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    Miller   who am i - word cloud Miller who am i - word cloud Document Transcript

    • Miller – Who Am I? / Word Cloud Exercise Directions Aug 23, 2012Direct any questions to michael.miller@utsa.eduAnswer the question “Who Am I?” through a word cloud.First, sit down with pencil and paper, and then list as quickly as possible the first 20 self-descriptors(words about who you are) that come to mind. Of course, there are no right or wrong answers, and youmay be as frank as you wish to be. However, remember that you will use your word cloud in class tohelp introduce yourself. (See, for a brief overview of thistest).Next, type up the list on Word (remember to save this list).Then go to the Wordle site, and create a word cloud using your listed terms byfollowing these instructions.Directions:1. Click create button.2. Copy and paste the words from the Word document that describe you.3. Click the go button to see what you get.4. Click save to public gallery.5. Type in the title box a title for your work. Click OK.6. Be sure to copy the URL in the site address box (this will be the only way to retrieve it from the site).7. Next, figure out how you can vary background, font colors, font type, font size, etc. (For example, thefirst terms that come to mind may be the most important for you. Therefore, produce these terms inlarger font than the rest.)8. With this learning, now produce another word cloud (be sure to give it a different title inorder to distinguish it from your first effort). Use this version for the class introduction.9. Save the URL of this version for purposes of class introduction and posting on your course blog.Exercise Questions:1. What problems did you encounter as you worked with the word cloud application?2. What problems did the exercise pose for you as you attempted to come up with self-descriptors?3. Identify any benefits you received from doing the exercise.