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  • Consumenten bespreken productervaring Consument is meest betrouwbare bron Meningen steeds makkelijker vindbaar

dialoguechallenge2009 dialoguechallenge2009 Presentation Transcript

  • Word of Mouth Marketing The greatest marketing force as a strategy. slideshare.net/sodderland/dialoguechallenge2009 Willem Sodderland, Founder & CEO of Buzzer 11 januari 2010 Haarlem
  • What’s wrong with this picture ? Let’s discuss marketing paradigms.
  • Seduction vs. Matchmaking My rule of thumb is this: Every person you turn away because your product or service isn't right for them turns into three great customers down the road. Every bad sale costs you five. Seth Godin
  • Marketing 5.0 ? Word of Mouth Marketing Social marketing Product seeding Twitter marketing Blog marketing Viral marketing Community Marketing Influencer Marketing Stealth Marketing Shilling Pop-up retail Co-creation Crowdsourcing Evangelist Marketing User Generated Content Referral Programs Marketing 2.0, PR 2.0 Product Reviews, Testimonials Advertorials & Commercial Content Social networks Branded communities
  • WoM = Social Marketing Customer Participation Word of Mouth Marketing Social Marketing The Brand
  • Football Coaches & Car Repair Auctions myfootballclub.co.uk Become a coach and trainer of a football club mijnautoreparatie.nl Auction your car repair to car repairshops and pick the best ‘bidder’.
  • Asus: You, me , WE PC
  • Open Source Politics & Crowdfunding Draft Obama Initiated by volunteers without Obama’s knowledge
  • Challenge: how to reach the consumer Vs. Incredible Advertising Mass ‘Push’ Interruption Individual Interaction Credible Your Place & Time Word of Mouth
  • The essence of Word of Mouth. Advertising makes people curious 1 Product experiences create word of mouth 2 Word of Mouth makes curious people comfortable to buy 3
  • WWWoM... "Advertising has been supplanted as the chief shaper of consumer attitudes by word of mouth, which today's Web-linked consumer communities have put on overdrive” C.K. Prahalad, Venkat Ramaswamy, The Future of Competition
  • The real World of Social Networks Online Social Networks Family Foot ball W ork Scho ol Unive rsity Traffic Jam P ub Beach Train Train L ibrary Volunteers Pets /Park Online Social Networks 10% 90%
  • Ok. But how do you leverage WoM ? Create a more Buzzable Product (build buzz into it) Facilitate Product Experiences (most powerful WoM) Create Conversation Starters (product & story travel better) Tell a story (more (reason) to share) Engage & Co-create (involvement boosts everything) Give people a reason to talk about you.
  • Enhance Product Buzzability Slagroom Capuccino schuim
  • Canon: real product experiences Upload your photo and receive the picture printed On the photoprinter you consider buying
  • 3 Musketeers & 1600 Hairdressers
  • Storytelling
    • Provide stories about the context of a product. The product will follow.
    • 24 pages with buzzable facts, history, shaving techniques and…
    • … most famous beards/moustaches in history
  • Turn the laundry into a conversation Whitewashing: a 28 page booklet filled with buzzable stories about doing the laundry. Circulation: 75.000 Monica Lewinsky’s dress : one of the most famous stains in history. Worth talking about…
  • A powerful story: make the claim real. Prove convenience ? Hold your old detergent and Small & Mighty in your stretched arms and see how long you can hold both…
  • Radio Shack & Facebook A custom Facebook application creates a mosaïc of your Friends’ pictures, promoting two digital cameras.
  • Engagement boosts impact. Engagement comes from interaction, participation, customisation, personalisation, influence, sharing, openness, vulnerability.
    • Wearing a moustache (for a charity) as a conversation starter. You don’t have to start, everybody else will !
    Conversation & Engagement: Moustache Guerillas Canon…
  • Fiat 500 – Co-create 500 days before the launch of the Fiat 500, potential customers are invited to create accessories and themes for advertising.
  • You know what, let’s...
  • Buzzable Books Paradigm Shift Storytelling Virality Word of Mouth Consumer Behaviour
  • Q & (hopefully) A
  • Contact slideshare.net/sodderland/dialoguechallenge2009 [email_address]