Hybrid Service - High Business Value, High Service Efficiency


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Hybrid Service - a service that combines the ICT management and development services of Sofigate with the ICT services of Atos, Enfo and Fujitsu.

Learn more at www.hybridservice.com

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Hybrid Service - High Business Value, High Service Efficiency

  1. 1. Meet StevenVice President of Global Business Corp. ” People, processes, data and ICT solutions are my core assets. I need to have commodity ICT solutions that my people love to use. My focus is on unique business concepts that utilize new technology opportunities. ™
  2. 2. Why Is the World Becoming Hybrid?Business expects agile development combined with reliable service delivery. High Business Value High Service Efficiency ™
  3. 3. What Is Expected from a CIO?To balance between two opposing demands from the business High High Business Service Value Efficiency Build New Capabilities Cut Costs Customize Standardize Make Business Agile Make IT Predictable Business Unit Goals Enterprise Goals Source: ’CIOs Dilemma’ by Abbie Lundberg, former editor-in-chief of CIO magazine
  4. 4. How Can Hybrid Service Solve CIO’s Dilemma? New business opportunities Unique High concepts Business Business Value oriented Business planning value Towards optimal results using end-to-end service management Process Business High oriented continuity Service delivery Efficiency Standard New solutions technology ™
  5. 5. Hybrid Service Is a Service That CombinesICT Management and Development with ICT Delivery ™
  6. 6. How Does Hybrid Service Reach the Optimal Result? The service includes management practices. It constantly strives toward the best possible setting under customer’s control. Governance and Decision Making by Customer Demand Management: Develop Business with ICT Decision Making Apps Center DELIVERY ECOSYSTEMBUSINESS ECOSYSTEM Reporting Infra Center Best Practices Data Center High Business Value High Service Efficiency Delivery Management: Deliver Reliable Services KPIs, Objectives and Benchmarking by Customer ™
  7. 7. Why Hybrid Service Supersedes Traditional Service? Traditional Service Hybrid Service Focus on Service Governance Focus on Business Value Conflicting interests on different Focus on optimal E2E service sides of the barrier for the Business ™
  8. 8. Development Meets Delivery Development Manager Delivery Manager• Customer Interaction • Service Operation• Business – ICT Development • ICT Implementation and Realization• Manage Service Expectations • Manage Service Fulfillment• Manage ICT Business Continuity • Resolve ICT Business Continuity Issues ™
  9. 9. End-to-End Service Management and Transparency Process and Service Management Management System Dashboard Management ™
  10. 10. Hybrid Service Is Lean and Mean • Direct communication • Less layers in the middle • Agile development of service • Business oriented governance • End-to-end service management • Ready-to-use tools and practices ™
  11. 11. More Business Valuewith Hybrid Service www.hybridservice.com ™