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Presentation at CIRB on Friday 08/12/11

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  • 21% of Facebook users are over 55 yrs oldFacebook: 59%Linked In: 12%Netlog: 12%Twitter: 8%Insites research in November 2011
  • Social media is not only cmmunicationIt should be through the whole company (link different depts)
  • Bloggers talked about the event
  • Possibility to share but NO SOME presence
  • Quelquesgroupesfermésrassemblant des pompierslocaux
  • Twitter seems to be favored over Facebook
  • ContentTone of voiceImportant to find the right platform: Twitter very popular with public services but not very used yet in BE
  • CIRB social media & public services

    1. 1. PUBLIC SERVICES & SOCIAL MEDIA A perfect match or a growing relationship? 12 December 2011
    2. 2. Agenda 1 The advent of Social Media: rise of the communities 2 Social Media in a communication plan: where does it belong? 3 Communities? What about public services 4 Social Media offers public services during crisis, but who is behind it? 5 Public Services on Social Media: what can of presence today?
    3. 3. The advent of Social Media: RISE OF THE COMMUNITIES1
    4. 4. Before 1989:companies CONTROLLED their communication closely via PR & Marketing 1989 The Internet Now, EVERYBODY can share their experiences and their (dis)satisfaction. It can’t be controlled anymore.
    5. 5. What happened during the last 10 years?A Consumer Revolution
    6. 6. 2002 20032003
    7. 7. 2005 20062007 >3bn pictures 2011 by 2009
    8. 8. 1999 Bought by Google 2003 20072003
    9. 9. Word of mouth is now global. Everyone has an opinionUser-generated contenton sites : reviews Bloggers tests Dedicated blogs
    10. 10. SOCIAL MEDIA IS A REALITY Social Media is here to stay It can be a threat but is mainly an opportunity BUT it requires a lot of work! Social Media reinvents the concept of consumers’ voice and enables the power of conversation
    11. 11. What does it represent in Belgium?Social Media inNumbers
    12. 12. 5,2 millions of Belgians use Social Media = 64% of the population.Age on Facebook Social Media in Belgium Facebook Over 55 Linked In Under 55 Netlog Twitter
    13. 13. Good News: YOU can be partof the conversation
    14. 14. Social Media in a Communication plan WHERE DOES IT BELONG?2
    15. 15. The truth is that successfulSocial Media planning can be ashard as crossing the world’smost difficult roundabout
    16. 16. Businesses benefit mostfrom a structuredapproach
    17. 17. Differentiating between various media types OWNED RENTED EARNED MEDIA MEDIA MEDIA Websites, corporate blog, Display ads, paid twitter, facebook, blogs, forum twitter account, facebook search, sponsoships, Rented s, review group, YouTube Email lists, ... sites, Youtube, Flickr, Digg...Channel, brand community, ...
    18. 18. Social Tactics To Grow a Business MEDIA YOU OWN MEDIA YOU RENT MEDIA YOU EARN Private research community LISTENING Website surveys (pop-up) Online Focus Groups Social Media Monitoring Campaign Launch: TALKING + Website, blog, Twitter/FB account, Viral campaignsRESPONDING own Email list, Brand community E-reputation management Display ads, Sponsorship Paid search Rented Email lists Branded profile skins (Netlog) Ambassador identification Member-get-Member platformENERGIZING Branded blog platform Social buttons (Facebook Share, Connect) PEER Collaborative webcare platform, Outsourced supportSUPPORTING wiki Custom platform forEMBRACING Crowdsourced innovation Out -+ Crowdsourced innovation
    19. 19. Communities? It’sabout public services!3
    20. 20. Public servicesSOCIAL, COMMUNITY -----> perfect fit for Social Media, right?
    21. 21. 1 Communicate directly with citizens: 2- way conversationsSOCIAL Build strong communities both online and 2MEDIA off lineALLOWS 3 Be there when and where you are neededYOU TO 4 Offer great service on a daily basis, not just during crisis.
    22. 22. So, Public Services are a hit on Social Media, right?... Right? No!
    23. 23. The problem? WHAT DO WE TALK ABOUT ON A REGULAR BASIS?
    24. 24. Social media, Public Services & Crisis WHO IS BEHIND IT?4
    25. 25. Whenever there is a CRISIS, itthen seems obvious to use SocialMedia but without prior presenceit is very difficult to be effective.
    26. 26. Pukkelpop 2011: a storm hits thefestival. A stage collapses.Communication lines are off.Festival-goers are stuck in Hasselt
    27. 27. Example 1: Pukkelpop 2011
    28. 28. The Power of #hashtags
    29. 29. The London Riots of 2011
    30. 30. Example 2: London riots – the clean up
    31. 31. The power of #hashtags
    32. 32. While Blackberry’s IM system was blamedfor helping looters get organised, thecitizens’ response was to share real timeinformation via Social Media and laterorganise the clean-up.WHERE WERE THE PUBLIC SERVICES?
    33. 33. The Met’s response?Ask citizens to post pictures of looters on their FlickR account so they could bepunished…a few weeks later
    34. 34. Whenever there is a problem that touchesthe general population, Social Media allowsreal-time communication toINFORM, HELP, ADVISE and REASSUREcitizens. It is a powerful tool that should beembraced by public services.
    35. 35. Belgian Public Services on Social Media WHAT KIND OF PRESENCE?5
    36. 36. TRANSPORT: STIB
    37. 37. SERVICES: POLICE
    38. 38. Services: Bpost
    41. 41. AND ABROAD?
    43. 43. Social media = a goodopportunity to communicate &reach the communities youprovide with servicesIt also allows you to INFORMand be present in real timeduring crisis (small or important)
    44. 44. BUT you need a clear long term strategy +content plan to sustain conversations in the long runBecause you DO have real role to play – that can be enabled & empowered by Social Media
    45. 45. QUESTIONS?