Assignment 16 draft 4


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Assignment 16 draft 4

  1. 1. Assignment 16: Planning draft 4Amy ClearyMonae Minors GibbsJodie Foster- PiliaPamela Younes
  2. 2. Amy ClearyCandidate number: 7338Colour code: Green
  3. 3. Monae Minors-GibbsCandidate number: 7413Colour code: Orange
  4. 4. Jodie Foster–PiliaCandidate number:7362Colour code: Blue
  5. 5. Pamela YounesCandidate number:7488Colour code - Red
  6. 6. Conventions Use/develop/challengeHow?Why?Similarities/Differences1. Conflict withfriends/family.Use because in most drama filmsthere is conflict and theresolution is them sorting it out.2. Follows thecharacters journey.Challenge, because ours doesn’treally follow the charactersjourney because you only seesnippets.The familyare allconflictingwith eachotherbecause ofan issue.The differences is thatit is about terminalillness not transgender.The differences arethat this follows allof the charactersjourneys as theylearn new things.Similarities are thatthey are studentsand experimentingand gainknowledge ofdifferent things.Genre conventions
  7. 7. Genre conventionsConventions you areapplying in openingsequenceUse/develop or challenge?How? Why?Similarities/differences toreal films (annotatedpictures)Identity issue Use• Suicide attempt becauseof not finding herself(transgender• Pressure from family andfriends to dress as a girlBoys Don’t Cry- similaritiesFlashbacks Develop• Flashbacks of thecharacters past memories• Main character is leftconfusedMemento- similaritiesFemaleto amaleSecretesout andthe dadwantingto killherHavingflashbacksAlso thecharacterisconfused
  8. 8. Genre conventionsConvectionswe areapplying inopeningsequenceUse/develop/challenge?How?/Why?Similarities/differences to real filmsPortraysjourney of acharacterUSEHOWThe constants use of personal flashbacks, allows theaudience to understand how and why the character is in asuicidal situation and the stages of their journeyWHYTo shows the stages of their journey which establishescharacterDramaticstory line tomove theaudienceUSERefers to characters past to explain how andwhy he is playing who wants to be a millionaireFilm: Slumdog millionaireHOWThe main character is so emotionally unhappy with herphysical and mental state and could commit suicide thisis an emotional storylineWHYAllows audience to experience a feel of apprehension anduneasiness for the audienceFilm: My lovely bonesThis film is about ayoung girl who wasmurdered by herneighbour. Thisfilm has a movingstory line.
  9. 9. Conventions youare applying inopening sequenceUse develop orchallengeHow? And why? Similarities/differences to real filmsCrime use When Jodie commitssuicide because ofher depression as noone gets her andexcepts that shewants to change heridentityFilm: Man on a ledge This is similar The person wantsto commit suicide This would be acrimeGenre Conventions
  10. 10. Conventions youare applying inopening sequenceUse develop orchallengeHow? And why? Similarities/differences toreal filmsRole on the wall use In the outsideJodie is feelingnormal but onthe inside herthoughts andfeelings arecompletelydifferent.Film: Mean girls Wanting to make Reginafat, Katies thoughtsinside her And wants her to loseweight from the outsidepretends like she caresGenre Conventions
  11. 11. Timeline
  12. 12. Timeline
  13. 13. Costume for Jodie (main character)Whilst at train stationSmart casual blackjacketCharacter will appear assophisticatedPlain black shirtLight blue casual jeans(borrowed from Jodiesmale friend)Black cap (hides hair)makes Jodie characterappear more masculineNike air forces (fromfootlocker)(borrowed from Jodiesmale friend)
  14. 14. Costume for Jodie (main character)The Dancing sceneLight blue baggyjeans(masculine)Black plain t-shirtRed body warmer, this makesJodie appear more muscularand manly, on the upper bodyBlack Nike hat.Silver male chain,presents Jodiescharacter as a stylishand trendy male
  15. 15. Costume for Jodie (main character)Typing at computer scenePlain grey long sleeved,shirtNavy blue Baggy jeansMale du rag (hides hairand keeps tied back)
  16. 16. Costume for Jodie (main character)Applying beard sceneRed capPlain black shirtBlue Baggy jeans
  17. 17. PROPS for Jodie’s friendTyping at computer sceneComputer is used as Jodie’s friend discovers what Jodiehas been researching on the internet abouttransgender surgery
  18. 18. Hair is cut into small verypieces , and used to makeJodies beardThe scissors to trimJodies beardUsed to stick on Jodiesbeard, as eyelash glue iseasy to removeMirror that Jodie looksin when applying beardPROPS for Jodie (main character)Applying the beard scene
  19. 19. Costume for Jodies friendHair out, with hat on topNike tracksuits to present bodiesfriend as not feminine, but infact a tomboy Plain white topNike beanie hat
  20. 20. Costume & props for Jodies mum(Dance scene)Plain blue jeans(quite feminine)Woolly, white ponchoHouse phone (prop)
  21. 21. CharactersBefore(normal)After (trainstation scene)Comfortablebaggy leatherjacketA cap to hidesome of heridentityBaggy jeansto seemmasculineComfortabletrainers foroutdoorBlack top togive therepresentation of beinghidden
  22. 22. CharactersBefore(normal)After (firstflash back)Joggers whicharecomfortableand boyishBlack beaniehat to makeher a bit moreboyishMade this charactera little similar toJodie’s character asshe is a friend andmade her a tom boy.
  23. 23. CharacterBefore(normal)After (dancingscene)Buffer jacketto hide hershape and bemoremasculineTo hide her hairand look thepartSilver chain tobe stylish andseen in musicvideos
  24. 24. LocationsLocation name & whatforHow to get there Access to location Photos of locationFrom school getthe train on theBakerloo linethen switch tocentral line toStratford.Public station openfrom 6am – 9pmName of locationJodies bedroom (Jodies house)Scene-Looking in the mirror whilstapplying fake facial hair(flashback)-Conversation with friends aboutprom(flashbackFrom school getthe 18 bus,outside myhouseAvailable all the timeName of locationJodies living room (Jodieshouse)Scene-Jodies mum shouts at her fornot being feminine-Jodie researches transgender onthe computerFrom school getthe 18 bus,outside myhouseAvailable all the timeName of locationStratford, Abbey lane
  25. 25. Music / soundc would be oursecond option to usewhen Jodie is near thetrain tracks, and thetrain is about to come
  26. 26. Script
  27. 27. Storyboard
  28. 28. Storyboard
  29. 29. Storyboard
  30. 30. Storyboard
  31. 31. Storyboard
  32. 32. Storyboard
  33. 33. Shot list
  34. 34. Shot list
  35. 35. Shot list
  36. 36. Shot list
  37. 37. Shot list
  38. 38. Short term planning (day 1)Time ShotdescriptionLocation Characters Props Costume NotesFriday at5:30pmTwo shot, midshot, shotreverse shot,overhead shot,close upsJodie’s frontroomJodie andMonaeJewellery,hats, sofa,chair, laptopMonae (greyJoggingbottoms,black top,black vans)Jodie (greylong sleeve,jeans andsocks)Whole group+ Jodie’s mumattended
  39. 39. Short term planning (day2)Time ShotdescriptionLocation Characters Props Costume NotesSaturdayat 2pmPan, mid shots,long shot,match onaction, shotreverse shot,close upJodie’s frontroom,corridor, andbedroomJodie and hermum-MonicaCamera,tripod,telephone,magazine,radio player,cdJodie (blackpolo top, jeans,red bodywarmerMonica (jeans,coloured top,white poncho)Whole groupattended
  40. 40. Short term planning (day3)Time ShotdescriptionLocation Characters Props Costume NotesSunday at12pmLong shot, midshots,overhead, longshot, close ups,side shot, POVStratfordTrain station– Abbey laneJodie Camera,tripod, hat,belt, chainJodie (blackpolo top,leather jacket,jeans, greytrainersMonae,Pamela & Jodieattended