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Word of Mouth ? Forget Likes ! Buzzer @ OMK 2011
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Word of Mouth ? Forget Likes ! Buzzer @ OMK 2011


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Willem Sodderland, CEO of Buzzer, Europe's leading Word of Mouth Marketing agency, presents at Digital Days 2011 in Wiesbaden, Germany. …

Willem Sodderland, CEO of Buzzer, Europe's leading Word of Mouth Marketing agency, presents at Digital Days 2011 in Wiesbaden, Germany.

Word of Mouth is the holy grail in marketing but it's not easy to organise, despite the hype around social media. WoM is an art: how can you apply it ?

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. Word of Mouth ?
    Forget Likes, Fans & Recommendations
    Willem Sodderland, Founder & CEO of Buzzer
  • 2. Word of Mouth in the Stone Age
    Word of Mouth
    The act of consumers providing information to other consumers.
  • 3. 2002: Discovering word of mouth marketing.
  • 4. 2011: the Wide World of WoM
    Word of Mouth Marketing
    Giving people a reason to talk about your products and make it easy to do so.
  • 5. All consumers are liars.
  • 6. Word of Mouth is marketing super power.
  • But WoM has it’s challenges.
    Slow, talk to few
    Stops quickly
    Low quality stories
    Low impact e-WoM
    Not guaranteed +
  • 11. Building ‘Social’ into your product is hard.
    Kevin Efrusy, the 1stventure capitalist to finance Facebook
  • 12. Fans ?
    “70% of consumers who “FANNED” a brand on Facebook didn’t feel they’d given this company permission to market to them”
  • 13. 10.000 Hours & Success.
    Success = 10.000 hours practice = 7 years
  • 14. But we act like it should be easy.
  • 19. The future of ‘Like’ ?
  • 20. So why the confusion ? Meet the Hype Cycle.
    Get rich quick !
    I’m getting it.
    It’s all crap !
  • 21. Word of Mouth is an art.
    ... and a communication discipline.
  • 22. Heineken likes back.
  • 23. Need to improve the numbers ?
  • 24. Leaking Diapers & Proving a Claim
    Help, my baby is shrinking !
  • 25. A personalised product sample.
    Upload your photo and receive the picture printed
    On the photoprinter you consider buying
  • 26. Build more buzz into the product.
    HealthCare Insurance for Pets
    When your pet gets ill, they pay you. Where’s the buzz ?
  • 27. Buzz on the workfloor.
    Lizenz zum testen: German craftsmen buzz Bosch professional equipment
  • 28. Plastic bags that start a conversation.
  • 29. Spin Buzz: from Bad to Good...
    After how many times brushing does the tickling go away ?
  • 30. Buzz that makes you donate organs !
    How many of you would save my life ?
    Question asked to your social network friends. Triggers the idea of becoming an organ donor.
  • 31. Relevant Reviews or Matchmaking
  • 32. Relevant Reviews or Matchmaking
  • 33. Thanks. Enjoy the drink(s).