Navigating the Opportunity and Challenges of Online Communities
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Navigating the Opportunity and Challenges of Online Communities



A Social Business Discussion to Understand the Most Critical Moments in the Online Community Lifecycle. See the full webinar video at ...

A Social Business Discussion to Understand the Most Critical Moments in the Online Community Lifecycle. See the full webinar video at



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Navigating the Opportunity and Challenges of Online Communities Navigating the Opportunity and Challenges of Online Communities Presentation Transcript

  • The Opportunity and Challenges of Online CommunitiesA Social Business Discussion to Understand the Most Critical Moments in the Online Community Lifecycle Serious Online Community Software
  • House Keeping Tech Check Ask Questions in the Q&A Panel We ARE Recording! Twitter @SociousSoftware @TheCR
  • Speakers Rachel Happe Victor Bohnert The Community Roundtable SmithBucklin CorporationBackground: PRTM, IDe, Bitpass, IDC, Background: VMware User Group,Mzinga International Avaya Users GroupSkills: Facilitation, Communication, Analysis, Skills: Strategic Planning, Communication,Management, Coaching, Content Creation Association Management, Board DevelopmentDomain Expertise: Internet Trends, Social Domain Expertise: Technology, User Groups,Media, Communities, New Product Organizational Turnaround, New CommunityDevelopment Creation
  • CommunityA group of people with unique shared values, behaviors, and artifacts @SociousSoftware | @TheCR
  • Community is NOT @SociousSoftware | @TheCR
  • @SociousSoftware | @TheCR
  • Community IS @SociousSoftware | @TheCR
  • @SociousSoftware | @TheCR
  • Measurable But Not ImmediateReturn Investment @SociousSoftware | @TheCR
  • Communities Mature & Change Phase 1 – Phase 2 – Phase 3 – Phase 2 – Strong Emergent Community Networked Hierarchy CommunityImpact Time @SociousSoftware | @TheCR
  • Community Maturity Model TM
  • Stage 1 – HierarchyOpportunities Challenges• Lots of examples of other • Lack of common framework or organizations using a language around approach community approach well • Cultural & leadership issues• Frustration with siloed that inhibit change or information & decision making experimentation bottlenecks • Lack of understanding of what• Focus on streamlining is realistic customer experience • Likelihood that some• Motivation to change, both by experimentation will falter or individuals and management fail FOCUS: Strategy & Culture
  • “Mash Up”• Passive involvement• Lack of consistency/direction• Informal• No connection with other IAUG offerings• Redundancy. 2011 @SociousSoftware | @TheCR
  • Stage 2 – Emergent CommunityOpportunities Challenges• Participants are excited by • Impatience to see hard initial successes evidence and ROI at scale• Some individuals can ‘see’ the • Inconsistent or unarticulated future state and they become expectations of initiatives and evangelists resources assigned to them• More people are aware of the • Policies are not clear, new model and tools participants are confused• Business value is becoming • Lack of governance can create better understood internal power struggles FOCUS: Policies, Tools & Content
  • “Mash Up” Strategic Focus• Passive involvement • Active engagement• Lack of consistency/direction • Consistent experience• Informal • Structured• No connection with rest of org • Integration across IAUG• Redundancy • Distinct roles. . 2011 2012 Critical Success Factors • Clear objectives • Stakeholder engagement • Defined roles • Communications • Solid structure • Lifecycle management
  • Stage 3 – CommunityOpportunities Challenges• Community is producing • Community management de- desired outcomes prioritized because community is ‘successful’• There is a network of advocates that help with • Community is still separate support and communications from core business operations & measurement• Employees, functional leaders & customers understand the • Management understanding role of the community concentrated with too few individuals FOCUS: Community Management & Measurement
  • PROS Areas of Focus• Diverse communities • Lifecycle management• Active participation • Synch with member feedback• Strong stakeholder buy-in • Integration with VMUG offerings• Network of advocates • Flexibility• High-value content • Social networking strategy. . @SociousSoftware | @TheCR
  • Stage 4 – NetworkedOpportunities Challenges• Networked business structure • Requires strategic, long-range enables organization to be the vision of top executives ‘market maker’ for their • Organization can be controlled industry by its community without• Partners get a high percentage strong community of their revenue through management community activities • Tone of engagement becomes• Company has early warning critical as community gains indicators for all market activity power FOCUS: Leadership
  • Evaluate/MeasurePlan/Integrate Launch/Support • Cultivation of topics/leaders • Integration with other offerings • Drive value/credibility • Long-range planning Build
  • Community Maturity Model TM
  • Thank You Download Our Latest Reports: The State of Community Management Reasons Why Online Communities Fail & How to Avoid Them Serious Online Community Software @SociousSoftware | @TheCR