Rose Crozier - Socitm and the IT profession


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Presentation on the importance of professional development for public sector IT professionals and what Socitm is doing to promote and support this. Presented to the annual conference of the public sector IT management organisation, Socitm, on 11 October 2010

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Rose Crozier - Socitm and the IT profession

  1. 1. Socitm and the public sector IT professional Rose Crozier Belfast City Council 11 October 2010
  2. 2. Perception is king!
  3. 3. Context Surviving in an increasingly difficult environment (or perhaps being the lifeboat)? Does IT Professionalism matter? What can Socitm do to support your cause?
  4. 4. Belfast Context Serving 270k citizens 51 wards 9 out of 10 most socially deprived wards in the region Regional capital Ultimately improving the lives of the citizens and businesses we are here to serve
  5. 5. It’s all about the rate!
  6. 6. What has IT to offer? Common infrastructures Standardisation Joint working/data sharing
  7. 7. The ICT Strategy - The role for wider public sector, local government and 3rd sector Continued focus on transformation Collaborative approach through Local CIO Council and Local Government Delivery Council Support for PSN – ‘a network of networks’ Emphasis on professionalism
  8. 8. What we also need from ICT 1. Engaging citizens in service design and delivery (co-production). 2. Shifting power, devolving finance and driving decision making down to the local level. 3. Focusing more widely on joining-up services across the local public and third sectors. CIPFA-SOLACE After the Downturn Dec 09
  9. 9. Focus on data and information handling For improvement and efficiency For reforming existing services For joining up services For transformation and innovation in service creation and design
  10. 10. Integration of the third sector A supplier of services A collaborative partner An operational partner delivering niche or specialised services to disadvantaged groups
  11. 11. Understanding Transformation Not just about technology, systems and processes It’s about … People and Organisation Change Management Capability and capacity Learning from significant failures
  12. 12. Why do we need to improve public sector IT skills? High levels of technology skills already apparent The challenge is to acquire necessary business skills to lead on transformation and change programmes The world of IT as we know is rapidly changing
  13. 13. Transform Thinking Add value Business as Usual
  14. 14. Essential New skills for IT Change Management Programme Management Delivering projects in complex environments Negotiation skills Strong advocacy/leadership skills
  15. 15. The importance of the CIO role in the public sector Transformation of the role of CIO :– Strategic support Leadership Partnership
  16. 16. Socitm is delivering •New membership structure •Linkage to SFIA •ASPIRE for all members •New Web skills framework •On line CPD management •Mentoring •Facilitating networking and collaboration
  17. 17. What else is there? What does IT professionalism mean to you? What would your priority be for professional development?
  18. 18. Thank you for listening and participating!