisions. Over the coming months, we will be constantly transition will mean to them. Organizations will want to understand timelines, which plan they willupdating our expert-written blog, The Microsoft Navigator ( automatically be enrolled in and what the key differences are between BPOS and Office 365 regardingto address top level concerns. Here’s a peak at the major topics we feel are top of mind with most IT functionality and cost.leaders looking at Office 365: Low hanging fruit and Microsoft Exchange:Licensing: Despite all the marketing buzz, many organizations are not looking at Office 365 as an “all-inLicensing agreements can be tough to understand. This time, Microsoft is making the Office 365 proposition.” As such, there’s more attention being paid to which technologies will function best inlicensing process a lot more flexible than it has been before. But with more flexibility, comes the cloud, which are easiest to migrate, and which ones will have the most pay-off for IT admins andmore challenges. With over 6 major plans to choose from – all wildly different in performance and budget managers alike. Many business are really focused on Microsoft Exchange and seeing how thatcost – you need to understand exactly which users in your business fit which plan, or if they should will work in the cloud, perhaps more than any other element in the Office 365 suite. The reason: itstick on premise. could resolve some of the biggest headaches for IT admins.Deal Breakers: Single sign on and need for ADFS:Before you even begin to worry about when and how you’re going to migrate to the “Office in the Office 365 offers users something its predecessor and most other cloud offerings can’t: single sign-onCloud,” you need to know what factors could make the transition impossible, more difficult, or all and seamless authentication with the desktop. But something needs to be kept in mind: if you aretogether unnecessary. We dug up the top 3 deal breakers for implementing Microsoft Office 365: running Server 2008 Active Directory on-premises, you must configure Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) to achieve single sign-on. This will open up a world of ease for your admins, and will 1.Contracts: be much less headaches for the end user, hopefully increasing adoption across the company. Being contractually bound to other technologies, such as Unified Communication & Collaboration (UC&C), from competing vendors might make Office 365 a no go. 2.Regulations: Want the full scoop on these stories and much more? While Office 365 offers coverage on most of the big ones (such as HIPAA, ISO 27001 and FIRPA), you Visit Microsoft Navigator and get clear on Office 365. want to closely investigate any other regulations such as PCI. 3.Customization: NAViGAtoR If you have highly-customized functions for Exchange or Sharepoint which are business critical, you might have a hard time migrating to the cloud.18 The Desktop Environment 19
  11. 11. camtasia studio: secuRe AND ResiLieNt ViRtuALizAtioN Lexmark t652dn Printer screen Recording foR YouR BusiNess APPLicAtioNs. Built on an ultra-proven 10th generation laser engine, this workhorse mono printer defines the word ‘reliable’. That’s why it’s in many of Canada’s Easily record onscreen activity, presentation largest banks, drug store and hardware store chains. slides, webcam video and audio in front of a live Why? Because it just works, all day, every day. audience or at your desk. Make tutorial videos, on-demand presentations, demos and more. • For workgroups of up to 15 employees • Prints at 50 pages/minute • Comfortably prints to 30,000 pages every month • Duplex Softchoice Product SKU: AQ9743 Record edit share INTRODUCING EMC VNX FAMILY Boot 125 virtual desktops in 2 minutes with simple, efficient, powerful unified storage starting under $10K. Learn more at | 1.800.268.7638 or contact your Softchoice Account Manager at (416) 588-9002 ext 2342 EMC2, EMC, the EMC logo, VNX, VNXe, and where information lives are registered trademarks or trademarks of EMC Corporation in the United States and other countries. © Copyright 2011 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved. H860220 The Desktop Environment 21
  12. 12. the it list Scott is an IT Pro who relies on the latest and greatest technology to get the job done. Only the best will do. Here are his favorites: our DifferenceEarth-friendly, mercury-free LED back-lighttechnology, stunning, ergonomic design. Solid ink is simple to use, produces stunningAcer is the # 1 LCD brand in Canada for five color print quality, produces less waste, andyears in a row. enables low cost color for small businesses and global corporations alike.Your source for a full range of Gbictransceivers. With unique serialization 2010 CES Innovations Award Winner! Includesand a lifetime product replacement, all you need to wirelessly stream videoyou can count on the quality and and audio from your computer to a remoteconsistency of each Axiom Gbic. monitor, projector, or TV. Using Ultra-Wide Band technology, the kit enables in-room wireless connectivity up to 30 feet.Your industry leader in in Memory,Your industry leader Memory, {Optical Transceivers and Fiber Cables.Optical Transceivers and Fiber Cables.Specializing inin quality product and FirstSpecializing quality product and FirstClass customer service.Class customer service. Symantec Mobile Management. Enterprise security and unified management for all leading mobile devices. Talk to Softchoice’s Symantec Specialist today! our methodology begins by working with you in person. We believe this approach translates into a better understanding of your business, better advice and better solutions. To this we add dedicated account management services,Celebrate Eaton’s 100th Anniversary! world-class fulfillment, and access to deep expertise in asset managementwith superior technology, longer battery life,great prices, and great efficiency ratings. The and solution design.Eaton 9130 is built to protect all your mission Looking for a network printer? Samsung hascritical applications. Available in Rack or a wide variety of color and mono laser MFPsTower 700 -3000VA. and printers to suit your needs. Our goal? unlock hidden savings, stretch your budget and create greater leverage for your business at every step. Connect with us today. 1.800.268.7638 | SOLuTION DESIgN & DELIvERY | IT ASSET MANAgEMENT | TECHNOLOgY SOuRCINg22 The Desktop Environment 23
  13. 13. get social with softchoice Whether you’re looking to engage in useful IT discussions withindustry experts, or just looking to catch up on the latest technology trends from some of the best thought-leaders in the business, there are many ways to connect and engage with us. connect with us!