The Power of Automated Creativity


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When programmatic meets creativity a new world of possibilities arrises. Colors, buttons, messages. Understand the intelligence behind automated creatives.

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  • Evolution from traditional bulk buying to one2one
    Single, expensive, pressure-to-be-flawless mass-blast ad unit to personalised, multiple, more cost-effective, ad units to various individuals
    Creativity lies in the logic behind the ad unit  the more creative, data-driven the logic, the more effective the ad unit is in driving conversions

    BA case study

    A/B testing — check with Anne/AMs for diff banner sizes/formats + their CTRs
  • Some of you may be thinking this is a message since day one of the internet.

    In fact, it’s todays messaging Without a customer-centric approach,

    It still could be data oriented but without customer centric data it can lead to the worst sort of digital marketing
  • 2 reasons for the need for hyper relevance
  • 1: Ad blockers
  • 2: Changing customer journey

  • Not long ago, the customer journey was simple, straightforward and most importantly to us, PREDICTABLE

    Customer would be stimulated, then they’d but, then they’d use / consume

    Then repeat cycle
  • And although this beautifully old image oversimplified this point, you get the point


    Customers would want something, go and buy it, occasionally be tempted by something else, but again, they’d buy it
  • Vs Shopping now….

    With the rapid advancement in technology, digital touch points are outgrowing physical ones.

    The customer journey is no longer as simple as it once was.

    There is more importance on each of those communications to “get it right”.

    With an Explosion in data sources, retailers or brands are struggling to know what data is relevant and how to create value from it.

    More importantly, how do you make all this data join up, so the end results appears seamless to the customer

    Eg the most relevant and personalised media possible, all of the time
  • “all of this tells us that….” Read the slide

    But data driven or programmatic buying of course assists

    It helps reach exactly the right consumers with the right content at the right time.
  • Move away from using content as a proxy to advertise towards targeting the user

  • If you can manage all of this, what does this all morph into.

    I believe

    By enabling data-driven personalisation, marketers can connect the dots online and offline to create a rich, accurate and actionable perspective of the customer.

    Yes, this may take time but as I’ve shown today, customers demand it, and media allows for it

    Programmatic is the beginning and it need not just be seen as an online solution, but now an on and offline solution giving you a true 360 degree perspective of your customer.

    So, lets go back to where I started ‘Fuck the line’ start joining your customer up today
  • With all the hype around it, many might think that big data is the answer to their omnichannel problems, but in fact, big data can be a big dilemma. That's why we recommend advertisers to start with the data they already have, that's already structured and maybe not being put to good use to drive seamless marketing. We call it smart data.
  • Everyone in this room knows the customer online, and you think you know how to influence them – you’re E-Tailers, after all.

    But even this space can be incredibly complicated if you think about all the variables that exist here today, the picture is already fragmented at best.

    5 years ago the world online was simple; display, affiliates, search and mail.

    Now this still all exists but the consumer is inundated with offers, capability, search functionality, likes, dislikes, favorites, tweets, recommendations, some via iPad, some on desktop….
  • Well, Programmatic media arrived some 5 years ago – data and science to a buying world

    Started with RTB, then got more scientific

    Emergence of DSP’s, DMP’s the data world shifted

    changed the way media is bought, sold and personalized.

    As more touch-points are digitized / get a unique identifier, we will see even more touchpoints purchased programmatically

    and more media in general becoming programmatic

  • Reaching individual users with an individual message at scale

    If you can do that and you believe that having a plan that genuinely focuses on one to one marketing is a reality, you can succeed.

    Talking to each with relevant and personliased media all the time

    Delight not frustrate them with media

    Of course, don’t over complicate, Start with channels that are capable

  • Of course To do this you must understand that smart data we referenced earlier

    Data has dozens of touch points

    From 1st party to 3rd party

    Individual to household

    Social to in store

    All is key you collate, interpret and digest, without ever losing sight of the fact there’s a customer or potential customers behind all of this
  • So ultimately If you want to gain market share

    Or retain markets share

    I belive that ….”Understanding…” read slide

    Without this, how do you converse with existing or would be customers?
  • In most cases it is no longer relevant to deliver a standard message across all users. Brands need to be communicating specific messages to individuals.

    what are we actually personalizing in the messaging?

    Some very simple examples of Programmatic messaging
    It needs to be a user individual messaging
  • A bit about the partnership:

    PLEASE NOTE: This the the British Airways case study. We CANNOT use the logo on the slides, but you can mention it verbally when discussing with a customer.

    In late 2013, British Airways (BA), approached performance marketing agency iProspect with a strategy to develop and execute a more user-individual display campaign. At the time, BA subscribed to another remarketing supplier. however, the leading airline sought after a specific display solution: it had to be clean, it had to be customer-centric and it had to complement their existing strategy of attracting customers with intelligent prospecting through to conversion.

    The Challenges:
    Improve ROI
    Maintain sustainable marketing costs
    Optimise to meet segment-specific targets
    Manoeuvre through complex tag management
  • No one can leverage first party data more effectively than the data owner. Smart data is a gold mine of opportunity and when put to use effectively, will differentiate the competitors of today from the winners of tomorrow

  • Customers searching for flights departing within a week tend to book short-haul, domestic flights. These flyers tend to be more decided on their purchases and closer to conversion. Sociomantic’s data-driven bidder then calculates relatively lower bids for this customer segment, making the most of a smaller investment and increasing profit margin for the flights booked within this segment.

    Meanwhile, customers on the other side of the spectrum searching for flights departing in 6 weeks or more tend to book long-haul services. These flyers are less decided on purchase, often in consideration phase (middle-funnel). Sociomantic’s bidder calculates relatively higher bids for this customer segment, making a larger investment than in lower-funnel segments in order to move these customers further down the purchase funnel.

  • BA’s dynamic display portfolio was segmented on three dimensions to drive maximum campaign efficiency and effectiveness:
    by country
    by channel (standard display versus Facebook display)
    And by departure-date segments.
  • The Power of Automated Creativity

    1. 1. The Power of Automated Creativity Benedict Hayes, Managing Director
    2. 2. To whom it may concern, I don’t know who you are or what you care about, but I want to sell you something, even if you don’t want it.
    3. 3. Dear Valued Customer, I don’t know your name or what you care about but I’d like to sell you something. Dear Tom, Happy birthday! Here’s a special 20% off gift voucher for that jumper you wanted. Enjoy 
    4. 4. The need for hyper relevance
    5. 5. The changing customer journey
    6. 6. The customer journey used to be simple! Moment of Purchase Moment of Usage Moment of Stimulus
    7. 7. who out of store remind me sales & events easy rewards no stress respond make me look good inspire creativity options recognize help in-store surprises information help same time new ideals flexibility connection inspiration select good choice feel welcome feel supported surprise savings suggestions save time fix problems flexibility discover buy reward loyalty exceptional service suggest ideas ask my opinion reflect appeal flexibility shop best prices interesting range save time inform flexibility celebrate savings redeem rewards what services products rewards when day of week time of day time of year occasion online offline how lifestyle lifestage mission needs segment interests behavior where fun surprise connect simplify curate educate delight surprise deals selection suggestions new products inform me reward comment easy search appreciate me unexpected rewards
    8. 8. Finding the right customer, in the right place, at the right time, with the right message is now more complex than ever before.
    9. 9. Single, expensive, must-be-flawless, mass ads
    10. 10. Gone are the days of… Gone are the days of using…
    11. 11. We now have a 360º view of the customer
    12. 12. …enter the days of data SMARTBIG VS
    13. 13. You know your consumer better than you think Favourites Information Home page Search DiscountDepartments % basket additions
    14. 14. Programmatic has revolutionised creative
    15. 15. Where we can feed multiple, personalised, cost-effective ads
    16. 16. Complex personalization engines drive creative
    17. 17. Creative is now understanding the art and science of using data and programmatic to create a seamless narrative of interactions with your brand.
    18. 18. Wherever your customers are I’ve been searching flights to Hawaii. I really want a red dress! I would like to apply for a new credit card…
    19. 19. The challenges Global airline: top 5 for international travel worldwide • Customised communications across all flight routes • Deliver smart segments based on first party data • Optimize towards post-click eCPA • Cross-channel (desktop, mobile & FBX) • Ensure flight load factors are maintained
    20. 20. We looked to 1st-party data to make smart decisions Analytics & Booking Data Frequent Buyer Program Passenger Name Record (PNR) Revenue Management System (RMS)
    21. 21. We found… departure date behaviours 0-1 week 1-2 weeks 2-4 weeks 4-6 weeks 6+ weeks Decided on Purchase Purchase Consideration
    22. 22. Country ChannelDeparture Date Real-time user segments
    23. 23. Inventory “load factor” management Creative decisions that promote flights that are undersold. Determine which users may be price sensitive, push unsold seats. A B C D E F G H I J
    24. 24. Mumbai, India – Singapore Dep. 29 August - Jain Food - Speedy Boarding - Extra leg room Book Now Now $253 Preferred Destinations or Routes Mumbai – London Mumbai – Singapore Mumbai – Bangkok Mumbai – Paris Real-time price Real-time availability Exact product + similar offers - Departure date - +/- 1 days - Destination - Price comparisons - Product variations Campaign Split: Departure Date All feed into the communication engine to deliver real-time offers based on the user
    25. 25. Results: 8-month period 33% 14k -68% 33% more revenue 14,000 sales eCPA decreased by 68% More brand- new customers Performance Branding
    26. 26. Is creativity, as we know it, dead?
    27. 27. We still need the style, shape, color and size to suit The art of rendering is still critically important!
    28. 28. Creative rendering has gone micro… where the simplest of things can have the most profound effects Consistently higher CTR, up to 10% Green CTA Orange CTA
    29. 29. Shape and size does matter Up to 3x CTR Multiple product image sizes Single product image size
    30. 30. Summary 1. Focus on the consumer 2. Be smart not big 3. The art can be in the data 4. Always be testing 5. Beware of the hippo 6. Let data do the talking!
    31. 31. Thank You! Benedict Hayes Managing Director, South East Asia and India