Softchoice Adobe Creative Cloud Webinar: What You Need To Know


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Adobe has said goodbye to its boxed versions of Creative Suite and moved their software platform to a service dubbed “Adobe Creative Cloud.” In July 2013, Softchoice hosted a free webinar providing a short and focused overview of the new Adobe Creative Cloud, and it's implications for organizations the world over.

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  • Now let’s talk about how to actually use the Admin Console to provision and manage Creative Cloud for teams. In the team management screen, you can do a number of things including add seats, invite users, monitor their usage, etc.
  • What is Creative Cloud Packager? Creative Cloud Packager is a tool that enables administrators to centrally deploy all Creative Cloud applications, or a customized subset. Creative Cloud Packager ensures version parity across desktops, saving support costs and network congestion. What are the benefits of using Creative Cloud Packager? Creative Cloud Packager enables you, the IT admin, to maintain control of how Creative Cloud applications (and feature updates) are installed. Centralized deployment ensures that everyone is on the same version of the software, which reduces support costs. Centralized deployment also prevents network congestion, as you don’t have multiple users downloading the same bits at the same time. Customization & Flexibility You can tailor the Creative Cloud packages to meet the needs of your team. For example you can package Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign for some team members, and then provide all of the video production tools to others. As the team grows and evolves, different packages can be created and deployed in order to ensure team members always have the tools they need to be successful. You can choose 32-bit or 64-bit versions of the applications, and specify advanced configuration options, providing greater control. Ease of Use Creative Cloud Packager has an easy-to-use interface that makes it simple to create a deployment package. The packages created by Creative Cloud Packager are in familiar, industry-standard formats (MSI in Windows, PKG in Mac OS) that are compatible with familiar, industry-standard deployment solutions such as SSCM and ARD.
  • Softchoice Adobe Creative Cloud Webinar: What You Need To Know

    1. 1. July 18, 2013 Adobe Creative Cloud & Softchoice Cloud: Better Together
    2. 2. Agenda 1. Adobe Creative Cloud Overview (Mark Schuppisser) 2. Vehicles for purchasing & licensing Creative Cloud (Mark Schuppisser) 3. How Softchoice Cloud helps you transition (Jeremy Baynes) 4. Draw for a free 1 year subscription (Robyn Eddison) 5. Q & A (Moderated by Robyn Eddison)
    3. 3. Mark Schuppisser Adobe Creative Cloud Solutions Architect, Softchoice Corp. Adobe Creative Cloud
    4. 4. Adobe Creative Cloud
    5. 5. Impact on your Business 5 Ways Creative Cloud Impacts Your Organization ( 1. New normal for software distribution 2. Economics work to your advantage 3. 100% Compliance, means less risk 4. Collaboration with Cloud 5. Limited time for support for CS6
    6. 6. Purchasing Vehicles  All are subscription based  Value Incentive Plan (VIP)  Enterprise Term License Agreement (ETLA)  Education Enterprise Agreement (EEA)  CLP Government Term Offering (CLP-G)
    7. 7. VIP Value Incentive Plan (VIP) (Typically <125 Creative Users) VIP is Adobe's new membership-based buying program that customers join to purchase Creative Cloud for teams Creative Cloud for teams is for small and midsize organizations Primarily for Commercial, but open to EDU and GOV
    8. 8. Admin Console Homepage ABC Reseller
    9. 9. What is Creative Cloud Packager? What are the benefits of using Creative Cloud Packager? Customization & Flexibility Ease of Use Creative Cloud Packager
    10. 10. ETLA Enterprise Term License Agreement (ETLA) (Typically >125 Creative Users) Customizable term volume licensing program designed for Adobe's top commercial, education, and government customers Can be used to purchase Creative Cloud for enterprise, Acrobat, and other desktop products Can be completely customized to cover individual products, multiple products, or a wide range of solutions offered by Adobe
    11. 11. Education Enterprise Agreement (EEA) One-year or two-year term-based licensing program Minimize the cost and complexity of providing Adobe Creative Cloud desktop applications and other software to their licensed faculty, staff, and students EEA
    12. 12. EEA
    13. 13. EEA
    14. 14. CLP-G CLP Government Term Offering for Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop Apps (CLP-G for CCDA) ( Term-based product offering for new or existing CLP Government customers. Does not include Creative Cloud storage, online services, or require internet connectivity Ideal for Government customers that need to be behind a secure firewall or are in an area with limited to no internet access
    15. 15. Promotion Lock in a $39.99 renewal price for all CCT seats purchased by August 31, 2013 Commercial and GOV customers Promotion (now through August 31, 2013) Promotion (Sepetmber 1 - December 31, 2013) 1st Year $39.99/month ($480/year) $49.99/month ($600/year) 2nd Year $39.99/month ($480/year) No Promo - $69.99/month ($840/year) SAVINGS $720/subscription $240/subscription
    16. 16. Adobe Creative Cloud & Softchoice Cloud: Better Together Jeremy Baynes Softchoice Cloud Technical Architect, Softchoice Corp.
    17. 17. Softchoice Cloud Platform Suite of services designed to make your journey to the cloud as easy as possible Provides all of the advisory, services and tools to transition Adobe (and other software platforms) seamlessly to the cloud.
    18. 18. Softchoice Cloud Platform
    20. 20. Streamlined Sourcing
    21. 21. Adobe Creative Cloud & SC Cloud: Better Together • Advisory Services from leading Adobe Subject Matter Experts • Adobe Tech Check • Provisioning/Deprovisioning for Adobe Creative Cloud • Single Sign on for Creative Cloud and your other SaaS apps • Ability to drive improved Adobe Creative Cloud and other cloud app adoption
    22. 22. Next Steps 1. Call your Softchoice Rep or e-mail to set up a call with our in house Adobe specialists 2. Help you plan and roadmap your transition from Creative Suite to Creative Cloud 3. Discuss your overall Cloud strategy and how Softchoice Cloud can facilitate the move to the cloud across all your SaaS apps
    23. 23. Thank You!