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Buzzer @ SMS10 Frankfurt
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Buzzer @ SMS10 Frankfurt


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Willem Sodderland, CEO of Europe's leading Word of Mouth Marketing agency Buzzer presents at the European Social Media Conference 2010 in Frankfurt on the 30th of november 2010.

Willem Sodderland, CEO of Europe's leading Word of Mouth Marketing agency Buzzer presents at the European Social Media Conference 2010 in Frankfurt on the 30th of november 2010.

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. Buzzer©2009-confidential Word of Mouth Marketing Forget ‘Likes’, Fans and Ambassadors Willem Sodderland, Founder & CEO of Buzzer 30 November 2010 Frankfurt ESMC 2010
  • 2. Buzzer©2009-confidential Word of Mouth in the Stone Age Word of Mouth The act of consumers providing information to other consumers.
  • 3. Buzzer©2009-confidential 2002: discover word of mouth marketing.
  • 4. Buzzer©2009-confidential 2010: the Wide World of WoM Word of Mouth Marketing Giving people a reason to talk about your products and make it easy to do so.
  • 5. Buzzer©2009-confidential Traditional vs. Social Marketing Attention • Relevance Credibility • Interaction+
  • 6. Buzzer©2009-confidential The essence of Word of Mouth. Advertising makes people curious1 Product experiences create word of mouth 2 Word of Mouth makes curious people comfortable to buy3
  • 7. Buzzer©2009-confidential 1600 Hairdressers &
  • 8. Buzzer©2009-confidential Buzzer: Product, Story & Buzz Product- experience & BuzzTools Generate Trial & Buzz Feedback on Product & Marketing
  • 9. Buzzer©2009-confidential Buzz(er) without limits.
  • 10. Buzzer©2009-confidential Word of Mouth is marketing super power. Buzz…  Customised story  Credible sender  On demand  High attention  Dialogue
  • 11. Buzzer©2009-confidential But WoM is not perfect. Buzz…
  • 12. Buzzer©2009-confidential Get rich quick in social media !  Customised story  Credible sender  On demand  High attention  Dialogue . ?
  • 13. Buzzer©2009-confidential The future of ‘Like’ ?
  • 14. Buzzer©2009-confidential How can we boost WoM effectively ?
  • 15. Buzzer©2009-confidential The right Buzzers + + Reach Impact Bloggers Celebrities TwitterGurus ‘Weak ties’ Friends Peers The Mythical Influential. Buzz Tools
  • 16. Buzzer©2009-confidential Personalize Trial Upload your photo and receive the picture printed On the photoprinter you consider buying
  • 17. Buzzer©2009-confidential Wear a moustache. You don’t have to start a conversation, everybody else will ! Canon… The conversation starter
  • 18. Buzzer©2009-confidential Bags of conversations.
  • 19. Buzzer©2009-confidential Social conversation triggers. A custom Facebook application creates a mosaïc of your Friends’ pictures, promoting two digital cameras
  • 20. Buzzer©2009-confidential Blend Brand & Personal Storytelling. Buzzers taste Mei Asia, share memories and small games during An Evening in Asia. Extended onto the Mei Asia Blog. .
  • 21. Buzzer©2009-confidential Take away ‘buzz barriers’. Game: “Most Embarassing Moments” Dove Hairminimising: feel less need to shave your armpit.
  • 22. Buzzer©2009-confidential Matchmaking: Pain & Hair Removal . .
  • 23. Buzzer©2009-confidential . Online Offline Generation 0 Generation 1 Generation 2 Optimize Off & Online Flow WoM WoM
  • 24. Buzzer©2009-confidential How to ‘help’ WoM. Give people a reason to talk about you (more). Buzzable Product (build buzz into it) Deep Product Experience (quality WoM) Great Buzzers (more incentive to share) Conversation Starters (buzz occasions) Matchmaking (relevant opinions) Storytelling (more to share) Off – Online Flow (the story continues) BuzzTools
  • 25. Buzzer©2009-confidential Show me the money. In 2008, Buzzer launched OMO Small & Mighty, a new detergent, for Unilever. Mindshare Insights conducted in-depth research on the results of the Campaign. 4 groups were compared: control groups that were exposed to advertising and sampling, the Buzzers and the people they buzzed. 100.0 212.5 375.0 512.5 0.0 100.0 200.0 300.0 400.0 500.0 600.0 Advertised Sampled Buzzed Buzzers BuyingIntention(indexed) People buzzed have 175% higher buying intention than sampled consumers“The reach of buzzing is huge” 5000 1.000.000             
  • 26. Buzzer©2009-confidential The buzz starts here.