Assignment 12 d


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Assignment 12 d

  1. 1. Yellow levelBy MonaeASSIGNMENT 12DRAMA
  2. 2. INSPIRATIONAL FILMS 4,3,2,1 The spit screen was Split screen creative and I wanted require different to implement this characters but similarly to this scene. at the same
  3. 3. INSPIRATIONAL FILMS Mean Really mean Girls girlRuinspeoples livesDoesn’t carewho she hurts She plays a fake character
  4. 4. INSPIRATIONAL FILMSMost sceneswas in the day There didn’t need to be a dark room to have a big impact. This film had voiceovers to make a bigger impact.
  6. 6. CHOSEN IDEA TIMELINE 0.00-0.04 0.04-0.06 0.06-0.015 0.15-0.25 Kells entering The title ‘THE Shakira, Kells and Split screen ofShellys room, SHOCK’, size 65 Shelly together Shelly walking and‘oh sh…’ (next and bold walking but Shelly Shakira and Kells. cut). leaving to go home. 0.57-1.10 Kells walking 0.45-0.57 0.35-0.45 0.25-0.35looking through Kells leaving to bag realising Shelly opening her Shakira and go door and going to Kells talking atshe has Shellys keys. her room. her house. 1.10-1.28 1.28-1.42 1.40-1. 1.40-1.Shakira calling Kells calls Shelly but does pick up. She Shes going Kells entering Shelly and walks to shells and upstairs to Shelly’s Shellys room,bullying. Shelly opens the door. room.throws phone. ‘oh sh…’.
  7. 7. STYLE OF OPENING SEQUENCE The opening sequence would be a teaser and establishing characters Teaser opening sequences make the audience want more information and want to watch the whole film. Watching 4,3,2,1 (drama) made me want to watch the whole film, which I wanted the same effect.
  8. 8. NARRATIVE STRUCTURE & THEORY This is a non-linear  I chose this style to structure starting with leave the audience with the end. enigmas The cons of  It encourages conventional film communication with narrative model: others and their- Too predictable thoughts.- Leaving audience not  Would link to Allan satisfied Cameron- involving anachronic and spit screen scenes.
  9. 9. CHARACTERS Name: Amy  Name: Jodie Role: The character  Role: The bully being bullied  Actor: Shakira Actor: Shelly  Representation: Evil, dark Representation: character Body language/facial  Body language/facial expression: Timid, shy expression: Rude, screw Tone/language: Normal face expression English  Tone/language: Slang Costume/props: Casual  Costume/props: baggy clothing, school bag jumper, tight red top, jeans
  10. 10. CHARACTERS & SETTING Name: Monae Setting Role: The friend -Interior scenes: Actor: Kells  Bedrooms Realism Representation: Show Were Body language/facial problems loneliness happen expression: -Exterior scenes: Friendly, gets along with  In front of flats both of them.  Outside a home of the Tone/language: Normal character English Bad things happen Costume/props: close to home black, cute dress and black coat
  11. 11. CONVENTIONSConventions in Examples from films Reinforce,drama develop or challengeRealistic struggles or Freedom Writers- Develop- Teens withpain their audience will situations have an insight of her problem.Keep the audience Precious- Strong Develop- Audience storylinemotionally attached want to audience will e find out the want to know new more. equilibrium .Friendship 4,3,2,1- Reinforce- Friendship anticipation is was falling Realised going for the apart. how bad audience. it got too.
  12. 12. CONVENTIONSConventions in Examples from films Reinforce, developdrama or challengeVoice over My Sisters Keeper- Challenge – instead there will be a direct Voice over address cut. by the younger sister.Emotional music Titanic- Reinforce- music will relate to the scene. Played sympathetic music.Dark scenes Scissor hands- a lot of dark Challenge- will need scenes to emphasis the drama. to all be in the day.
  13. 13. AUDIENCEAudience elements Audience ExplanationAge 15+ •Year 6 on to secondary, start to fully realise your problems. •Relate with the character.Gender Male, female, •Female mainly have the transsexuals problems. •Males get bullied or other struggles too.Ethnicity All ethnicities, black white •Different ethnicity all etc. suffer from different problems.
  14. 14. AUDIENCEAudience elements Audience ExplanationSocial class Lower/middle class •Lower and middle class are prone to have more problems.Sexuality Straight, gay, lesbian, •Being a different bisexual individual can provoke others to be negative. •This could relate to them.Profession/ role Working adults, students •Audience relate because the character is a student.