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Doug Maclean - Socitm Consulting - 10 savings on the desktop
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Doug Maclean - Socitm Consulting - 10 savings on the desktop


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Presentation to delegates at the annual conference of Socitm, the public sector IT association, on 11 October 2010.

Presentation to delegates at the annual conference of Socitm, the public sector IT association, on 11 October 2010.

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. Savings on the desktop – an interactive session For more information go to:
  • 2. Savings on the Desktop • This Workshop – What are the issues? – Where can cost be removed? – Some things to think about
  • 3. Savings on the Desktop • Where do the costs arise? – Network – Support – Procurement – etc
  • 4. Constraints Managing an inventory of devices – Refresh cycles – Power users: GIS mapping admin; CAD • may need extra memory; chip-speed etc. – Netbooks; tablets; iPAD – Ruggedised devices – Smartphones – blackberries, windows mobile, iPhones etc.
  • 5. Constraints • Keeping devices and connections secure • Keeping patches deployed in a timely manner • Ensuring that appropriate applications are easily deployed, authorised and updated • Ensuring that any data accessed by / held on the device is secure
  • 6. Constraints • Validating information transferred from devices to the corporate WAN, e.g. photos • Ensuring that lost devices do not pose a security risk and be readily wiped • Easily identifying devices to which a patch or upgrade (e.g. to a business application) need to be deployed
  • 7. Constraints • “Connection Context” – deployment of applications – full application functionality when directly connected to the corporate WAN – slightly lower availability through secure VPN – minimum functionality when using and Internet café
  • 8. Constraints • Ensuring that all software is properly licensed • Managing applications which are deployed to a few or to occasional users, e.g. Project mgmt, and drawing software • Ensuring that relationships between projects are managed, e.g. where an application also requires a license for a database product
  • 9. Group-work 1. Thin client 2. Operating systems 3. Procurement 4. Service desk management a. where are the savings to be found? b. what size are the savings (£s) c. barriers to making it happen
  • 10. Thin client Operating systems Procurement equipment cost old/variant OSs shared procurement software costs purchasing by directorates shared services network infrastructure licensing outsourcing network management technical requirements licensing configuration and set-up user requirements/training clarity of requirements support maintaining old OSs replacement policy fault/incident management user reluctance to upgrade security application/OS conflicts energy costs multiple images disposal new kit, old OS and apps OPEN SOURCE. . . Savings on the desktop Business-case driven savings What is the invest-to-save model? ICT STRATEGY
  • 11. Thank you For more information, contact: