Softball tools pro hammer training bat


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ProHammeris designed to quickly train increase softball hitting power, bat speed, and ball control while minimizing common hitting issues such as roll over, chopping, and scooping.

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Softball tools pro hammer training bat

  1. 1. ProHammer Fastpitch Training BatProHammer is designed to quickly trainincrease softball hitting power, bat speed, andball control while minimizing common hittingissues such as roll over, chopping, Training bats
  2. 2. ProHammer Fastpitch Training Bat Bat technology has provided excellent "pop" in todays softball bats. This typically means nice big sweet spots and very little feedback when hitters mishit the ball. Training bats
  3. 3. ProHammer Fastpitch Training BatDesigned to hit real softballs, theProHammer fastpitch trainingbat allows you, not only to trainimportant hitting mechanics viadrill work, but also to train in thegame like situations as well foroptimal game day Training bats
  4. 4. ProHammer Fastpitch Training BatTests have shown significant improvements in thefollowing areas:•ball exit trajectory (more line drives)•power (optimum wrist control)•ball control (hit to the power alleys)•batting eye (improved focus)•confidence with game bat Bat path (shortest path to theball) Training bats
  5. 5. ProHammer Fastpitch Training BatThe ProHammer™ is a swing-enhancingtraining bat that not only teaches hitters tomake consistent contact with the “sweet spot”of a bat, but it also improves a players hand-eye coordination and dramatically reduces thetendency to roll over the ball. The ProHammertraining bat is now available for baseball andsoftball players and organizations around Training bats
  6. 6. ProHammer Fastpitch Training BatWe love how the Pro-hammer teaches you theproper bat-path and bat angle. The solid feelyou get when you hit the ball properly with thePro-hammer reinforces the perfect swing.Conversely, the vibrating feel when you havethe wrong bat path teaches you how to findthe correct one! The great thing is that thistraining aid grooves a professional swing- onethat will hold up against all levels of Training bats
  7. 7. ProHammer Fastpitch Training BatDeveloping a powerful and precise swing isfundamental to better hittingperformance. The ProHammers balanceddesign allows the hitter to hone his swing atgame speed while hitting real baseballs. Theunique shape of the barrel will instantly tellthe hitter whether each swing is off-sweet-spot, rolled-over, or absolutely perfect. A truedevelopment tool for hard-working players,the ProHammer is simply the Training bats
  8. 8. ProHammer Fastpitch Training Bat The ProHammer is a great hitting training tool. When working off the tee the balance of the bat allows me to undersand where my hands are at the point of Training bats
  9. 9. ProHammer Fastpitch Training BatThe ProHammer can help ball players at all skill levelsenhance their swing through improved path-to-theball. The ProHammer’s reduced hitting surface is designedto eliminate wrist roll at contact and under-cutting of theball, which often results in weak ground balls and pop-upsthat are easily fielded. By providing a narrow hitting surface(bat barrel), it gives quick and efficient feedback to thehitter, letting him know that he has found the “edge grain”of the bat. Additionally, the unique shape of thebarrel trains the hitter to correct and refine his path to theball, resulting in more line-drives into fair territory. Training bats
  10. 10. ProHammer Fastpitch Training BatThe ProHammer is rapidly becomingrecognized by hitting experts as apowerful training tool for seriousprograms and dedicated players.Whether your players swing wood,metal, or composite, all hitters WILLimprove their performance bydeveloping strong, efficient wrist actionand aprecise swing path. Take hittingdrills to the next level withthe ProHammer! Training bats