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Assignment 16 all draft 3#
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Assignment 16 all draft 3#


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  • 1. Assignment 16: Planning draft 3Amy ClearyMonae Minors GibbsJodie Foster- PiliaPamela Younes
  • 2. Amy ClearyCandidate number: 7338Colour code: Green
  • 3. Monae Minors-GibbsCandidate number: 7413Colour code: Orange
  • 4. Jodie Foster–PiliaCandidate number:7362Colour code: Blue
  • 5. Pamela YounesCandidate number:7488Colour code - Red
  • 6. 0-25Foxsearchlightpictures.Establishingshot of KensalGreen.Long shotof Jodiesitting atthestation.Mid shot ofJodie sitting onthe bench.Side shotof Jodiesitting onthe bench.Close up ofJodie goinginto theflashback.Close up of thescreen.25-28 28-29 29-31 31-33 33-36 36-38 38-40Side shot ofJodie lookingat thescreen.Over theshouldershot ofJodielookingat thescreen.Close up ofthe words.Side shotof Jodieshakingher head.Close up ofJodie comingout of theflashback.Long shotof Jodie onbench, herlegs areshaking.Mid shotof Jodie’slegsshaking.Close up ofJodie’s legsshaking.40-43 43-45 45-46 46-48 48-52 52-54 54-56 56-58 58-60Close up shotof the timer.Close up shotof the timer.
  • 7. Close up ofJodie goinginto theflashback.Long shot ofJodie puttingon her beard.Over theshoulder shotof Jodielooking atherself in themirror.Close up ofJodie’s reflectionin the mirror.Slow zoom of Jodiecoming out of theflashback.Mid shot ofJodie wiping hertears1.00-1.02 1.02-1.04 1.04-1.06 1.06-1.09 1.09-1.11 1.11-1.12 1.12-1.14Over head shotof Jodie.Mid shot ofJodieClose up shotgoing into theflashback .Mid shotof Jodiedancing inthemirror.Mid shot ofJodie’s mum.Mid shotof JodieClose up ofMonica’shand on thedoorTwo shot ofJodie andMonicaMid shot ofMonicaClose up ofJodie Mid shot ofMonicaLong shot ofJodie slidingdown the door.Close up ofJodie shakingher head.Long shotof Jodiestandingup.1.14-1.15 1.15-1.17 1.17-1.19 1.19-1.20 1.20-1.26 1.26-1.27 1.27-1.28 1.28-1.291.29-1.31 1.31-1.33 1.33-1.35 1.35-1.40 1.40-1.47 1.47-1.49 1.49-1.51 1.51-1.53Close up shotof the timer.Shot reverse shotof Jodie and mirrorShot reverse shotof Jodie and mirror
  • 8. Three way shot. Mid shot ofMonaeClose up ofipad Mid shot ofAmyMid shotof JodieClose up ofipadOver theshouldershotMid shot ofAmy andMonaeClose up ofipadMid shot ofAmyOver theshouldershotThree way shot.Longshot ofJodieClose up ofJodiecoming outof intoflashback.Close up shotof the timer.POV oftracks andtrain.Close up ofJodies feet1.53-1.54 1.54-1.57 1.57-1.60 2.00-2.03 2.03-2.05 2.05-2.08 2.08-2.11 2.11-2.142.14-2.17 2.17-2.19 2.19-2.23 2.23-2.26 2.26-2.29 2.29-2.31 2.31-2.33 2.33-2.372.37-2.39 2.39-2.44 2.44-2.49Close upof Jodiegoing intoflashback.POV oftracks andtrain.Close up ofJodieClose upof trainClose up ofJodieClose upof train2.49-2.52 2.52-2.54 2.54-3.00 3.00-3.04
  • 9. BBFC ratingStandards How you are meetingstandards in your film15 • Be able to understandserious issues such assuicide• Any younger they may getthe wrong idea and getideas to perform suicideOur film would be rated 15+
  • 10. Actors• Main actor:Jodie Foster• Availability:alwaysavailablewhenneeded• Actress:MonaeMinors-Gibbs• Availability:alwaysavailablewhenneeded• Actress:Amy Cleary• Availability:alwaysavailablewhenneeded• Actress:Monica (Jodie’smum)• Availability:MostSaturdays
  • 11. Actress (Jodie)Before(normal)After (incharacter)Big, long,masculinechainEvery boy need abelt to hold upthere trouser,especially ‘Gucci’which isexpensive and thetrend.Polo shirts arecommon clothesboys wear so wedecided to use isas part of thecostume.Baggy trousersare clothes boysmost commonlywear.Grey airforces to gowith herboycostume.A Guccicap to tryhide heridentity.Leatherjacket toseem causal.
  • 12. Actress (Monae)Before(normal)After (incharacter)The pose toshow she isquietconfidentDressy andfeminineclothes withthe colourpink.Dangling chainand her nailsdone toexpress hergirly side.
  • 13. Actress (Amy)Before(normal)After (incharacter)The pose toshow she isconfidentFlower hairaccessoryto lookmorefeminine.Casualclothing
  • 14. Costume for main characterSmart/casual blackleather jacketCasual blue baggy jeans(male)Casual White trainersExample of full outfitput togetherEither a cap or a simple woolly hat
  • 15. Hair and makeup of main character/propsNatural look, no makeup, andif so very little Hair tied back of face.(pintail)(bun)Computer (prop) Mirror (prop)Pencil and paper (props)
  • 16. Costume for friend of main character (Monae)Midi burgundyskirt (feminine)Casual black topComfortable black vansLong girly chain
  • 17. Hair and makeup of friend main character (Monae)Hair down/out (looks feminine)Lip gloss (looks feminine)Mascara/eyeliner (lightmakeup)
  • 18. Costume for other friend of main character (Amy)Leopard print blazer(feminine& girly)Tight fitted blue jeansCasual plain white topComfortableconverses
  • 19. Hair/makeup for other friend of main character(Amy)Mascara (eye makeup)Natural pink Lip-glossHair out, straight andblond
  • 20. Costume of the main characters mumCasual blue denim jeansPlain black jumperFull outfit of characterSocks as she is at basedat home
  • 21. Hair and makeup of the main characters mumHardly any makeup(quite natural)Hair tied back
  • 22. LocationsLocation name & whatforHow to get there Access to location Photos of locationFrom school getthe train toPaddington thenthe train toLangleyPublic station openfrom 6am – 9pmName of locationJodies bedroom (Jodies house)Scene-Looking in the mirror whilstapplying fake facial hair(flashback)-Conversation with friends aboutprom(flashbackFrom school getthe 18 bus,outside myhouseAvailable all the timeName of locationJodies living room (Jodieshouse)Scene-Jodies mum shouts at her fornot being feminine-Jodie researches transgender onthe computerFrom school getthe 18 bus,outside myhouseAvailable all the timeName of locationLangley station
  • 23. Music / soundcThis would beour first optionto use whenJodie would beon the trainstation
  • 24. Music / soundcThis would be oursecond option to usewhen Jodie would be onthe train station
  • 25. Music / SoundcThis would be our thirdoption to use whenJodie would be on thetrain station
  • 26. Music / soundc would be our fourthoption to use whenJodie would be on thetrain station
  • 27. Music / sound would be our firstoption to use whenJodie is near the traintracks, and the train isabout to come
  • 28. Music / soundc would be oursecond option to usewhen Jodie is near thetrain tracks, and thetrain is about to come
  • 29. Music / soundc would be our thirdoption to use whenJodie is near the traintracks, and the train isabout to come
  • 30. The script
  • 31. The script
  • 32. The script
  • 33. Storyboard
  • 34. Storyboard
  • 35. Storyboard
  • 36. Storyboard
  • 37. Storyboard
  • 38. Storyboard
  • 39. Storyboard
  • 40. Shot listType of shot Description Prop/costumesEstablish To aware the audience that, that’swhere everything will happenN/ALong shot To show how Jodie looks like andwhat she’s doingcMid shot To show an even detailedcharacter of Jodie and how shelooksTop, jeans, hat, earringsSide long shot To show what Jodie would bedoing from a different angleTop, jeans, trainers, hat,earringClose up To show that Jodie Is thinking andis about to have a flashbackHat, earrings
  • 41. Shot listType of shot Description Prop/costumesOver the head Showing an over head shot of Joietyping on the computerN/AClose up Showing whats on the computerscreen in detail and what Jodiehas typed on GoogleN/ASide long shot Showing the audience that JodieIs searching on the computer andan see her facial expressionGrey cardigan, hat, jeans,trainersOver theshoulder shotShowing the audience what Jodiewas searching on the computerTop, earringsExtreme close up Showing Jodie’s facial expressionwhile she is researching ontransgenderN/A
  • 42. Shot listType of shot Description Prop/costumesExtreme close up Showing what Jodie looking at/focussed onN/AClose up Of Jodies reaction when she sawwhat she had to doHat, earringsClose up When Jodie comes back to realityand carries on thinking whenshes on the train platformHat, earringsSide long shot Showing her body reaction, tohow she was feeling about herflashbackTop, jeans, trainers, hat,earringMid shot fromher hips to herlegsShowing Jodie leg shaking, whichmakes It clear to the audiencethat she is frustrated and stressedJeans, trainers
  • 43. Shot listType of shot Description Prop/costumesClose up A closer shot of Jodies leg shaking Trainers, jeansMid shot Showing what Jodie is going to do Top, jeans, hatClose up To show that Jodie Is thinking andis about to have a flashbackHat, earringsEstablish shot Showing that Jodie is in a newlocation in her flashback to showwhat shes doing from behindJacket, jeans, trainers, hatOver theshoulder tiltedShowing what Jodie s doing, whileshowing half of her face and halfof her backJacket, jeans, trainers, hat
  • 44. Shot listType of shot Description Prop/costumesOver theshoulderShowing the back of Jodie lookingat the mirror and can see JodiesreflectionHat, earringsClose up Can see the mirror with thereflection of Jodies faceHat, earringsExtreme close up Of Jodies fake facial hair on thedesk and can see Jodies faceHat, earringsClose up Of Jodie trimming her facial hair Hat, earringsExtreme close up Of Jodie putting the scissors onthe deskN/A
  • 45. Shot listType of shot Description Prop/costumesExtreme close up To show Jodies expression fromthe flashback, When Jodie comesback to reality and carries onthinking when shes on the trainplatformN/AClose up Showing her facial expression Hat, earringsmid shot Of Jodie crying because shesdepressedHat, earrings, topClose up The train timer, showing when thetrain was comingN/AOver the headshotTo have a variety of shot Hat, earrings, top,trousers, trainers
  • 46. Shot listType of shot Description Prop/costumesMid shot To see Jodies body reaction Hat, earrings, trousers,trainers, topClose up To show that Jodie Is thinking andis about to have a flashbackHat, earringsLong shot Showing Jodie walking towardsthe stereo, for her to danceTop, jeans, trainers, hat,earringsMid shot Jodie dancing looking at themirror and can see her refectionHat, earrings, topLong shot Of S mum Monika in the livingroom talking on the phoneTrousers, uggs, top
  • 47. Date Time PeopleattendedAgenda(points todiscuss)Targets Duedate/deadlineNotes21/2/13 2pm-8pm Whole group Discuss thepreliminaryDid thestoryboard,script, shortlist25/2/1325/2/13 3.20pm Whole group Discussedideas for ouropeningsequenceHad to puttogether astrong idea1/3/1326/3/13 11am Monae,Jodie andPamDiscussedmore ideasand puttingit togetherHad aclearer idea.1/3/13 Monae andAmy furtherdiscussed.1/3/13 3.20-4.30pm Monae andMs ConnellDiscussedeveryone’sideas.Change ofidea.Change ofstoryline.Discussed witheveryone ingroupGroup meeting record
  • 48. Date Time PeopleattendedAgenda Targets Duedate/deadlineNotes4/3/13 10.40am The group Cleared upthe idea ofthe openingsequenceHad the fullidea of theopeningsequence5/3/13 9.50am The group Discussedthe timeline(planning)Inputs onthe timelineand backupplan8/3/136/3/13 3.30pm Monae,Jodie, AmyDiscussedthestoryboard,scriptFinishedstoryboardand script8/3/13 Wentthrough thiswith PamGroup meeting record continued
  • 49. Short Term planningDay & time Filming what scene? TravelHow will youget there?Equipment/costume/propschecklist (what do youneed to bring with you)Sat Mar 9 - Filming all the trainstation sceneOn bus Camera, tripod, ipad,costumesSun Mar 10 - Filming at Jodies house On bus Camera, tripod, ipad, longmirror (in bedroom),computer, costumes, paperand pencilSaturday 23march- Filming at Jodie’s house Bus Camera, tripod, iPad,costumesSunday 24march- Filming at the trainstationBus Camera, tripod, iPad, longmirror (in bedroom),computer, costumes, paperand pencil
  • 50. Short Term planningDay & time Filming whatscene?TravelHow will you getthere?Equipment/costume/props checklist(what do you needto bring with you)Sunday 7th April -Filming the trainstation scene in themorning-The computerscene-The friends sceneas well- On the bus to kgstation then thetrain to Paddingtonthen another trainto LangleyCamera, tripod,iPads, computer,costumesThursday 11th April - Filming thedancing scene andbeard scene- On the 18 Camera, tripod,iPads, long mirror(in bedroom),computer,costumes