Computer Software in Qualitative Research: An Introduction to NVivo


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This is a presentation given by Adam T. Perzynski, PhD at the Cleveland Clinic back in 2003.

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Computer Software in Qualitative Research: An Introduction to NVivo

  1. 1. Computer Software in Qualitative Research: An Introduction to NVivo Adam T. Perzynski Doctoral Candidate 10/9/2003
  2. 2. Objectives  Learn the vocabulary of NVivo  Discover what can be done with NVivo.  Figure out how to do these things.  Discuss the role of computer software in Qualitative research
  3. 3. NVivo Vocabulary  Documents  Nodes – Tree – Free  Sets  Attributes  In-Vivo  QRS Qualitative Research Software  CAQDAS Computer Assisted Qualitative Data Analysis Software
  4. 4. What can you accomplish with NVivo?  Manage and Analyze Textual Data – Browse and Code Documents – Edit Textual Data – Create sets of anything  Identify Themes, Patterns and Variables – Browse and Refine Coding – Store demographic and descriptive data  Link to files and web pages  Create and link to Memos
  5. 5. Advanced Tasks for NVivo  Print Node and Document Reports  Search text and coding  Cross-tabulate codes and descriptive data  Create a graphical diagram linked directly to your documents and codes
  6. 6. Example Data Qualitative  347 Narratives of Hepatitis C  Collected from the Internet  Range in length from 250 to 3000 words.
  7. 7. Demonstrations
  8. 8. Frequently Asked Questions  Can more than one person work on a single project?  How much data can NVivo Handle?  Does the data have to be transcribed textual data to use Nvivo?  I’m confused about the colors.  What can I print from Nvivo?
  9. 9. QRS and QADAS Controversy For Against  Efficient  Coding is not Analysis  Uniform  Inflexible  Prestige in Computing  Not Hands on  Allows for focused and  Distracts from ideas detailed analysis emphasizes words.  Facilitates rigor and  Reification of the transparency Researcher and Data
  10. 10. Conclusions  Is it ok to use this?  Computer software should not imply the knowledge or use of good methodology.  Investigators must be reflexive and self- critical.
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  12. 12. Computer Software in Qualitative Research: An Introduction to NVivo Adam T. Perzynski Doctoral Candidate 10/9/2003
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