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    • Introduction to the family Test Define the following terms…. Family Household Nuclear family Extended family Polygamous Cereal packet family Norms Kibbutz 4 functions of the family according to Murdock Vertical extended family
      • Functionalism
    • Why would the functionalist view of the family sometimes be referred to as the ‘warm bath theory’?
    • Functionalist view The isolated and ‘private’ nuclear family The functionalist view suggests that the nuclear family has become           Socially isolated from extended kin           More reliant on the Welfare State           Geographically separated from wider kin   The family is self-contained, inward looking with little contact with neighbours and community. Home leisure via TV, Video, Internet etc. have made the family more home-centred .
    • Talcott Parsons
      • Parsons (1902-79) – there are two basic irreducible functions of the family
      • Primary socialisation – through which children learn to accept the norms and values of society
      • The stabilisation of adult personalities – the family gives adults the emotional support necessary to cope with the stresses of everyday life
    • AS Level Sociology: Webb et al
      • P39 – 41
      • Read information in pairs and make notes on the following areas
      • Summary of Functionalist view
      • Parsons ‘fit theory’
      • Evidence against Parsons
    • Functionalist summary:
      • Parsons ‘fit theory’
      • Nuclear family Is the ideal family, against other family structures as will not provide male and female role model.
      • Ideally man will take the INSTRUMENTAL ROLE – economic and bread winner
      • Women take on EXPRESSIVE ROLE – nurturing and caring role
      • Murdock – family has 4 functions: sexual; reproductive; education (socialisation); economic
    • Application of functionalism
      • Devise a caption/ phrase that explains each picture from a functionalist viewpoint.
      • Try and include key sociological terms and studies.
    • Functionalism: An evaluation It’s a race…. Criticisms Strengths Dark side of family Feminist: patriarchy Do not consider alternatives Diversity of family types Interpretivists : Fail to consider meaning of family life for ind members Highlight importance of family Family is a central Life interest Other perspectives eg New right have highlighted importance of nuclear family Structuralist app
    • Functionalism: An evaluation using other sociological research
      • Read the information on
      • - Fletcher
      • - Leach
      • - Cooper
      • Summarize each sociologist in no more than 30 words (unlimited pictures)
    • Plenary
      • (a ) Explain what is meant by the term ‘dysfunctional’ (2 marks)
      • (b ) suggest 2 functions of the family (4 marks)
      • (c) Suggest 3 criticisms to the functionalist approach to the family (6 marks)
    • Essay Practice
      • (d ) examine the different functions performed by families for individual members and for society. (24 marks)